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presidents of the house over the Constitutional Democratic candidates.

March 9.-In the organization of the Russian Duma the opposition elects five secretaries.

March 13.-The Appropriation Committee of the German Reichstag approves a bill authorizing the issue of $87,500,000 in treasury bonds.

March 15.-Socialist members of the German Reichstag make charges of interference in the elections by departments of the govern. ment.

March 16.-M. Coudev is chosen Premier of Bulgaria, to succeed the murdered M. Petkov.

March 19.-Premier Stolypin's declaration of policy, read before the Duma, contains more liberal measures of government


PHILLIPS GARRISON. (Literary Editor of the New York Nation for 41 years.)

than any heretofore proposed in Russia.


February 19.-Honduran troops attack the Nicaraguan forces on the frontier and are defeated after an action lasting many hours.

February 20.-Owing to continued anti-Jewish disturbances in Odessa, consuls send messages to their embassies asking for protection for foreigners.

February 21.-Viscount Aoki confers with Secretary Root regarding the negotiation of a new treaty of peace between the United States and Japan.

February 22.-Honduras formally declares war on Nicaragua....The Dutch Government officially declares its readiness to receive the delegates to The Hague Peace Conference on or about June 1.

February 25-Military guards are posted at all the foreign cousulates in Odessa.... British Ambassador Bryce is received by President Roosevelt at the White House.

February 27.-The Vatican issues a statement denouncing the action of the French Government in regard to the Separation law.... Fighting between Russian troops and Chinese bandits is reported twenty miles north of Harbin; the Russian commander asks for reinforcements.

March 2-It is announced that the Nicaraguans have captured, after sharp action, the key to the Honduran capital.

March 3-Ambassador McCormick leaves Paris on his return to the United States.

March 8.-The Ameer of Afghanistan, after a visit of two months in India, expresses satisfaction over the international relations.

March 9-It is announced in London that Great Britain and Russia have reached an agreement as to intervention in Persia in case of a crisis.

March 12.-The Belgian and Dutch commissioners, in session at Brussels, arrange the terms of an economical alliance between the two countries.

March 14.-President Roosevelt issues orders for the exclusion of Japanese laborers from the United States and the dismissal of suits against the San Francisco school board.

March 19.-Great Britain and Russia decide that no more consular guards in Persia are needed at present.

OTHER OCCURRENCES OF THE MONTH. February 19.-The Great Northern Railway Company is indicted for granting rebates to the sugar trust.

February 20.-Dr. Harry Pratt Judson is unanimously elected president of the University of Chicago by the trustees (see page 419).


THE LATE MARSHAL H. BRIGHT. (For 34 years editor of

Christian Work.)

February 21.The Great Eastern Railway Company's steamer Berlin, from Harwich, England, to Rotterdam, is wrecked off the Hook of Holland, and 128 of her passengers and crew are lost.

February 23.King Edward opens an exhibition of South African products in Westminster.

February 27.-E. H. Harriman completes his testimony before the Interstate Commerce Commission.

March 1.-The sale of American Sunday papers is barred in Canada .A bill of equity

is asked at Concord, N. H., by the son, granddaughter, and nephew of Mrs. Mary Baker Glover Eddy for an accounting of her financial affairs.

March 3.-The Great Northern steamer Dakota goes ashore in the Bay of Tokio; all passengers are saved.

landslide covering about fifteen square miles March 4-Eighty-five persons are buried in a near Segrata, Algeria..... Proclamations issued by President Roosevelt add 17,000,000 acres to the national forest reserves.

March 5-Gen. William Booth, head of the Salvation Army, arrives in the United States from England.

March 7.-George W. Perkins returns to the New York Life Insurance Company, with interest, the $48,500 contributed in 1904 to the Republican National Campaign Committee.



March 9-As the result of a strike of electricians in Paris the companies grant the principal demands of the employees.

March 12.-Captain Vertier and about 117 men of the French battleship Jena at Toulon are killed in an explosion of the magazine.... Mrs. Russell Sage announces the creation of a fund of $10,000,000, to be known as the Sage Foundation, for philanthropic work.

March 14-Floods at Pittsburg do great damage; the high-water records of the past seventy years are broken by the Ohio River at that point....Lord Curzon is elected chancellor of Oxford University, defeating Lord Roseberry by a vote of 1111 to 430....Stocks on the New York Exchange go down from five to twenty points.

March 15. The New York stock market recovers buoyancy....Dutch forces on the island of Celebas kill 280 rebels in the attack and capture of an insurgent stronghold.

March 16.-Cambridge defeats Oxford by four and a half lengths in their annual boat race on the Thames.... The Porto Rican House of Delegates unanimously adopts a resolution asking self-government for the island.

March 17.-The White Star liner Suevic runs ashore on the Lizard; all the passengers are safely landed.


February 17.-Col. Henry Steel Olcott, one of the founders of the theosophical movement, 75....Rev. Eri Baker Hulburt, dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School, 65.

February 19-Sir William Hales Hingston, M. D., dean of the medical profession of Montreal, 78....John Carter Brown, a prominent

banker of Providence, R. I., 67.

February 20.-Prof. Henri Moissan, the eminent French chemist and Nobel Prize winner, 55....Dr. George H. Ball, founder and president of Keuka College, N. Y., 86.

February 21.-Horatio Seymour, formerly State Engineer and Surveyor of New York, 63....Erik G. B. Bostrom, chancellor of the University of Stockholm and one time Premier of Sweden, 65.

February 22.-Baron de Staal, formerly Ambassador from Russia to Great Britain, 85.... Bishop John Dixon, of the United Brethren Church, 87.... Ex-Congressman John T. Dunne, of New Jersey, 69.

February 23.-Archibald Clavering Gunter, novelist, playwright, and publisher, 59.. George Q. Whitney, a well-known financier of New Orleans, 50.

February 24-Lieut.-Gov. John B. Snowball,

of New Brunswick, 70.

February 25-Archbishop Santiago de la Garza Zembro, of Linares, Mexico, 69....Frank J. Hearne, president of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Company, 61.

February 27-Josef Lewinsky, one of the most noted comedians of the Hofburg Theater of Vienna, 72.

February 28.-Wendell Phillips Garrison, editor of the New York Nation from 1865 to

1906, 67....Major Marshal H. Bright, editor of Christian Work, 73....Orson D. Munn, head of Munn & Co., publishers of the Scientific Amerthe British diplomatic service, 72. ican, 83....Sir Francis Plunkett, formerly of

March 1.-Lionel Decle, the French explorer, author, and journalist, 48....Sir August Manns, a well-known musical conductor in England, 82.... Wilhelm Rapp, editor of the Illinois Staats-Zeitung, 80.

March 2.-Ex-Mayor William P. Malster, of Baltimore, 65.

March 3.-Dr. Oronhyatekha ("Morning Cloud"), former chief of the Mohawk Indians, 66.... Ex-Congressman William H. Snowden, of Pennsylvania, 63....Miss Ada Lydia Howard, first president of Wellesley College, 78.

March 4-John W. A. Scott, a landscape painter of Cambridge, Mass., 92.

March 5-James O'Brien, a former sheriff of New York County, 70....General Samuel E. Merwin, of New Haven, Conn., 75.

March 6.-Frank T. Campbell, many years a leader in the Republican party of Iowa, 74.... Former Chief Justice Logan E. Bleckley, of Georgia, 79....Dr. George Bingham Fowler, editor of the Dietetic Gazette, 60.

March 7-Signor Gallo, Italian Minister of Justice, 58....Dr. Carl Heinrich von Bötticher, a well-known German statesman, 74.

March 9.-John Alexander Dowie, founder of the Christian Catholic Church in Zion, 59.... Prof. John Krom Rees, of the Columbia University Observatory, 51....Isaac Freeman Rasin, for nearly 40 years a leader of the Democratic organization in Baltimore, 74.... Ex-United States Senator James L. Pugh, of Alabama, 87.

March 10.-Foster L. Backus, former districtattorney of Brooklyn, N. Y., 58.

March 11.-Ex-Congressman Clinton Babbitt, of Wisconsin, prominent for many years in agricultural affairs, 77.... Premier M. D. Petkov, of Bulgaria.

March 12.-Jean Paul Casimir-Perier, a former President of France, 60.

March 13.-Rev. Daniel Dorchester, D.D., for many years a leading clergyman in the Methodist Episcopal Church, 80....Fritz Scheel, conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 54.

March 14-Maurice Grau, former manager of the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 58. ....John Noble Stearns, one of the first silk manufacturers in the United States, 77.

March 15-Edouard Toudouze, the French painter, 59.

March 16.-Dr. Albert S. Gatschet, of the Bureau of Ethnology at Washington, an authority on Indian languages and dialects, 75.

March 18.-Pierre Eugene Marcellin Berthelot, the French chemist and statesman, 8o.... Brig.-Gen. John Moore, U. S. A., retired, former Surgeon-General of the army, 81....W. J. Rhees, Keeper of Archives of the Smithsonian Institution, 77.

March 19.-Count Vladimir Nicolaievich Lamsdorff, former Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, 62....Thomas Bailey Aldrich, American author, 70.




The Harriman boy seems very willing to turn the grindstone for his Uncle Sam. From the Journal (Minneapolis).

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