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A special war edition of Prof. James A. Harrison's notable book on the Spanish Peninsula, from the earliest times to the present critical hour, is announced for immediate publication by the Werner Co., Akron, Ohio.

The revision of Prof. Harrison's "History of Spain," a book as entertaining as it is accurate, is a matter which would attract attention and general interest among the readers and purchasers of good books at any time. The announcement coming at this juncture proclaims nothing short of an "event" in the world of letters; and the appearance of the new book will be awaited with a ten-fold degree of interest.

Wm. Barber & Bros.




Commercial Works

per annum,

Interest Tables, at 4. 5. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 by Napoleon Matte. 5th edition. Price $3.00. Three Per Cent. Interest Tables, by the same author. On fine toned paper, and strongly bound. Price $3.00.

Interest Table and Book of Days combined, at 3, 31⁄2,

4: 5. 5, 6, 7 and 82 per annum, by Charles M. C. Hughes. Price $5.00.

Savings Bank Interest Tables, at 3 or 31⁄2 (each on separate card), calculated on the basis of 1 month, being 1/12 part of a year, by Charles M. C. Hughes. Price $1.00.

Buchan's Sterling Exchange Tables, advancing by 8ths and 16ths, with other useful tables. and edition. Price $4.00.

The record of no other nation in Christen. Georgetown, Ontario. Buchan's Sterling Equivalents and Exchange

dom presents to its fascinated reader such a panorama of different nationalities, so many vicissitudes of fortune, such dazzling heights of splendid power, such a sorrowful spectacle of uninterrupted decay as does that of Spain. It is the story of overweening pride, coupled with impotency; of treachery and cruelty chained fast to ritual and dogma.

The recital is relieved now and again by gleams and flashes of better things; brief periods when the arts and sciences flourished in Spain as nowhere else in Europe, when she was the home of chivalry, sculpture, painting and discovery.

Spain is the land of romance, story and song. No European country is more interesting to visit, or excites in the intelligent observer such mingled feelings of admiration, wonder, dread and horror.

The author, Prof. Harrison, who has long held the Chair of History and Modern Languages in Washington and Lee University, is well and favorably known as a scholar and writer.

He has taken advantage of the splendid opportunity offered, and has produced a book at once interesting and authoritative. It stands, without question, the best brief history of Spain yet written.

Prof. Harrison's work gains much from the new supplementary chapters and special introduction for the present war edition contributed by a well informed and cultured writer, a widely read student of history.

The book is profusely and interestingly illustrated. It appears in striking and emblematic dress, the first of the "Flag Series" the Werner Co. purpose bringing out, now announced for the first time. The book is an 8vo., contains between seven and eight hundred pages, price $1.75.

Messrs. Macmillan & Co., New York, send out a new and revised edition, with many additions, of the popular work entitled "Social Evolution,' by Benjamin Kidd. It is a plain, clear, honest discussion of conditions as they exist the world over among progressive nations. The author is no alarmist.

He believes the race is advancing, and the world growing wiser and better, and that the best is yet to be achieved. The writing is not that of a partizan, but of a student of history, past and present.

The Awakening of a Nation; or, Mexico of To-day," by Mr. C. F. Lummis, is published by Messrs. Harper & Bros., New York. The book describes the wonderful progress of Mexico during the last twenty years.

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Tables. $4.00.

Oates' Sterling Exchange Tables, from 1⁄2 of 1% to 122, advancing by 8ths. Price $2.00.

Stock Investors' Handy-Book of Rates, showing what rate of income is derivable from investments in stock paying any rate of dividend, from 3 to 16, when bought at any price from 50 to 300. Price soc. Equivalent Quotations, New York into Canada, advancing by 4 cents, less brokerages, and other tables. Price $1.50.

The Importers' Guide, a hand-book of advances on Sterling Costs in Decimal Currency from one Penny to one thousand Pounds, with a Flannel Table, by R. Campbell and J. W, Little. Cloth, 75c.; Leather, $1.00.

The Customs and Excise Tariff, with list of Warehousing Ports in the Dominion, The Franco-Canadian Treaty, etc., and also a Table of the Value at Francs in English money, Harbour Dues, etc., etc. and many other useful items. Cap. 8vo, Cloth, 5oc. PUBLISHED BY

Stationers. Blank Book Makers
and Printers,

1755 and 1757 Notre Dame St., Montreal.

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Hereafter the Funk & Wagualls Company, New York and London, will be the sole publishers of the famous Loisette Memory MORTON, PHILLIPS & CO., System," presented in Professor A. Loisette's remarkable book, "Assimilative Memory; or, How to Attend and Never Forget." Professor Loisette's extraordinary success in perfecting more or less faulty memoris is attested by prominent educators and professional, scientific and business men throughout the world. Heretofore the secrets of the system have been most 'carefully guarded. The announcement that the system will now be offered to the public at a nominal sum will be welcomed by many who have previously felt unable to subscribe for the exercises.

The poorest natural memories i:ave been effectively trained by this original system. Surprising results have, indeed, attended

only a slight practice of its methods.

Memories which were exceedingly unre

tentive have been made to easily and

accurately remember names, places, dates,

principles, facts, and prose or poetry. One

of the most valuable features of this system

is its method by which a book or article can

be thoroughly remembered after a single reading. It is also of material assistance in the study of foreign languages. Students of music, both instrumental and vocal, have found the Loisette system of considerable assistance in their work.

There are methods, too, by application of which public speakers can easily speak without use of notes, and by which listeners can retain a clear outline in their minds of all that is said.

The book is 12mo, cloth, and will be sold at the reduced price of $2.50 net. The original price was $5.00. Special inducements are offered to schools.


The Annual Meeting of the Shareholders of the Hunter, Rose Company, Limited, will be held at the Company's Office, Temple Building, Toronto, on Tuesday, June 21st, at 11 o'clock a.m.

J. F. STOKES, Sec'y.


Manufacturers of

Writing and Copying Inks



Copyable Printing Inks,

Ribbons for all Typewriter Machines, Carbon Papers.

Try our Special Non-filling Ribbons and Copyable Carbon Paper.

Samples on Application.

14 and 16 Johnson St., Telephone No. 1829. TORONTO.


EWSPAPER ADVERTISING IN THE UNITED STATES. A book of two hundred pages, containing a catalogue of about six thousand newspapers, being all that are credited by the American Newspaper Directory (December edition for 1897) with having regular issues of 1,000 copies or more. Also separate State maps of each and every State of the American Union, naming those towns only in which there are issued newspapers having more than 1,000 circulation. This book (issued December 15, 1897) will be sent, postage paid, to any address on receipt of one dollar. Address The Geo. P. Rowell Advertising Co., 10 Spruce St. New York

Foolscap ..

We are offering the Standard Papers

at Lowest Prices.

We are also offer

ing Special Prices on

Staple Stationery

Prompt Shipment

and Special . Attention to . Letter Orders.

to clear. Write for Samples.

Canada Paper Company


Paper Makers and Envelope Manufacturers,

15 Front St. West, TORONTO.



Windsor Mills.

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'Many books have been published on the Care of the Sick by medical men and by nurses, but, for the comprehensiveness of its contents and general utility, none has ever equalled the volume now under consideration. Dr. Billroth is a medical scientist of world-wide reputation, is Professor of Surgery in Vienna-it is not often that a man of his position will condescend to produce a book for the use of families and nurses. The translation is excellently well done—it has a large number of diagrams for the help of the reader, those dealing with bandaging and splints being especially useful. Dr. Billroth deals with everything connected with the science and art of nursing, whether in the home, hospital, or in epidemics; and the chapter on the care of nervous patients and those mentally diseased, of great value. A special chapter is devoted to aid in accidents, and a whole chapter to the important subject of food and diet. No details are considered too small or unimportant. Both author and translator may be congratulated on the admirable

way in which their work has been done; those who wish to practice nursing in private or in hospitals should certainly study it carefully, and keep it at hand ready for reference in the various emergencies which they will have to encounter."-The Lady's Pictorial.

"Nurse Woodford chose 'The Care of the Sick,' by Dr. Billroth, as her Prize in the Post-Card Examination Series; and Nurse Robinson 'The Life and Works of Shakespeare,' both charming books.” THE NURSING RECORD.

"Dr. Billroth's admirable work will be read with interest by Medical Men, and by Professional and Amateur Nurses. It contains the Main Principles to be observed in the Care of the Sick, clearly laid down, and in accord with both sense and science."-Morning Post.

New and Popular Edition, Revised and Enlarged.

Cloth Bound, Retail Price $1.50. 40 Per Cent. Discount to the Trade.


Booksellers and Publishers,

Toronto, Can.

That Silky

Counts for a great deal in TOILET
PAPER, and customers are learning
to ask for EDDY'S MAKE.


e can stock you up in full; we make over 20 brands

$5 to $16 per case.

The E. B. EDDY CO. Limited,

Hull, Que.

Books of the Month


The Standard Bearer

A New, Strong Story by the popular
Scottish author, S. R. Crockett.
Paper, 75c.; Cloth, $1.25.

This is another of Mr. Crockett's historical ro-
mances. It opens in 1685, the "Terrible Year,"
with a vivid picture of the pursuit of fugitive
Covenanters by the Dragoons. Some of the
chapters are of great strength, particularly that
of The Demoniac in the Garrett." A charm-
ing love story runs throughout. The orders
already received indicate a large sale for the
book. Don't fail to have a good supply on
your counters.

The Making of the Canadian
West A new book by Rev. R. G. MacBeth,

M.A., author of "The Selkirk Settlers in Real Life." Cloth, illustrated, $1.00. Rarely have we noticed so much interest shown in a book while in press. Advance orders for


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some hundreds of copies awaited its issue. The book is one of the greatest interest and value. There are in it 12 full-page half-tone plates— portraits and historic scenes and 23 pen-and-ink portraits by Mr. F. H. Brigden. In all, including the group pictures there are shown the portraits, with names, of nearly 100 men who have played their part in the making (or in Riel's attempted un-making) of the West. It is the best picture-gallery of the West yet given to the public.

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Devoted to the Interests of the Book, Stationery and Fancy Goods Trades of Canada.

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Published by authority of the Department of the Interior of the Dominion of Canada.

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This elegant magazine, size 13 in. x 81⁄2 in., will not only be fully illustrated, but it will be ornamented with four full-page reproductions, in colors, of paintings by Canadian artists. The literary contributions will be of the highest class, and will include an article by the Countess of Aberdeen, and a special poem by Dr. W. H. Drummond, author of "The Habitant," besides stories, poems, etc., by well known writers. The object of the publication being to set forth the sunny and summer aspects of Canadian life, it has already commanded the interest and approval of all classes.

Price, with Cover designed by G. A. REID, R.C.A., 25 Cents.

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