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TYPEWRITERS-Caligraph, $5.00; Franklin, Hammond, Yost, $10.00; Remington, Williams, $12.00; Smith Premier, $18.00: Oliver, Underwood, $35.00; all guaranteed. Send for catalogue. Typewriter Exchange, Room 73, 213-217 W. 125th St.. New York City.

TYPEWRITERS-All makes. Big bargains now in machines. Positively Rebuilt with latest improvements. Best visible writer made, at great reduction. Factory Rebuilt. Guaranteed like new. Every machine warranted one year. Rebuilt Typewriter Co.. 30 Dearborn Street, Chicago.

TYPEWRITER "BARGAIN LIST" FREE! Deal Direct Save Commissions (all makes). Shipped allowing trial anywhere. Remingtons, Underwoods, Olivers, Smiths, $38; others, $15, $25. Consolidated Typewriter Exchange, 243 Broadway, New York (Established 1881).



COLLEGE MEN! TEACHERS! Earn vacation money selling the greatest subscription book proposition put out in ten years. Five handsome large volumes 47 x 71, over 1500 pages of the best American Wit and Humor, edited by Joel Chandler Harris, neatly bound in light green cloth, offered with Review of Reviews, cash or installments, makes an easy seller. Liberal commissions-Territory open. Write now and get in on the ground floor. The Review of Reviews Co., 13 Astor Place, Room 427, New York.

LEARN SCIENTIFIC business letter writing by mail from man who built up half-a-million-dollar business through letters. His method proved sound. School of Business Letter Writing. Dept. 16, 90 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.

STENOGRAPHER, $900; bookkeeper. $936; clerk, $780; excellent opportunities for advancement for men from smaller cities eager for larger success. Over 3000 positions open at $700-$5000. Hapgoods. 305-307 Broadway, N. Y.

OPEN POSITIONS for high grade men. Would you like a New York position? Manager, $2000; bookkeeper, $1200; salesmen, $1800; clerk. $900. Write for June list and plan. Business Opportunity Co., 1 Union Sq., New York City.


CAN YOU SEW A STRAIGHT SEAM? If so, you can own a $20.00 Priestly Rain, Auto or Traveling Coat, cut to your own Special Measure for $8.50. Write to-day for free samples and designs of Priestley's Silk, Moire. Roseboro "Auto" and Cloth Cravenette Rain Coats. We also sell the fabrics by the yard from $1.90 up. and the completed garments from $11.00 up. Expressage paid to any part of the United States. Crucial Test Rain Cloth Co.. 914 Summit Ave.. New York, Dept. 19.

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TYPEWRITERS, GOOD AS NEW. AT SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. Biggest bargains ever offered in slightly used typewriters. thoroughly rebuilt and in perfect running order. Machines shipped on approval for trial. We rent all makes at $3.00 per month, allowing rental on purchase price. Remingtons, $20 to $60; Smith Premiers, $25 to $55; Olivers, $35 to $50; others, $15 to $35. Send for special Flyer and catalog and save 50 per cent. Write at once. Rockwell-Barnes Co., 516 Baldwin Bldg.. Chicago, Ill.

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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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Why not do national advertising at a price that you formerly paid for local publicity? The classified columns of THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS make this possible. Here you can reach 1,000,000 of America's best buyers at a monthly cost of only $5. Following are some opinions from advertisers who have used our columns :

“We have obtained very satisfactory results from our first advertisement with you. We received 28 replies which resulted in 28 orders and 4 second orders."

Columbus Savings and Trust Bldg., Columbus, O.

"I have received more replies, and have had better results, from a four line advertisement in the Review of Reviews, than any other magazine I ever used."

146 State Street, Boston, Mass.


$1.25 per agate line. Smallest space accepted, 4 lines; largest space for one advertise-
ment, 12 lines. On six-time orders, no charge will be made for the sixth insertion. All
advertisements set in uniform style. Cash for first insertion must accompany order, and
each subsequent insertion must be paid for in advance, on receipt of memorandum bill
which will be sent on the first of the month preceding date of publication.


Send for booklet, "An Advertising Problem." It tells all about Classified Advertising. THE REVIEW OF REVIEWS CO., 13 Astor Place, NEW YORK

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

Fortune favors the Brave - but
it takes a lively pair of legs
to catch the dollars.
Brightons help the legs.

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The Bridge that spans the River of Life and the Heels of New Rubber that make life's burden easy to carry are illustrated here for your benefit. These Heels of New Rubber are a positive relief to all who walk or stand. Nurses are obliged to wear them in the sick room. If it is a fact that they

make you step lighter and more buoyant and feel happier in mind and body, adopt them for your own benefit, but be sure and get O'Sullivan's. They are the only heels that are made of new rubber If your dealer cannot supply you send 35 cents and diagram of your

Heels of heel to the manufacturers,

New Rubber


When you asked for
probably were side-
tracked by some man
behind a counter who
"knew" what you
wanted better than you.
It's better late than
never. Dont be side-
tracked again. Judge
for yourself. Put on a
pair; you'll know in a
minute if PRESIDENTS
are all we claim.
If you dont like

take them off &
buy others. Any

dealer will allow a try-on.

O'Sullivan Rubber Co.
Lowell, Mass.


Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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An Individual Watch

Every HOWARD Watch, from the selection of its parts to its final adjustment, is treated as if it were the only watch under process of construction.

The HOWARD Watch is individually made. Each setting is especially fitted to its particular jewel; each jewel is drilled for its particular pivot. These parts are microscopically perfect in their relation to each other and are never separated.

The HOWARD Watch is individually adjusted. Such care, accuracy and exactness in the construction of the Howard movement permits of more delicate adjustment than is possible in any other watch. Every





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is tested and timed for weeks by experts-all necessary changes being
made, not by manipulating the regulator, but by complete readjust-
ment. It is then cased by the makers and finally readjusted in the
case in which you buy it-coming to you a truly accurate timepiece.

Ebery HOWARD Watch is individually guaranteed. It is sent to you in a
velvet-lined mahogany cabinet bearing Certificates of Guarantee, giving the
movement and case numbers, and the fixed price at which it is sold everywhere,

HOWARD Watches are made in men's sizes only. Prices range from $35 to $150, the difference being not in grade of materials or workmanship, but in quality of case, number of jewels, and the adjustments.

"Watch Wisdom" FREE.

We want you to have a free copy of" Watch Wisdom"-a mighty
interesting book which tells more about time than you ever knew
before. It's written by Elbert Hubbard. WRITE TO-DAY.

E. HOWARD WATCH COMPANY, Bedford and South Sts., Waltham, Mass, U.S.A

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