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$50.00 WEEKLY AND INDEPENDENCE. 75 of our machines for vending salted peanuts pay an average daily profit of $8.00. Write for particulars. New proposition. Hilo Gum Co., 49B, So. Union St., Chicago.

ENGINEERS AND OPERATORS OF MINES-Competent and thorough investigation before purchase and skillful and economical management after purchase is essential to success in any kind of business, particularly Mining. H. A. Shipman, Geo, J. Bancroft, Robt. J. Grant, Exchange Bldg., Denver, Colorado.

FINANCING AN ENTERPRISE. Practical 500-page Look by Francis Cooper, telling how money is secured. The only successful work on promotion. Indorsed by business men all over country. Two volumes, buckram binding, prepaid $4. Pamphlet and list of business books free. Ronald Press, Rooms 60-62, 229 Broadway, New York.

LET ME SELL YOUR PATENT. My Book explaining how mailed free. Sixteen years' experience. Patent sales exclusively. Call or write. William E. Hoyt, Patent Sales Specialist, 290 ZZ Broadway, New York City.

HOW TO FINANCE A BUSINESS ENTERPRISE clearly shown by the Brokers' and Promoters' Handbook. An interThe Business esting and valuable booklet; mailed free. Development Co. of America, 114 Nassau St., New York.

MONEY IN DIRT-If your investments earn less than 10 per cent.. send for our booklet, contains valuable information. Georgia Realty Co., 612 Temple Court, Atlanta, Ga.

UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY for active men in every locality to enter business without capital. No traveling. simply supervision of men. We train you by mail in industrial and financial salesmanship and management of men, appoint you our special representative, help you secure customers, co-operate with and assist you to earn from $2000 to $5000 annually. Write for free booklet. Interstate Commercial Sales Co., 5 Phelps Bldg., Scranton, Pa.

WE HAVE an exceptionally fine list of business propositions, investments and real estate bargains, from $500 to $10,000. Send for it to-day. C. Benham & Wilson, Hastings, Mich.

DO YOU BELIEVE IN CO-OPERATION? Believe you must sow before you can reap? Can you save 15c. a day for a time? Then send stamp for booklet, Dollars and Sense." B. C. Blighton, Tonawanda, N. Y.


MAIL ORDER PEOPLE: New catalogue, eight hundred specialties, with your imprint. Orders filled direct. Choice of outfits. "Secrets to Mail Order Success. and full course of instructions free with outfits. Handsome Premiums free to send your customers. Pease Mfg. Co., Dept. A9, Buffalo, N. Y.

$3,000 TO $10,000 YEARLY easily made in real estate business; no capital required; we will teach you the business by mail, appoint you special representative of leading real estate company, list with you readily salable properties, co-operate with and assist you to permanent success: valuable book free. Address The Cross Company, 666 Reaper Block, Chicago. See display advertisement, this firm, front of magazine.

INVEST YOUR MONEY: If you have $100.00 or $1000.00 or more to invest upon absolutely safe security, write Shaw & Kuehnle (Props, Bank of Denison), Denison, Iowa, about Iowa First Mortgage Farm Loans.

RELIABLE MAILING LISTS. We can furnish you the names and addresses of the best mail order customers in Montana and North Dakota. For particulars. address Northwestern Directory Co., Miles Block, Miles City, Mont.


REDUCED RATES on shipments of household goods to and from the West in through cars. Bekins' Warehouses in Los Angeles. San Francisco, Oakland, etc. Write for rates and free maps of above cities. Bekins' Household Shipping Co., 532 First National Bank Bldg., Chicago.

REDUCED RATES on household goods to and from all points on Pacific Coast. Judson Freight Forwarding Co.. 349 Marquette Building, Chicago; 1005 Carleton Building. St. Louis; 851 Tremont Building. Boston.

I BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES. Guarantee more cash than company. Get my price or advice on your policy or equity before you let it go. Circulars free. Wm. R. Rhodes, Life Ins. Lawyer, 1526 Williamson Bldg., Cleveland


IF YOU WANT A BUSINESS that will pay several thousand dollars annually, start a mail order business; we furnish everything necessary; only a few dollars required. Catalog and particulars free. Milburn-Hicks, 704 Pontiac Bldg., Chicago.


PERMANENT BUSINESS OFFER. $50 to $150 per week and upwards positive. Representatives wanted everywhere to operate sales parlors for the best. most rapid selling Ladies' and Gents' Dress Shoe known: no risk; reply quick. Kushion Komfort Shoe Co., Lincoln, R.. Boston, Mass.

IF YOU SELL BOOKS you want the best-paying proposition you can get hold of. The "best-paying proposition must (1) be popular; (2) give big value to the subscriber; (3) be offered at the right price; (4) net the salesman a handsome profit on each sale. Our new Library of American Wit and Humor fulfills these requirements. Why not investigate it? The Review of Reviews Co., 13 Astor Place, Room 427, New York.

SAVE TIME, LABOR, AND EXPENSES. We attend to anything. Nothing too large nor too small. Write for information. Bell & Bell, 2016 Pine St., San Francisco, Cal.

CORPORATIONS ORGANIZED under laws any State. Additional capital negotiated. No advance Fee. Associates furnished corporations. Many advantages set forth in our new booklet, mailed free. Corporation Security co., Room 404, Wentworth Building, Boston, Mass.

GEORGIA offers splendid inducements to experienced truckers, dairymen, poultry, fruit growers and men of every class willing to work for success. Hard Times Unknown. Write to-day. Georgia Bureau Industries and Immigration, Atlanta, Ga.

WANTED-Local representatives by a New York and Philadelphia banking house for the sale of exceptionally attractive investment bonds and stocks on commission. Bank references required. Every assistance given from home office. W. P. Hurlbut & Co.. Hanover Bank Bldg.. New York.

ONE OF THE GREATEST mercantile concerns in the world. Montgomery. Ward & Company, Chicago, is helping its employees take the Sheldon studies. To hundred people at Ward's have just enrolled, the firm paying twothirds of the cost of each enrollment. Whether you are an employer of salesmen. or a salesman-employee, you cannot afford not to learn more about our correspondence course in scientific salesmanship that doubles earning capacity. Send your name, so we can tell you more. The Sheldon School, 1809 The Republic, Chicago.

START AN OFFICE BUSINESS of your own. $1200 to $5000 up yearly. No capital of your own required. Appointment as representative secured. Inclose stamp for full information. R. C. Becker, Broker, Springfield, Ohio.

LOOKING FOR A POSITION? Over 3000 openings for salesmen, clerical, executive, professional, and technical men. Write us to-day. stating age and experience fully. Hapgood's, 305-307 Broadway, New York.

AN EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITY for profitable investment is offered by the Simmen Automatic Railway Signal Co. Stock now selling at par. Money required for installation. Large profits certain. Write for information. Central Trust Bldg., San Francisco.


REAL PHOTO'S (not imitations), any size-anything-anywhere (1c. each up). From any negative, film, sketch. painting, or photo." (Postal photo's. $5.00 per hundred.) Beautiful portraits of anyone-anywhere (folder-mounted). Old photos copied-like new. (Send 10c. for samples.) Am.-Ptoto.-Co., N. Y.

BEAUTIFUL PICTURES for your home. 25 for 25c.: 120 for $1.00. Size, 54 x 8. Many of the world's greatest paintings. Send 25c, for 25 Art Pictures. Awarded four gold medals. The Perry Pictures Co., Box 9, Malden, Mass.

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers


FIVE QUIRES OF PAPER, and envelopes to match. stamped in gold from your family crest, for the low price of Five Dollars. Scott's Armorial Studios, Hyde Park. Mass. Arms designed and emblazoned.

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WRITE FOR SAMPLE BOX "AHCO" POLISH, Cleans. polishes, and protects silver, gold, nickel, cut glass, etc. Odorless, sanitary and safe. Easy to apply. 25c. box. Agents wanted. Write for samples. Annable & Hambly Co., Salem, Mass.


Cut prices. Keep jeweler's extra profit yourself and use while paying. No Satisfaction publicity. Booklet guaranteed. free. Berlin Co., Birmingham, Ala.

YOU NEED VUDOR PORCH EQUIPMENT if you have a porch. Write to-day for our free booklet, which tells how to turn your porch into the coolest, shadiest nook imaginable, with all the privacy of an inside room. Vudor porch shades, hammocks, and chair-hammocks are fine enough to adorn the handsomest mansion, yet astonishingly moderate in price. Prepare now for the hot summer. Write for our free booklet and name of nearest Vudor dealer. Hough Shade Corporation, 106 McKey Ave., Janesville, Wis.


BUBBLE-QUICK HEATER, for nursing bottles. Heats contents of bottle in one minute. If not at your dealers' write us for free circulars. Bubble-Quick Co.. Dept. J.. Brooklyn, N. Y.

SAMPLE SHEET, free on request, of engraved visiting cards, wedding invitations. monogram stationery. etc. Benedum, Engraver. 150 Nassau St., New York City. Dept. 18.


HOUSEKEEPERS, where are your odd receipts? you locate them quickly? Woolson's Kookindex is a card cabinet. Each receipt is written or mounted upon a card with index. Costs $1.00 express prepaid. Money back if not satisfactory. Send for catalogue of Kookindex and other good things. George O. Woolson & Co.. New Haven, Conn.

SANITARY AND DUSTLESS HOUSE CLEANING-For sale-Portable Compressed Air House Cleaning Wagons and Machinery sold to responsible parties to operate in cities of from five thousand inhabitants upwards. Each Portable Cleaning Plant has an earning capacity of from $50.00 to $70.00 per day, at a cost of about $8.00 per day. Capital required from $2,000.00 upwards. Stationary Residential Plants also from $450.00 upwards. Over 100 companies operating our system. We are the pioneers in the business and will prosecute all infringers. State references. Address General Compressed Air & Vacuum Machinery Co., 4402 Olive St.. St. Louis, Mo.

FAMOUS PAINTING. Harry Roseland's famous painting. The First Lesson, reproduced in twelve colors, size 20 x 27, sent for one empty Knox's Gelatine box and ten cents in stamps to cover cost of packing and mailing. Knox's Gelatine is the only brand that is guaranteed to prove satisfactory or money refunded. C. B. Knox, 7 Knox Ave., Johnstown, N. Y.

SEND YOUR SONG-POEMS TO ME. I will write the music and place before the big N. Y. publishers. I have made a fortune writing songs. My experience will aid yon. My songs "Blue Bell" and "Way Down. in My Heart" have achieved world-wide fame. Write to-day for free booklet. Edward Madden, 101 Madden Bldg., N. Y.

WRITE A SONG for us to-day. It may be worth thousands of dollars. Hayes Music Co., 109 Star Bldg., Chicago.

A SONG "HIT " will make you rich. Send us your poems. Cash or royalty for available manuscript. Wainwright Music Co., 78-75. Evergreen Ave., Chicago.


THE RELIABLE'S RECORD is twenty-five years of success. Why take chances with unknown machines when the same price buys a Reliable of which you can be sure? "Silver Jubilee " Catalog sent free. Reliable Incubator & Brooder Co., Box B-118, Quincy, Ill.

AIREDALE TERRIERS. Excellent hunters, gentlemen's companions, and watch-dogs. Young stock. of the most approved breeding, and prize winners, occasionally for sale. Promising puppies by Red Raven andChampion. The New King, from $20 up. Apply to Briarstone Kennels, Lansdowne, Pa.

FANCY PHEASANTS, all varieties. Ornamental water fowl: Flamingoes. Cranes, Storks, Swans, Geese, Ducks, Wenz Live Game, Game Birds, etc. Write for price-list. & Mackensen, Yardley, Pa., agents for Jul. Mohr, Jr., Germany.

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PATENT YOUR IDEAS. $100,000 offered for one invention; $8,500 for another. Book "How to Obtain a Patent" and "What to Invent" sent free. Send rough sketch for free report as to patentability. Patent Obtained or Fee Returned. We advertise your patent for sale at our expense. Chandlee & Chandlee, Patent Attys., 952 F St.. Washington, D. C.

PATENTS OBTAINED and trademarks registered. Moderate charges for careful work. Our booklet. "Concerning Patents." mailed free. Calver & Calver, Patent Lawyers and Solicitors, Washington, D. C. (Formerly Examiners U. S. Patent Office.)

PATENTS that PROTECT. Our 3 books for inventors mailed on receipt of 6 cents stamps. R. S. & A. B. Lacey, Rooms 13 to 23, Pacific Building, Washington, D. C. Established 1869.


INGROWING TOENAILS immediately relieved and permanently cured, by a silver automatic appliance, easily applied. Satisfaction guaranteed. No failures. One Dollar, by mail. Circulars free. Onyxis Co.. Room 201, 519 Main St., Cincinnati, O.

BE BEAUTIFUL. It costs only One Dollar; no greases or chemicals; let Nature do the work; written guarantee to refund money if not satisfied. Chicago Complexion Corporation, 607 Schiller Bldg., Chicago, Ill.


AMERICAN MISSIONARY ASSOCIATION, 287 Fourth Avenue, New York, Educational, philanthropic and Christian work among Whites and Negroes in the South; Indians. Eskimo. Chinese and Japanese in the West; Hawaii and Porto Rico. Donations needed.

PENSIONS FOR OLD MINISTERS-The Trustees of the National Council who have the care of aged Congregational ministers, infirm and needy, ask for donations. Address Wm. A. Rice, Sec'y, 287 Fourth Ave., New York.

PATENTS SECURED or fee returned. Send sketch for free report as to patentability. Guide Book and What to Invent, with valuable List of Inventions Wanted, sent free. One million dollars offered for one invention; $16,000 for others. Patents secured by us advertised free in World's Progress; sample free. Evans, Wilkens & Co., Washington, D. C.

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TYPEWRITERS-Caligraph, $5.00; Franklin, Hammond, Yost, $10.00; Remington, Williams, $12.00; Smith Premier, $18.00: Oliver, Underwood, $35.00; all guaranteed. Send for catalogue. Typewriter Exchange, Room 73, 213-217 W. 125th St.. New York City.

TYPEWRITERS-All makes. Big bargains now in machines. Positively Rebuilt with latest improvements. Best visible writer made, at great reduction. Factory Rebuilt. Guaranteed like new. Every machine warranted one year. Rebuilt Typewriter Co.. 30 Dearborn Street, Chicago.

TYPEWRITER BARGAIN LIST" FREE! Deal Direct Save Commissions (all makes). Shipped allowing trial anywhere. Remingtons, Underwoods, Olivers, Smiths, $38; others, $15, $25. Consolidated Typewriter Exchange, 243 Broadway, New York (Established 1881). Reliable.


COLLEGE MEN! TEACHERS! Earn vacation money selling the greatest subscription book proposition put out in ten years. Five handsome large volumes 47 x 71. over 1500 pages of the best American Wit and Humor, edited by Joel Chandler Harris, neatly bound in light green cloth, offered with Review of Reviews, cash or installments, makes an easy seller. Liberal commissions-Territory open. Write now and get in on the ground floor. The Review of Reviews Co., 13 Astor Place, Room 427, New York.

LEARN SCIENTIFIC business letter writing by mail from man who built up half-a-million-dollar business through letters. His method proved sound. School of Business Letter Writing. Dept. 16, 90 Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.

STENOGRAPHER, $900; bookkeeper, $936; clerk, $780; excellent opportunities for advancement for men from smaller cities eager for larger success. Over 3000 positions open at $700-$5000. Hapgoods, 305-307 Broadway. N. Y.

OPEN POSITIONS for high grade men. Would you like a New York position? Manager, $2000; bookkeeper, $1200; salesmen, $1800; clerk, $900. Write for June list and plan. Business Opportunity Co., 1 Union Sq., New York City.


CAN YOU SEW A STRAIGHT SEAM? If so, you can own a $20.00 Priestly Rain, Auto or Traveling Coat. cut to your own Special Measure for $8.50. Write to-day for free samples and designs of Priestley's Silk. Moire, Roseboro "Auto" and Cloth Cravenette Rain Coats. We also sell the fabrics by the yard from $1.90 up. and the completed garments from $11.00 up. Expressage paid to any part of the United States. Crucial Test Rain Cloth Co.. 914 Summit Ave.. New York. Dept. 19.

BUTTERCUP SUSPENDERS.-These suspenders give ease in every motion, not bear down shoulders. Somehow brain is alert, success vibrations come. One dollar by mail. Buttercup Farm, Dedham, Mass.

WANTED A GOOD NAME for our corsets. If you can suggest a good, catchy name we will present you with a handsome pair of corsets free. Send in name at once. Agents wanted for our Custom Dept. P. C. Co., New Haven, Conn.




MOTION PICTURE MACHINES, Film Views, Magic Lanterns, Slides, and similar Wonders For Sale. Catalogue Free. We also Buy Magic Picture Machines. Films Slides, etc. U. Harbach, 809 Filbert Street, Philadelphia, Pa.


ADVERTISERS, ATTENTION! Unusually cheap and useful telephone advertising novelty. Serves as memorandum holder, directory and writing desk. Send 25 cents for sample and particulars. American Fono-Clip Co., Redlands, California.

TYPEWRITERS, GOOD AS NEW, AT SAVING OF 50 PER CENT. Biggest bargains ever offered in slightly used typewriters, thoroughly rebuilt and in perfect running order. Machines shipped on approval for trial. We rent all makes at $3.00 per month, allowing rental on purchase price. Remingtons, $20 to $60; Smith Premiers, $25 to $55; Olivers, $35 to $50; others. $15 to $35. Send for special Flyer and catalog and save 50 per cent. Write at once. Rockwell-Barnes Co., 516 Baldwin Bldg.. Chicago, Ill.

TYPEWRITERS. New and slightly used at lowest prices. Write for catalogue and price list. Central Typewriter Company, Caxton Bldg., Chicago, Ill.

CLEARANCE SALE-Remingtons, Densmores, Jewetts, Blickenderfers, Williams, $12.50. Postals, Hammonds, $10. Underwoods, Olivers, $35. Orders filled or money back. Standard Typewriter Exch., Suite 28, 231 B'way. N. Y.

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