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They Will Sell
Sell Themselves.

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With Illustrations by Reginald B. Birch.


"Mrs. Sheard's pretty story will be read with a great deal of interest by her many friends. It is one of those stories of children that are not for children alone. The plot is pretty, the people are pretty, so are their ways, words and clothes, as well as the illustrations and binding."-The Westminster.

WILLIAM BRIGGS, PUBLISHER, - 29-33 Richmond St. West,



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Devoted to the Interests of the Book, Stationery and Fancy Goods Trades of Canada.

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In placing your import orders for Fancy Goods that we are still in the mar-
ket. Encouraged by last year's letters of commendation, we are manufac-
turing a more extensive and more exclusive line of FANCY PAPETERIES
than we have hitherto shown-splendid trade winners.

As Stylish as the Imported
and much Lower in Price.

Twenty-four different styles of Papeteries; exquisite combinations of Cellu-
loid, Satin and Plush, filled with high-grade Notepaper and Envelopes to
match. Nothing can be daintier than these wonderfully worthy gift-goods-
they cannot fail to please the most critical tastes.

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Four New Books of Merit

Aylwin By THEODORE Watts Dunton.

A vivid, enthralling, absorbing love story, full of movement and life and vigor. The Tenth Edition of this remarkable work, by the friend of Tennyson, Browning, William Morris and George Meredith, is now selling in England. Crown 8vo. Cloth, $1.50; paper, 75c.

The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll


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nephew of Lewis Carroll (Rev. C. L. Dodgson), author of Alice in Wonderland," etc., with 100 illustrations. The Life of Lewis Carroll is the life of Rev. C. L. Dodgson. an Oxford man, but it is also the life of the author of "Alice in Wonderland," of "Sylvie and Bruno," of "The Hunting of the Snark." Mr. Collingwood is a nephew of Lewis Carroll, and knew him well. Crown 8vo. Cloth, $2.00.

With Nansen in the North By LIEUT.


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FEB 23 1838

The Canadian Bookseller





Sara Jeannette Duncan (Mrs. Everard

[No. II.

ploye is incontinently kicked out, to make This is quite a

Canadian Bookseller Cotes) has recently returned to England place for a younger man.

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All business communications, money orders, or remittances should be addressed,

The Canadian Bookseller,

25 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ont.

All books for review, and letters for the Editor, should be addressed,

Editor, Canadian Bookseller,

P.O. Box 203, Hamilton, Ont.


from a visit to Canada and the United
States. Her next novel is to be entitled
"Hilda," and is a story of Calcutta, in which
an actress and a Salvation Army girl are
the leading characters. Unfortunately Mrs.
Cotes has adopted a vicious and misleading
practice which should be stamped out. Her
new book will bear a different title on this
side of the water from that given it for pub-
lication in Great Britain, India and Aus-
tralia, where it will be called "In a Harbor

The "Life of Lewis Carroll" has been heartily welcomed by the public, five thousand copies having been already sold. Her Majesty the Queen has been graciously pleased to accept a copy of Mr. Collingwood's "Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll," recently published by Geo. N. Morang Company, Toronto. It is an old story, how fond the Queen was of "Alice in Wonderland," and commanded that all works by the same pen should be sent to her. The sending of the "Life" was in accordance with this command, as it contains several

The Toronto News Company, Toronto, issues a 32-page subscription catalogue, giv- unpublished writings by Lewis Carroll. ing retail and wholesale prices for all periodicals. A copy will be mailed to any member of the trade on application.

Hall Caine has been at work upon his novel, "The Scapegoat," a book which has been one of the author's favorites among his works, and a carefully-revised and enlarged edition has been published. Geo. J. McLeod, Toronto, has the Canadian market.

S. Baring-Gould, the author of "Domitia," published by William Briggs, Toronto, resides on an estate in England that has been in his family for three hundred years. He is rich, and his literary work is done more for pleasure than for gain. He is a minister of the Established Church and is the incumbent of a good living, but he has less than fifty parishioners. At one time he posed as a believer in celibacy, but changed his opinions in that respect, and is now the head of a large family. A second edition of "Domitia" has already been published, and, in addition to its success in Canada, the book is in remarkable demand across the border.

The question of trimmed or untrimmed
edges for books and magazines has recently
been somewhat fully discussed in the Eng-
lish book-trade journals. The general con-
census of opinion seemed to be that in these
days of hurry, rush and scurry, untrimmed
edges were demanded. The untrimmed
edges were only for the old fogy book
reader of the good old days when people
had time to read. Nowadays the average
man has not the time to actually read any
book or magazine. He has only time to
skim through the pages. Undoubtedly this
is true. But what a reflection it is on our
boasted advanced civilization. How little
literary culture there must or can be under
such conditions. "Tis true, 'tis pity 'tis
'tis true."

Young Mr. Harmsworth, the pushing London publisher, who is a multi-millionaire at thirty, is reported to have said that he has no use for old people in his offices or warehouse. He only wants young men from 18 to 24. Presumably, after any one in his employ arrives at 25, the said em

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The Dear Old Farm," a Canadian story by C. M. Sinclair, is a book deserving a wide circulation. The author is a Canadian by birth, of Scotch parentage, his parents having been early settlers in the Talbot settlement. He has unlimited faith in the resources and destiny of our country. "The Dear Old Farm" is not a masterpiece of fiction; it has its defects, but it is decidedly healthy in tone, and paints accurately, nay, one might almost say vividly, a period in our history, during the stirring days of 1866, when national character was being formed. It will, undoubtedly, have a great influence on its readers in nurturing a love for Canada and for British institutions. Published about a year ago, its reception so far has been quite flattering; but it is only now beginning to be known, and the more it is known the more popular it will become. It is published in an octavo volume of 200 pages, in cloth, by the Journal Company, St. Thomas, Ontario, for the modest sum of 60 cents retail; 40c. wholesale. When a new edition is called for we suggest that the size be altered to the ordinary novel size.

Book Motes.

Mr. G. A. Spottiswode, head of the famous firm of Eyre & Spottiswode, parliamentary and general printers, of London, England, is dead.

The G. M. Rose & Sons Co., Ltd., advertisement, which appears on another page, contains many books which dealers will do well to order and keep stock of. Mentioned in the list are several new and very popular publications.

The attention of users is invited to the merits of E. B. Eddy's indurated fibreware tubs, pails, etc, which are for sale at all first-class stores. Housekeepers readily recognize their superiority over the ordinary wooden tubs, etc.

A supplement to the abridged edition of Bryce's "American Commonwealth" has been prepared under the title of "Outlines of Civil Government," by F. H. Clark, Head of the Department of History at the Lowell High School, San Francisco. It will be published at an early date by the Macmillan Company.

"The Unseen Hand," by Lawrence L. Lynch, is published in Ward, Lock's Colonial Library. New detective stories from the pen of Lawrence L. Lynch are always eagerly awaited by those who read and admired those clever stories, "Shadowed by Three," "Moina," a "Detective Mystery," etc., by this writer.

Chatto & Windus, London, are issuing a new Colonial Library of copyright works. The retail price, to the public, of this series has been fixed at 2s. 6d. ; the price to the colonial trade being 18. 5d. net per volume. At this figure the publishers are confident that a good margin of profit can be secured and a very large sale effected.

F. Tennyson Neely, New York and London, will shortly issue "The Mark Twain Story Book, with a biographical sketch of Mark Twain," by Will M. Clemens. This is the second of a series of volumes edited by Mr. Clemens, the first of which, "The Depew Story Book," was issued a few weeks ago and is already in its third edition.

"The Weapons of Mystery," by Joseph Hocking, is published in Ward, Lock's Colonial Library. Joseph Hocking's reputation, achieved by such popular successes as "All Men are Liars," "Andrew Fairfax," ""Fields of Fair Renown," etc., is almost world-wide, and new novels from his pen always sell by many tens of thousands.

Cassell & Company, London, announce that they have recently appointed the Copp, Clark Co., Ltd., of Toronto, sole agents for the sale in Canada of their Colonial editions. The Copp, Clark Co. will keep a supply of these books on hand, and all orders will be promptly executed by them. Lists will be mailed on application.

A series of four Child-Life Readers by Etta Austin Blaisdell, Supervisor of Schools, Brockton, Mass., will be published at an early date by the Macmillan Company. Each volume will be profusely illustrated in line and color. The scope and contents of

the series may be gathered by the titles, which are: 1. "Child Life;" 2. "Child Life in Tale and Fable ;" 3. "Child Life in Many Lands;" 4. "Child Life in History."

"The International Directory of Booksellers and Bibliophile's Manual for 1899," is a book of special interest to booksellers and book buyers. Its 368 pages are closely packed with lists of books, libraries, and other information of great value to every live bookseller and librarian. As a trade book of reference it is simply invaluable. It is published at 6s. net, and may be ordered through any wholesale house, or direct from the publisher, James Clegg, "The Aldine Press," Rochdale, England.

The New Amsterdam Book Company, New York, publishes "The Downfall of the Dervishes," by E. N. Bennett, special correspondent of the "Westminster Gazette," crown 8vo, with 4 maps and a photogravure portrait of General Sir Herbert Kitchener, $1.40. This book contains a most vivid account of the last expedition to the Soudan under General Kitchener, and graphically describes the Battle of Omdurman and the capture of Khartoum. The author makes serious charges regarding the treatment of the wounded Dervishes, which have excited all England and have made the book the sole topic of discussion by the press and people.

"Modern England before the Reform Bill," by Justin McCurthy, M.P., published by T. Fisher Unwin, London, is the first of two volumes on Modern England, to be published in the "Story of the Nations Series." In this volume and the one to follow, the purpose of the author is to give an account of the social and political development of England since the opening of the century. From the pen of such a fascinating writer as Mr. McCarthy, readers may confidently look for a most interesting and instructive narrative. Booksellers will note that Mr. McCarthy is one of the best selling authors of the day. It is certain this will be one of the best selling books in this most popu lar series.

"Jack Curzon " is the title of the new novel by Archibald Clavering Gunter, the author of that most successful novel "Mr. Barnes of New York," and of many others almost equally successful. Jack was managing clerk of Martin, Thompson & Co., English merchants doing business in Hong Kong, Manila, Cebu and the Straits Settlements, and in this novel we have a portion of his Records. Certainly the Records are full of thrilling incidents told in Mr. Gunter's own inimitable style. The novel is

right up to date in dealing with China and Manila. There will sure to be a large demand for it on this account alone. It is a good book for booksellers to push just at this time.

Elliot Stock, 62 Paternoster Row, London, E.C., has commenced a cheap issue of "The Biblical Museum." It will comprise a complete Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, fourteen volumes in all, each volume having a collection of notes explanatory, homiletic and illustrative on the Holy Scriptures, especially designed for the use of ministers, Bible students and Sunday School teachers, by James Comper Gray, author of "Topics for Teachers" and other well-known works of a similar character. The publication of a work of this character at the remarkably low price of 1s. a volume net marks a new era in cheap publications. The first volume, comprising Matthew and Mark, has just been published, and a volume will be issued monthly until the completion of the work. The volumes will average nearly 400 pages each, 12mo., bound in stiff boards, linen covered.

"Tekla," published by Geo: N. Morang Company, Toronto, is in its second edition and gives promise of being Robert Barr's best selling book. Apropos of its author, the literary editor of the "Cincinnati Commercial Tribune" has burst into rhyme. He writes:

"That clever writer, Robert Barr, has a big job on his hands at present. He is at work on a novel, but only takes a few hours a day at it because he is also breaking in two Canadian horses which he brought back to his lofty abode on the Woldingham Hills when he returned to England from his visit here. Is it possible that Mr. Barr has grown jealous of that other clever writer, Theodore Roosevelt, Governor-elect of New York and wants to be a Rough Rider too? It almost leads me to rhyming : Rough Rider Roosevelt rode to fame, And fought the foe afar;


Now, shall we couple with that name A broncho-busting' Barr ?"

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New Books.

A new Pansy book, "Yesterday Framed in To-day," is announced for issue April 15th by William Briggs.

William Briggs has just placed upon the market Kate Douglas Wiggin's new story, "Penelope's Progress."

The Musson Book Co. has published "An Enemy to the King," illustrated. An historical romance of the sixteenth century, describing the adventures of a young French nobleman of the Court of Henry IV., and in the field with Henry of Navarre. Paper edition 75c., cloth $1.25.

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