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ADAMS, Cyrus C. Civilizing work of modern
Christian missions, 190.

Adams, Franklin. New era of manufacturing in
South America, 177.

Aerial navigation, Sensations of, £10.
Africa, Affairs in, 27.

Africa, Railroads and railroad-building in, 477.
Africa to the front, 535.

Agriculture as taught in Cuban schools, 488.

Aladin, Alexis. The fate of the second Russian
Duma, 551.

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 606.
Alhambra in danger, The, 745.

Allen, William H. Ocean-beach reservations for
New York City, 574.

American ideals, President Roosevelt on, 650.
Animals as weather prophets, 628.
Apprenticeship system, A modern adaptation of,

Arbitration: See also under Peace, Hague con-
ference, and Disarmament.

Arbitration, International, A pioneer in, (Thomas
Balch), 733.

Atheism, tide of, Can the Church stem? 627.
Atlantic Coast waterway defenses, 100.
Austria, Electoral revolution in, 283.
Automobile, The, and the average man, 74.
Automobile, The, in the British army, 99.

BALCH, Thomas, a pioneer in internationål arbi-
tration, 733.

Balkans, Trouble in, 409.

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Caribbean notes, 531.

Carnegie's institutions, 400.

Cartoons of the Month, 33, 161, 291, 414, 544,

Census Bureau affairs, 10.
Central-American war, The, 402, 530, 654.
Chapman, Arthur. The making of a forest

ranger, 447.

Charities, A government department of, 744.
Chicago's new charter, 644.
Chicago election, The, 581.
Chicago's judicial system, Revolution in, 452.

Chicago, Traction outlook in, 525, 581.
Child-labor movement, 4, 5, 271.
Chinese progress, 286.

China, Constitutional government in, 236.
Choate, Joseph H. (brief sketch), 673.
Cleveland, Grover, at seventy, 401.

Climate, Effect of, on character, 377.
Cleveland, Three-cent street-railway fare in, 272.
Climate, Influence of ocean on, 376.
Coal reserves-Will they last, 479.

Barrett, John, appointed Director of the Bureau Coal supply and the government, 140.

of American Republics, 147.

Barth, Theodore, (brief sketch), 687.
Belgium and the Congo, 27.
Belgium, Recent progress in, 406.
Berthelot, Marcellin, statesman-chemist, 751.
Boarding-house, Co-operative, for French tele-
phone girls, 579.

Books, The new, 108, 253, 380, 507, 635, 756,
Book prices, Four centuries of, 506.
Brain-weight and intelligence, 505.
Brandeis, Louis D. Savings-bank life insurance
for wage-earners, 337.

Brown, G. M. L. New era of manufacturing in
South America, 177.
Brownsville troops case, 16.
Bronx River (New York) parkwav. Proposed,


Bryan, William J., and the railroads, 518.
Bryce, James, and American poets, 653.
Bryce, James, and Canada, 141.

Bryce, James: Britain's envoy to the American

people, 166.

Buchanan, William I., (brief sketch), 677.
Burdett-Coutts, Baroness, Charitable' work of,


Bureau of American Republics, 147, 655.
Busse, Fred A., Chicago's new mayor, 585.

CABINET, as reorganized on March 4, 270.

England, and the United States, 484.

Coast defense, Atlantic, 100.

Colonial problem as Holland solved it, 629.
Commerce and Labor Department, 7, 9, 420.
Congo, Belgium and, 27.

Congress, Proceedings in, 29, 157, 266, 287, 398,


Congress River and Harbor bill passed, 397.
Senate, Changes in, 272.

Consular system, American, at Prague, 553.
Consul, American, and American trade, 344.
Consular service, New tests for, 556.
Cook, Frank Gaylord. The Longfellow centen-

ary, 173.

Corporation control, Conference on, 396.
Corporation interests, Vastness of, 137.
Cotton-growers, Italian, in Arkansas, 209.
Cotton supremacy, American, 402.
Cotton-spinners of Lancashire, England, during
American Civil War, 348.

Corals and other deep-sea life, 370.
Corporations, Bureau of, Annual report, 6.

Criminal law, The French and the American,
Creel, Enrique C., Mexican ambassador to the
United States, 489.


Cromer, Lord, maker of Egypt, 536.

Cronin, John J., M.D. The doctor in the public
school, 433.

Cuba, Affairs in, 18; Situation in, in April, 655.
Cuba, Secretary Taft in, 530.

Cuban schools, Agriculture as taught in, 488.

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Drugs and their abuses, 743.

Dust explosions, Danger from, 95.

EDUCATION, Public industrial, 590.

[blocks in formation]

age man, 74.

Halsey, Francis W. Letchworth Park gift to
New York State, 569.

Harger, Charles M. The revival in Western land

Education: See also under School and Teachers. Harnack on Catholic-Protestant harmony, 625,

Education: Teaching ideals in the schools, 365.
Egypt and pan-Islamism, 536.

Egypt, Lord Cromer, maker of, 536.
Electric railroad, Interurban, The. 241.

Electoral reform in New York, 143.
English Channel, Tunnel under, 350.
Erie Canal work, Progress of, 141.
Europe, Political notes of, 658.

Esperanto, the new international language, 617.
Eyesight, Good, and good health, 503.

FARMING, Motor-power in, 613.

Farmer. Protecting the, against fraud, 213. Financial Treasury control of the money market, 475.

Finland: Political triumph of the Finnish women,
499, 660.

Fitz-Gerald, W. G. Open-air parliaments in
Switzerland, 205.

Forest ranger, Making of a, 447.

Forests and the public, 139.

Fowler, Frank. Pittsburg's new home of the fine arts, 441.


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GENERAL Education Board. Thirty-two million
dollar gift to, by John D. Rockefeller, 274.
How the Board works, 275, 276.
German element in the United States, 602.

America, German cordiality for, 532.
Electoral campaign in, 151, 282.

Christian-national labor movement in, 93.
East Africa. Has Germany failed in? 247.
Economic and industrial affairs in, 658.
Is Germany a political Macedonia? 486.
Poles, Germany and the, 25, 97.

Reichstag, The, and its powers, 24; dissolution,
of, 23; the new Reichstag, 407.
Socialism versus Clericalism in. 25.

Street railways, in, municipal ownership of,


Gershuni, Gregory, Russian revolutionist, 492.
Gold production of the world, 89.

Harriman [Edward H.]: "Colossus of Roads," 36.

Hearst-McClellan election recount i.abroglio, 622.
Heyn, Edward T. Municipal ownership of street
railways in Germany, 329.

Hill, David Jayne (brief sketch), 678.
Holland as a center of interest, 405.
Holland: The Dutch succession, 284.
Holland's solution of the colonial problem, 629.
Hopi cliff-dwellers and their seven cities, 620.
Howe, Julia Ward (brief sketch), 589.
Hudson Bay route to Europe, 688.

IDAHO murder cases, 646.

Iguazu, Cataract of, in South America, 614.
Ijuin, Vice-Admiral, Visit of, to America, 661.
Illinois' great waterway, 395.

Immigrant, Why we need the, 319.
Immigration law, New, 265, 469.
Immigration problems, Studying, 648.
India and Pan-Aryanism, 409.

India Industrial organization, only hope of, 239.
Indian national congress at Calcutta, 155.
Indians, Transforming the, 9.

Inland Waterways Commission, 648.

Interior Department under Secretary Hitchcock,


International law, Why the American people

should understand, 357.

International understanding, An improved, 529.
Italian cotton-growers in Arkansas, 209.
Italy, How art treasures are kept in, 633.
Irish problems as a German views them, 374.

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Japan's economic régime, 737.

Jesus, sayings of, Traces of humor in, 504.
Jewish invasion of New York, 230.

Jones, Plummer F. Jamestown Tercentenary

Exposition, 305.

Government, Centralization of, and States' rights, Judson, Harry Pratt, President of the University

Great Britain:

6, 482, 598.

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Kuroki, Gen. Baron, Visit of, to America, 661.

LABOR: Apprenticeship system, A modern adaptation of. 91.

Labor movement, Christian-national, in Germany, 93.

Labor troubles, 652.

Labor unionism, A year's activity in, 84.
Labor: Wages increase, 3.

Lace-industry, European, Revival in, 607.
Land laws, Reform of, 266.

Land tax, German experiments with, 333.
Land values, Western, Revival in, 63.
Lands, public coal, Guarding the, 303.
Language, New international,-Esperanto, 617.
Laut. Agnes C. To Europe by way of Hudson
Bay, 688.

Leading Articles of the Month, SS, 220, 340, 475, 594, 729.

Letchworth Park gift to New York State, 569. Life insurance, Savings bank, for wage-earners, 337.

Life, latent, Possibilities of, 368.

"Little Dorrit" as she is to-day, 251.

London's municipal election, 402.

Longfellow centenary, 156, 173.

Lumber trust under the probe, 138.

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OBITUARY, 32, 160, 290, 410, 542, 668.

O'Higgins, Bernard, the South-American Irish-
man, 609.

MCGRATH, P. T.: Relations of Canada and the Okuma, Count. Retirement of, from party leader

United States, 717.

McTavish, Arthur.

be reduced? 456.

Can the railroad death rate

Magnets for lifting purposes, 104.
Maps and Diagrams:

Africa, Railroads in, 478.

Alaska, Mountain areas, 49.
Atlantic coast, 101.

Canada, Diagram showing total trade, imports, and exports of, 721.

Canadian transcontinental railroad system, 689. Churchill, Canada, Relative distance of, from other points, 690.

Coal consumption in the United States, 480.
Congo Free State, 28.

Earthquake paths of the world, 279.
English Channel, 350.

Hudson Strait, 694.

Immigration movement 1821-1905, 470.

ship in Japan, 601.

PANAMA Canal affairs, 269.

Panama Canal, A military view of, 731. Panama Canal Commission, New appointments on, 397.

Panama Canal, President Roosevelt's message on, 15, 66.

Pan-American dream, Foreign views of, 360, 634. Paris, Making a seaport of, 754.

Parker, Herschel C. The exploration of Mt. McKinley, 49.

Parks, Suburban and mountain, in Massachusetts, 561.

Peace: See also under Arbitration, Disarmament,

and Hague Conference.

Peace and order, Measures for, 400. Peace congress in New York, 527, 591. Persia, Affairs in, 155.

Jamestown Tercentenary Exposition plan, 308. Philanthropy, modern: Baroness Burdett-Coutts,

New York City tunnels, 228.

Railroads: Harriman system, 43.
Railroad switch, 457.

Roumania in its relation to Austria, Russia, and Turkey, 533.

Russian Duma, showing division of parties, 408. San Francisco, rebuilt blocks and buildings one year after fire, 645.

United States population maps, 321, 323, 324, 327, 328.

Virginia, Historical, 306.

West Indies, 146.

Marine life, Effects of volcanic action upon, 604. Massachusetts, Suburban and mountain parks in,


Mendeleyev, one of the greatest caemists, 372. Merchant marine question, 17, 142.

Mexico, Affairs in, 402.

Mexico and Diaz. 102.

Mexico, Our relations with, 147.

Mexico's ambassador to the United States,

What he represents, 489.

Millard, Thomas F. Consul Ledoux and his sys

tem at Prague. 553.

Millionaires, Shall they run the government?


Mining Stocks, Craze for, 59.

Missions, modern Christian, Civilizing work of,


Mississippi River improvement, 142.

Money: See also under Wall Street. Money market, Treasury control of, 475. Money question, 267.

a pioneer in, 199. Philippine election, 647.

Philippines, Failure of United States in,-a
Spanish view, 106.

Pittsburg's new home of the fine arts, 441.
Polish children, Prussian Government and, 97.
Polish problem, New phases of, 497.
Political: Candidates, Presidential and senato-
rial, 158, 647.

Porter, Gen. Horace, (brief sketch), 676.
Porto Rico, Affairs in, 18.

Abbot, Henry L., 639.
Addams, Jane, 4.

Adler, Felix, 5.

Aladin, Alexis, 493.

Aldrich, Thomas Bailey, 411.

Alfonso, King, of Spain, 666; and Queen Vic

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