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nati by the Ohio River floods.....A "Big Four" passenger train is wrecked at Sandford, Ind., by the explosion of a carload of powder; 22 bodies are taken from the wreck.

January 7.-Admiral Lefèvre, former minister of the French navy.

January 8.-Muzaffar-ed-Din, Shah of Persia, 54....Ernest Gimpel, well known in Europe and January 20.-Great damage is done by the America as an art expert and collector, 50. Ohio River floods.



December 19.-Bishop Charles C. McCabe of

the Methodist Episcopal Church, 70.

December 20.-Samuel Sartain, the steel engraver, 76.

December 21.-Prof. Frederic William Maitland, author of English law treatises, 57.

December 22.-Rev. Robert Rainy, D. D., of Edinburg, 81....Count Alexis Ignatiev, member of the Council of the Russian Empire, 65. Judge Augustus J. Ricks, of the United States Court for the Northern District of Ohio, 64.

December 23.-Very Rev. Richard William Randall, D. D., dean of Chichester, England, 83. December 25.-Henry Sweeting Chandler, for many years business and advertising manager of the New York Independent, 66.

December 26.-Count Eugene Zichy, the Hungarian statesman and Central Asian explorer, 70. December 27.-Bishop A. Coke Smith, of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, 57....Walter Appleton Clark, the artist and illustrator, 31. ...Winfield Scott Keyes, the mining engineer, 67....Capt. William B. Seabury, commodore of the Pacific Mail Company's fleet, 65.

December 28.-Alexander Johnston Cassatt, president of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, 67....William Watts Smith, president of the Bank for Savings of New York City, 54.... Samuel Smith, until recently a member of the British Parliament, 70.

December 29.-Alexander William Black, M. P., 47....Gen. Marcus P. Miller, U. S. A. (retired), 71....Cardinal Luigi Tripepi, 71.... Cardinal Felice Cavagnis, 66....Canon Henry Bailey, D. D., 91....Canon George Venables, 85. December 30.-Baroness Burdett-Coutts, 93 (see page 199)....Mrs. Josephine Butler, the English philanthropist, 78....Ex-United States Senator Donelson Caffery, of Louisiana, 71.... Ex-United States Senator Thomas M. Bowen, of Colorado, 71....George B. Young, a leading attorney of St. Paul, Minn., 62....Henry E. Hoyt, the American scenic artist, 71.


January 9.-Marie, Queen of Hanover, 88.... Lieut.-Gen. Vladimir Pavlov, military procurator of Russia, 55.... David Overmeyer, a prominent Kansas Democrat, 60.

January 10.-Archbishop George Montgomery,' of the Roman Catholic diocese of San Francisco, 60.... Rev. Henry A. Barry, a well-known clergyman in the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Boston, 50....Judge I. Thomas Jones, of the Maryland Court of Appeals, 69.

January 12.-Dr. Charles Hallett Judson, dean of Furman University, South Carolina, 86. January 13.-Prof. A. L. Frothingham, of

December 31.-Brig.-Gen. John Walker Bar- Princeton, 78. riger, U. S. A., 75.

January 1.-Sir William Pearse Howland, the Canadian statesman, 95.

January 2.-Prof. Albert F. Berg, the composer and organist, 82....Gustav Kruell, the well-known artist, 64.... Prof. Otto Benndorf, the archeologist, 69....Joseph K. McCammon, formerly Assistant Attorney-General of the United States, 61.

January 3-Ernest Howard Crosby, author and social reformer, 50.

January 4-Rev. John Cotton Brooks, D. D., of Massachusetts, 57.... Robert H. Sayre, former vice-president of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, 82. January 6.-Alfred E. Davis, the last of the pioneer railroad builders of California, 79.

January 14-Rudolph Korade, for more than 50 years Consul for the Swiss Government in Philadelphia, 82....Henry Squires, once a leading tenor, 82.

January 15.-Viscount de Cabo Frio, directorgeneral of the Brazilian department of foreign affairs, 89.

January 16.-Rev. Laurence J. Kavanagh, a well-known Roman Catholic educator of Philadelphia, 54....Frank H. Richardson, president of the Nassau Bank of New York, 63.

January 17.-Rev. James Woodrow, D. D., a well-known clergyman, educator, and financier of Columbia, S. C., 79.

January 20.-Gen. Charles M. Shelley, of Alabama, formerly a member of Congress, 74

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