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Every reader of McClure's Magazine will remember the exceptional verve and reality of these tales by a former locomotive engineer on the Rio Grande Railroad. The romance in an occupation ordinarily thought of as the most begrimed and prosaic possible, has rarely been presented in such telling fashion. Mr. Hill not only knows the life from many years of personal experience, but he knows also how to write a story that will appeal alike to the initiated and to those ignorant to the inside facts.

Cloth, 12mo, Illustrated, $1.25; Paper, 75c.


This picturesque romance of coiners and robbers, the nouveau riches and the lawless old aristocracy of Hungary-has been very
widely translated. Since "Szegeny Gazdagok" appeared at Budapest in 1860 there have been dozens of versions in German, Swedish,
I anish, Dutch, Polish, etc.; but this is the first English rendering, made by R. Nisbet Bain from the fourth Hungarian edition.
The translator says: "I know of no more stirring incident in contemporary fiction than the terrible wrestling match between Strong
Juan, the goat herd, and the supple bandit Fatia Negra, in the presence of the two trembling women."

Cloth, 12mo, decorated, $1.25; Paper, 12m0, 75c.


The author has succeeded in striking a distinctly original note in his tales dealing with future developments of modern science. Many of these present stories- such as "The Crystal Egg," "The Man Who Could Work Miracles," "The Heir of the Past," "The Vacant Country," The Star," etc.--are in his best vein, entertaining and thoroughly convincing in spite of their bold imagination.

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Cloth, 12m0, $1.25; Paper, 12m0, 75c.

Our next publication, "Through Fire to Fortune," by Mrs. Alexander, ready Feb. 15th, 1900. SEND FOR CATALOGUE.

THE MUSSON BOOK CO., 17 Richmond St. W., Toronto.

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Political, Religious, and Biographical.

The Lieut.-Governors of

Upper Canada and Ontario

1792-1899. By D. B. READ, Q.C.,

Author of "Life and Times of Sir Isaac Brock," "The Rebellion of 1837," etc.

With 22 full-page portraits by J. E. LAUGHLIN.
Price, $2.00.

This Province is indebted to Mr. Read for many valuable works of a biographical and historical character, among the earliest of which were his admirable "Life of Governor Simcoe" and "The Lives of the Judges." He places the public still further in his debt by this excellent series of sketches of the Lieutenant-Governors, in a sumptuous volume of 253 pages. A feature of great value in the book is the splendid series of portraits (sɔme here published for the first time) executed for the work by Mr. Laughlin, each with a fac-simile reproduction of the autograph of the Governor. Every Canadian library, public and private, should have Mr. Read's new book.

Christian Unity


Price, 75 cents.

"Six lectures on a great practical theme. Mr. Symonds seems to us to take in these lectures reasonable, scriptural, tenable ground."-Presbyterian Witness.

"These six lectures show that Christian unity has a growing hope. The author looks for the federation of the Churches, not for the absorption by one of the rest."-N. Y. Outlook.

Life of William Cochrane

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The Life of Dr. Cochrane-one of the most distinguished ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Canada-as told by Dr. Grant, is a story of deep interest, one we wish every Canadian young man could read. Dr. Grant is a careful and sympathetic biographer, and a master of graceful English.

The Old Faith and the New Philosophy

By Rev. G. J. LOW, D.D. (Canon of Christ Church Cathedral, Ottawa).
Price, 50 cents net.

The Poetical Works of

his poems,

Frederick George Scott

Cloth, $1.25; half-calf, gilt edges, $2.00.

Mr. Scott has by careful, painstaking work won a reputation on both sides the sea. The London Speaker, referring to one of "Samson," declared: "These are splendid verses; and this is probably the best American poem for many years." This volume, including as it will the best of Mr. Scott's published verse, and a number of new poems, will be the most considerable collection yet put forth by any of our leading poets of the present day.

WILLIAM BRIGGS, Publisher, 29-33 Richmond St. West, TORONTO.

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Devoted to the Interests of the Book, Stationery and Fancy Goods Trades of Canada.

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Only Authorized Edition.

Translated by Jeremiah Curtin.

Messrs. George N. Morang & Company, Limited, beg to draw the special attention or the trade to their CANADIAN COPYRIGHT EDITION of the above great work. The first half, in one volume, is now ready for delivery. The second will be issued as soon as the work of the author and translator is complete. In cloth only, price ONE DOLLAR. This is the only Canadian Copyright Edition in the market.

George N. Morang & Company,

90 Wellington St. West, TORONTO.


A Military Number

10 Cents
on each

Every Bookseller in Canada should have one of the beautiful coloured
posters issued for the purpose of advertising the


which is a special Military Number. There are numerous pictures from
South Africa showing the experiences of the First Contingent. Two
articles describe the organization and embarkation of the Second Con-
tingent, these being fully illustrated. There are more illustrations in
this number than in any other ever issued. The coloured cover is
appropriate and striking. Several dealers have already ordered a hun-

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The Canadian Bookseller






tainly created a great demand for books on The trade should look

Canadian Bookseller the seat of war.

AND LIBRARY JOURNAL. Published at Temple Building, TORONTO, ONTARIO.


Per Annum, in Advance.

To Canada and United States,

Single Numbers, Ten Cents.



Great Britain and Countries within the Postal
Five Shillings Sterling
Single Numbers, Sixpence,

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All business communications, money orders, or remittances should be addressed,

The Canadian Bookseller,

Temple Building, Toronto, Ont.

All books for review, and letters for the Editor, should be addressed,

Editor, Canadian Bookseller,

P.O. Box 203, Hamilton, Ont.


Pirated editions of foreign works are the curse of the American book trade, and the public suffer with the publisher. A case in point in the United States comes to hand. Little, Brown & Co., of Boston, are the authorized publishers of Sienkiewicz's works, but when "Quo Vadis" made its great success, an unscrupulous New York firm saw its way to making some money. The "Knights of the Cross" is at present running as a serial in Poland, and is not yet completed. Little, Brown & Co., of Boston, and George N. Morang & Co., of Toronto, have the right of publishing the American and Canadian edition, which they will do in two volumes, one to be issued immediately and the second as soon as the story is finished. Meanwhile the New York firm has published a two volume edition, which of necessity is incomplete, but the public is likely to be deceived. Under these circumstances, it is plain that the trade and the public will find it to their interest to adhere to the authorized edition, which, when the two volumes are issued, will have the complete story with the imprimatur of the author. The copyright law sadly wants revision.

The South African war is not a bad thing for the Canadian book trade. It has cer

out for Fitzpatrick's book, which William Briggs announces in this issue; it will be a good seller. Hon. David Mills' new book, announced by the George N. Morang Company, will also be worth pushing. The trade do not need to be reminded that now is the time to push the sale of these special books. Don't be afraid to stock up on them; the war is not ended yet, nor is it likely to be ended for some months, so make money while the excitement keeps up.

The continued popularity of some of the modern novels is simply phenomenal. "David Harum" is said to have sold to the extent of 425,000 copies. And not only are novels selling well, especially the better class of novels, but Goldwin Smith's new "Political History of the United Kingdom," although an expensive work, has had a very large sale. The Copp, Clark Company are to be congratulated on their enterprise in securing the Canadian market for this work. The George N. Morang Company have done even better in placing "The Life and Letters of Sir John E. Millais" before Canadian readers. It is a grand work and should be on the shelf of every public library, and of the larger private libraries as well. In fact, it is a work that cannot well be dispensed with, if one wants to be at all up-to-date. William Briggs' list also contains a fine line of books that reflect credit on the enterprise of this old established house.


The following list, prepared by the London "Daily News," shows the extent of the popularity of Ruskin's books. The list refers to those books only which are published in a single volume. "Modern Painters" and "Stones of Venice" are still too expensive in England to be widely popular. The second book on the list, however, consists of selections from "Modern Painters." The figures give the number of copies sold since the several books were republished in their present cheaper form :"Sesame and Lilies" "Frondes Agrestes " "The Crown of Wild Olive" "Unto this Last"

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Mr. Ruskin's annual income from the sale of his books was, according to the London "Academy," for many years, on the average, £4,000. Yet he did not "work" his writings for what they were worth. New editions, which would have been highly profitable, were delayed and delayed until the first editions rose to fabulous prices. It is doubtful if he would have approved the suggestion that the memorial to him should take the form of an edition of his works at a price within the reach of all. Mr. Ruskin's private fortune, derived from his father, was enormous; and it is believed that he gave away not less than £200,000 in his life. He parted with material wealth as one whose spiritual wealth was inexhaustible.


Mrs. Alexander (known in private life as Mrs. Alexander Hector) was born in Ireland. Her father, Mr. French, of Roscommon, was a member of the famous Kildare hunt, whilst amongst her more distant ancestors are to be numbered Jeremy Taylor and the Rev. Charles Wolfe. She first turn. ed her attention to authorship when quite a young girl, but ceased writing when she married. On her husband's death her thoughts reverted to her pen, and she has continued to write ever since. Amongst her later popular novels are "A Winning Hazard" and "Brown V.C.," stories which amply fulfilled the promise of sustained good work which had been shown in her previous achievements, notably in "Her Dearest Foe" and "The Wooing O't."

The remarkable success of "A Winning Hazard" shows what a great hold Mrs. Alexander has upon the reading public. To such an extent was it taken up that, within a short time of publication, several thousand copies of the work were sold, and it is now in its fourth edition.

"Brown V.C.," published in the early part of this year, was quite as successful, a large

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