Canadian Bookseller and Library Journal, Volúmenes11-13

Canadian Bookseller., 1898

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Página 35 - One who never turned his back but marched breast forward, Never doubted clouds would break, Never dreamed, though right were worsted, wrong would triumph, Held we fall to rise, are baffled to fight better, Sleep to wake.
Página 19 - Beneath whose awful hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine — Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget — lest we forget! The tumult and the shouting dies; The captains and the kings depart: Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice, An humble and a contrite heart. Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget — lest we forget!
Página 94 - THE LOG OF A SEA WAIF: being Recollections of the First Four Years of My Sea Life. By FRANK T. BULLEN, FRGS, Author of ' The Cruise of the "Cachalot,"' ' Idylls of the Sea,
Página 48 - True, strong, and thoroughly alive, with a humor like that of Abraham Lincoln and a nature as sweet at the core. The spirit of the book is genial and wholesome, and the love story is in keeping with it. ... The book adds one more to the interesting list of native fiction destined to live, portraying certain localities and types of American life and manners."— Boston Literary World. " A notable contribution to those sectional studies of American life by which our literature has been so greatly enriched...
Página 29 - In accuracy of definition ; in effective methods of indicating pronunciation ; in terse and comprehensive statements of facts and in practical use as a working dictionary. Specimen pages, etc., sent on application.
Página 50 - But he was very kind. Asked him to sit down. He talked of the many friends he had lost, and what it would be if he did not feel and know that there was another world, where there would be no partings; and then he spoke with horror of the unbelievers and philosophers who would make you believe there was no other world, no Immortality, who tried to explain all away in a miserable manner. We agreed that were such a thing possible, God, Who is Love, would be far more cruel than any human being.
Página 63 - twas to be a man ; to give, not take ; To serve, not rule ; to nourish, not devour ; To help, not crush ; if need, to die, not live.
Página 39 - An historical romance of the sixteenth century, describing the adventures of a young French nobleman at the court of Henry III., and on the field with Henry IV.
Página 73 - Cloth, $1.50. The brilliant author of " The Cruise of the Cachalot " and " Idylls of the Sea*' presents in this new work the continuous story of the actual experiences of his first four years at sea. In graphic and picturesque phrases he has sketched the events of voyages to the West Indies, to Bombay and the Coromandel coast, to Melbourne and Rangoon. Nothing could be of more absorbing interest than this wonderfully vivid account of foks'l humanity, and the adventures and strange sights and experiences...
Página 41 - No one who reads it will regret it or forget it." — Chicago Tribune, " For brilliant conversations, epigrammatic bits of philosophy, keenness of wit, and full insight into human nature, ' Concerning Isabel Carnaby ' is a remarkable success.'* — Boston Transcript.

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