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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers



OPPORTUNITIES IN A NEW COUNTRY. Leaflet descriptive of the country along the Pacific Coast extension of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway. Unusual openings are offered in South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho and Washington, in farming, stock-raising, and mercantile business. Leaflet free on request. F. A. Miller, General Passenger Agent, Chicago, or W. S. Howell, General Eastern Agent, 381 Broadway, New York City.

MR. LAND BUYER: Get next to Gurlock & Co. 260,000 acres of the choicest irrigable lands in the State of Idaho soon to be opened for entry under the Cary act. Write at once for circulars and reliable information to W. D. Gurlock & Company, Shoshone, Idaho.

DO YOU WANT A 99-YEAR LEASE. with purchase clause, on $160,000 business and office building? 1 blocks from State capitol building, on the main street of Columbus, Ohio. The Holtermann Agency, Columbus, Ohio.

REAL ESTATE bought, sold or exchanged for out of town parties. First mortgages for sale on 30 per cent. valuation, 6, 7 and 8 per cent. Commonwealth Security Company, Seattle, Washington.

MICHIGAN FARM LAND. $15.00 per acre. Good marEasy payments. Fine front lots on beautiful Higgins Lake; telephone and rural delivery; $25-$150. O. J. Willer, owner, 90 La Salle St.. Chicago.



CHOICE INVESTMENT-Property beautifully situated in most convenient part of town, near schools, churches and depot; a large quantity of fruit and shade trees, spacious lawn and garden, an ideal home for a business or professional man who loves a generous, roomy estate: every foot of land available for house lots; contains 56,000 ft.. 416 foot frontage, large, modern house; barn with cellar, ample stall and carriage room. This property is well located for large apartments with court and all outside rooms, building lots, or manufacturing_plant, only 3 miles from Boston. R. E. ABBOTT, 176 Federal St.. Boston, Mass.

FARMS ANYWHERE IN NEW ENGLAND. Send four cents for Bradshaw's Great Farm Book, describing 500 farms. Over 3,500 places listed. E. G. Bradshaw Company. 101 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass.

INVEST YOUR MONEY NEAR A GREAT AND GROWING CITY. Building lots in Boston's suburbs, at $20 each; cash or terms; on steam and electric car lines. Boston Suburban Land Co., 28 School St., Boston, Mass.


I TEACH MODERN REAL ESTATE METHODS by mail: the kind that made millions of dollars for such concerns of national importance as Wood. Harmon & Co., Realty Trust and Garden City Estates; ten years' active experience as advertising manager, national agency manager. manager and general manager sales department for the above firms makes this course the most valuable and complete ever written upon the subject, because it's based on experience that $100,000 could not buy. A postal will bring my book, **Modern Real Estate Methods." It's free. Henry S. Meyers, 1878 Tribune Building, New York.

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SPECIAL BARGAIN in large tract of Michigan land suitable for sheep or cattle ranchers. Also small tracts for farms and fruit. Active, reliable agents wanted. Address for particulars J. E. Merritt, Manistee, Michigan.

CASH for your real estate or business wherever located. If you want to sell, send description and price. If you want to buy, send for our monthly. Northwestern Business Agency, 367 Bank of Commerce Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.

RELIABLE information regarding Michigan fruit, stock and farm lands. Maps and illustrated books free, comprehensive, authoritative and full of good reasons warranting your investigation. S. S. Thorpe, Suite 2, McMullen Bldg., Cadillac, Michigan.

DENVER REAL ESTATE WANTED. What have you to sell for cash. Write fully. Cce & Stedman, Realty & Loan Co., Denver, Colo.

SELL YOUR REAL ESTATE. We place it with 5000 hustling agents and bankers throughout the U. S. Booklet and full particulars free. Real Estate Salesman Co., 451, Lincoln, Neb.

IF ANY READER of this magazine desires reliable information concerning property in Duluth, Minn.; Superior, Wis., cr in the country surrounding these cities, please address The William Kaiser Co., Duluth, Minn.


FOR SALE-130 acres picturesque land bordering on small river. A chance to get the wildest and most romantic natural beauty in an estate, and will be within 50 minutes of New York. Millionaires' estates all around. In most desirable town in Connecticut. Bass fishing, trout fishing at hand. Three miles from Golf Club. Site gives fine view of Sound. A rare opportunity to get an estate combining natural beauty and accessibility. Price, $350 per acre. Address, W. F. Day, Greenwich, Conn.

BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SITES in lots of 4 acres and up. 12 minutes' drive from Greenwich, Conn.; 45 minutes from New York now; will be 35 minutes next year when New Haven Road is electrified. These lots are in restricted residence park. Town water will be supplied. Most eligible neighborhood near New York. Lovely country drive to property. One of the few chances left to get the most desirable neighborhood and real country surroundings with easy accessibility. Address W. F. Day, Greenwich, Conn.


BUY NEW YORK CITY LOTS at Liberty Heights before Subways open. The small investor's opportunity to share the profits of New York City's rapid growth. Elevated and surface lines now with 5c. fare to City Hall: $450 and upward; 10% down and 14% monthly. or discount for cash; cement sidewalks and curbs, trees, water, gas, and electricity. Title guaranteed. Bank references. Maps and booklets. Bastress, Vought & Co., 350 Fulton St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.

FOR SALE-On charming Lake Keuka, within Catawba grape belt. House, stable, fruit, 8 acres grapes, 400 feet beautiful beach. Ideal summer home. Mrs. Catterson. Catawba, Steuben Co., N. Y.

MOST RAPIDLY GROWING BOROUGH of this rapidly growing city. I have for sale best home sites and business locations here, some on line of new subway. Send for Bargain Bulletin. W. W. Carner, 1020 Fortieth St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.


MEXICAN TIMBER LANDS. Two hundred and sixteen thousand acres, State of Durango: six hundred million feet of pine, two million oak, forty thousand acres magnificent cattle range. Price, seventy-five cents per acre. Chas. B. Mullaly, 419 Navarro St., San Antonio, Texas.

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers



ARE YOU INTERESTED IN WESTERN CANADA? This great wheat country has opportunities which you cannot afford to miss. We want to send you free maps, booklets. etc. Address Dept. "G.." either Minister Agriculture, Regina. Sask.: Minister Agriculture, Edmonston, Alta.: Minister Agriculture, Winnipeg. Man.; Land Dept. C. P. Ry.. Winnipeg. Man.; Traffic Dept. C. N. Ry.. Winnipeg, Man. Supt. Immigration. Ottawa, Ont.

INVESTORS! KNOW MORE of western Canada real estate. Rich country-developing. Cities expanding. Real estate values advancing and making money for investors. We place investments whether large or small. You can purchase on easy monthly payments if desired. Write us. Manley, Loney. Manley & Co., Moose Jaw, Sask., Canada.


SAN DIEGO, Southern California's most delightful city

and seaport. Developing rapidly. Offers unusual opportunity in real estate. New railroad now building East. $10 per month now will secure splendid residence lots, broad and level, near new car line, in beautiful Normal Heights. Handsome profits assured. Absolutely safe. Bank references. Illustrated booklet.. Write immediately. Ralston Realty Co., San Diego, Calif.

IN FAMOUS FULLERTON DISTRICT. Profitable orange and walnut orchards and truck farms. in Orange Co. Fertile soil, diversity of crops and equable climate. Also lands in La Habra and Anaheim districts. Nothing better. Orange Co. Nursery & Land Co.. Fullerton, Cal.

CALIFORNIA FARM LANDS-any acreage. In writing. state amount of money you wish to invest and class_of farming you are interested in. Frank C. Clark, 506 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal.

LOS ANGELES, the world's best investment field. Growth phenomenal. Land syndicates pay large returns. 25 per cent per year, conservatively, the minimum profit. Correspondence invited. W. W. Sweeney, P. E. Bldg.. Los Angeles, Cal.

EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR AUTO BUYERS Slightly used standard cars, in perfect condition, at unusually low prices. Call or write for list. Lurie's Auto Depot, 152-4 W. 38th St.. N. Y. City.. Tel. 5537-38th.

LOCOMOBILE FOR SALE. Original cost, $4200; will sell for $1100. 1904 model, 4 cylinder, King of the Belgians, body royal blue. A very handsome car, in good condition. Complete with canopy top, lamps and accessories. This car will be a bargain for any one in a fairly level country. Will go up any hill, too, but not on high speeds. Owner selling to get lighter car for exceptional hill use. Address M. Boebel, Greenwich, Connecticut.

HOW TO RUN AN AUTO. Owners, Operators, Repairmen. Homans' Self-Propelled Vehicles is best practical book on automobiles, easily understood, in text, diagrams. and illustrations. Accepted as standard. Price, $2, postpaid, to any address. Order to-day, money back if not satisfied. Audel Co., 63 Fifth Ave., New York.

SUPPLEMENTARY SPIRAL SPRINGS. The luxury of travel. Saves your tires, your engine, your patience, and your nerves. Attached by any handy man. Booklet free. Motor Supplementary Spring Co.. 1780 Broadway. New York City.

MODEL K. WINTON, new last September, 4 cyl., 30 hp.. fine top and curtains, Rushmore lamps, gas tank; perfect condition. Dr. R. B. Waite, 50 Main St., Springville, N. Y.


THE UNITED AUTOMOBILE CO. presents itself as being a Reliable House in the handling of slightly used Automobiles. We always have different makes of high grade Automobiles to sell at prices that are absolutely right. Consideration solicited from sellers as well as buyers. Cars shipped to all parts of the United States. Write for list. United Automobile Co., 136 West 38th St., New York.


EQUIP your car with "Hercules non-skid. Puncture Proof Tires; made by largest tire dealers in world; agents wanted everywhere. Republic Rubber Tire and Shoe Company, 1686 Broadway, New York.


CANADA THE LAND FOR SETTLERS AND INVESTORS Send for our Free Book describing Western Canada and the great opportunities for homeseekers or those looking for safe and profitable investments. Our book proves by testimonials that those who have bought land from us during last 10 years have realized a profit of from 50 per cent. to 200 per cent. on their money. With a capital of $1,000.000.00, of which $780.000.00 is paid in, we offer you every security and chance for investigation. Write to-day and ask for book 20. Haslam Land & Investment Co., Regina, Canada.

OUR SASKATCHEWAN LAND, the safest investment, the most satisfactory occupation; fine open prairies with clumps of trees; 40 bu. wheat, 100 bu. oats; new railroad building: free maps; cheap excursions. Scand.-Canadian Land Co., R-811, 172 Washington St.. Chicago.

AUTOMOBILE GARAGE, absolutely fireproof and up to date Repair Shop, Electric Charging, all supplies and accessories. Official A. A. A. and A. M. L. Station. Special facilities for Tourists. T. S. Morse, Lenox, Mass.

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AUTO BUYERS' AGENTS-Before buying an automobile write us for particulars. We carry none in stock; you deal direct with private owners. All makes, $75 to $9900. Auto Trading Co., 25 W. 42nd St., N. Y.


We are the largest dealers and brokers of New and Second Hand Automobiles in the world. Automobiles bought for spot cash; cash always demands bargains, and we have them. Our past reputation and satisfied customers are our reference. Over 500 Automobiles on our sales floors to select from. including every make of Standard Automobile, ranging in price from $150 to $5.000. No matter what you are looking for, we are sure to have it. Complete list of Automobiles on hand. Send for Bargain Sheet No. 106. Times Square Automobile Company, new main entrance. 1599-1601 Broadway, and at 215217 West 48th St., New York.

OUR NEW CATALOGUE gives full particulars of the largest assortment of automobiles ever offered the public. Prices range from $50 to $3,500, including foreign and American models. They are the cheapest cars ever offered, quality considered. Every car carries our guarantee to be in good running order. We have no competitors-a fact our prices demonstrate. Mail orders and inquiries receive our best attention. Headen Auto Exchange, 196 Degraw St., Brooklyn, N. Y.


GARAGE-Largest and best equipped in the world. Accommodations for 300 automobiles. Up-to-date repair department. Transient business a specialty. Accesories and supplies. Wyckoff. Church & Partridge, Broadway, at 56th.

Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers


SIDE LINE FOR SALESMEN. There is good money in selling our $2.50 non-leaking fountain pen (to users, not the trade). Sample $1.50 (M. O. or cash). Sutton Pen Co., 11-17 William St., New York.

(84) WANTED-Salesmen acquainted with toilet wares buyers everywhere sell Royal Tooth Powder, Royal Talcum, Allen's Foot Powder, etc.; half price others; "Royal finer wares; liberal inducements to all. The Allen Pharmacal Co., Plainfield. N. J.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS! Many make $2,000.00 a year. You have the same chance. Start a Mail-Order Business at home. We tell you how. Money coming in daily. Very good profits. Everything furnished. Write at once for our "Starter " and Free particulars. We are originators. R. W. Krueger Co., 155 Washington St.. Chicago, Ill.

SALESMEN-Young men who can give reference from former employers: to such a party we pay salary and expenses to represent us in your and adjoining territory. Experience not necessary. Write with reference. Deering Mercantile Co. (Dept. G.). Chicago, Ill.

AMBITIOUS, industrious, well-dressed salesmen, desirous of earning $40.00 to $200.00 weekly, will be assisted in building up permanent business of their own. Address with references, P. C. Kullman & Co., 68 Wall St., New York.

MAGAZINE SOLICITORS WANTED in every town, large and small, to procure new and renewal subscriptions for Review of Reviews and our strong Clubbing Offers. Commissions liberal and $3000.00 in Special Cash Prizes every month. Become "The Magazine Man (or woman) of your community-chance to build up a permanent and profitable business. Write for terms. The Review of Reviews Co., Room 428, New York.


AGENTS make big money selling our new sign letters for office windows, store fronts, and glass signs. Any one can put them on. Write to-day for a free sample and full particulars. Metallic Sign Letter Co., 68 N. Clark St., Chicago, Ill.

SALESMAN WITH EXCEPTIONAL ABILITY. No beginners and no canvassers wanted. Several of our men are averaging over $1.000 a month. Life Insurance men averaging $200 up can make $1,000 a month. We also want man experienced in handling a big Sales Force. Give reference. John B. Duryea, 449,-703 Third Ave., Seattle, Wash.

A DOLLAR AN HOUR.-Either sex earn $1.00 an hour introducing Electric Combs and fastest selling articles on market. Remember we guarantee $1.00 an hour for every hour you work. Dr. R. R. Hull, 1431 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.

WANTED-High class representatives to sell new store necessity needed by all merchants. Sells for $50 to $500. Profits 40 to 69 per cent. State experience, references and qualifications in detail, and we will submit proposition. names and addresses of 2000 satisfied purchasers. Exclusive territory for right man. Ref. First National Bank. Chicago. Pitner Company, 183-189 Lake St.. Chicago.

SOAP AGENTS MAKING $50.00 WEEKLY selling our wonderful $1.50 soap and toilet article combinations, with valuable premiums for 35e. Crew managers wanted. Buy direct of manufacturer. Profitable vacation work for students. Davis Soap Works, 20 Union Park Ct., Chicago.

SELL OUR SCHOLARSHIPS, 2000 schools and colleges, all parts of country, or send us names of those going to school. Teachers, students and others can make big money during summer months. Can be done during extra hours. Liberal cash commission. Write to-day for particulars. Columbia School Agency, 357 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago.

IF YOU ARE A HIGH GRADE SALESMAN between 25 and 50 years of age, and wish to connect with a house established over 100 years, presenting an A1 proposition to professional men, write at once to William Wood & Company, 51 Fifth Ave., New York City.



"INK-OUT." guaranteed by manufacturers to be the perfect non-injurious eradicator and stain remover. Used on paper, skin, and fabric. Removes ink, iron rust. fruit and other stains, no matter how old. Resizes paper so that after eradicating it may be written upon at Stationers, druggists, or by mail, 25c. Adner Laboratory Co., Philadelphia, Pa.. Dept. R.


EMBOSSED LETTERHEADS-3 line die and 2 M. Letterheads, $12.00. Write for prices on larger quantities and samples of engraved business cards. J. W. Halliday, 417 Atlas Block, Chicago.

THERE IS NO EXCUSE for any wideawake man working for a small income if he is willing to do some dignified hustling. We have a proposition to make to ambitious men in every community, whereby he can earn from $2500 to $15,000 yearly. The business is a secure and attractive one, and deserves your immediate inquiry. Write and we will tell you the whole story. You'll take it up at once. McCormack Real Estate Company, 804 Times Building. New York.

$100 PER MONTH and traveing expenses paid by an old established house for salesmen to sell goods to dealers. New Experience unnecessary. plan, rapid selling line. Purity D. V. Co., Chicago, Ill.

HIGH-CLASS SALESMEN WANTED. We have a very fine addition to the City of Houston, Texas. Lots ranging in price from $50.00 to $150.00, and sold on small monthly payments. Good men easily make $200.00 weekly. We have the finest literature, and back salesmen up in every way. The owners of this property are men who have been on the road selling lots, therefore know how to assist salesmen in their work. We pay unusually liberal commissions, and offer big cash prizes for good work. Long contract. Write quick for territory. The Western Land Corporation, Houston, Texas.

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Please mention the Review of Reviews when writing to advertisers

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