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several counties and precincts, and transmit the same with the forms aforesaid, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court in each county shall transmit to the Inspectors of Election, with the registration lists, a sufficient number of such forms and copies of the election laws, for the use of the Inspectors.

Approved June 7, 1887.

CHAPTER 3705-[No. 25.]

AN ACT in Pursuance of Section 5, Article VI, of the Constitution of this State, to Exclude from Office and from the Right of Suffrage Persons Convicted of Certain Offences.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That all persons convicted of bribery, larceny, perjury, or of infamous crimes, or who shall make or become directly or indirectly interested in any bet or wager, the result of which shall depend upon any election, or who shall hereafter fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge to fight, or who shall be second to either party, or be the bearer of such challenge or acceptance, shall be excluded from every office of honor, power, trust or profit, civil or military, within this State, and from the right of suffrage; but the legal disability shall not accrue until after trial and conviction by due form of law.

SEC. 2. That th's law shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.

SEC. 3. That all laws and parts of laws in conflict with the provisions of this act be and the same are hereby repealed; Provided, however, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to remove or [affect] any punishment or legal disabil ity resulting from convictions heretofore.

Approved June 3, 1887.

CHAPTER 3706-[No. 26.]

AN ACT to Require the Physician in Charge of the Insane Asylum to
Keep a Record of Eich Case and the Treatment thereof.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That it shall be the duty of the physician in charge of the Insane Asylum of this State to thoroughly in vestigate the history of each patient, and upon a careful diagnosis of the same, make a record thereof in a book of sufficient magnitude, which book shall be termed the Physician's Book

of Record, and such record shall contain the name of each person who may thus come under his treatment, the name of the disease to be treated, and the date of beginning treatment, and each day's prescriptions while under treatment, which record shall be open for future references by his successor, the cabinet authorities, Legislative committees, and all others interested.


SEC. 2. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this act Repeal. are hereby repealed.

SEC. 3. This act shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.

Approved June 2, 1887.

Aet to go into effect at once.

CHAPTER 3707-[No. 27.]

AN ACT to Provide for and Encourage the Organization of a Corps of
Volunteer Militia and Enforce their Discipline.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. There shall be organized in this State a body of militia, composed of volunteers between the ages of eighteen Florida State and forty-five years, known as Florida State Troops, which, in Troops. case of war, rebellion, invasion or the suppression of riots,

shall be first ordered into service.

SEC. 2. The Florida State Troops shall be composed of not exceeding ten companies of infantry, each of which shall con- What to comsist of one Captain, one First Lieutenant, one Second Lieu- pose Florida State Troops. tenant, five Sergeants, four Corporals, and not less than twenty nor more than fifty-two privates; and two two-gun batteries Officers. of artillery, each of which shall consist of one Captain, one First Lieutenant, four Sergeants, four Corporals, and not less

than fourteen nor more than twenty-four privates.

SEO. 3. The Governor may organize the companies accepted


under this act into battalions, to not more than two of which Governor to orhe may attach a battery of artillery. Each battalion shall gnize two batconsist of one Major, one Adjutant, with the rank of First Lieutenant; one Quartermaster and Commissary, with the officers of batrank of First Lieutenant; one Surgeon, with the rank of First Lieutenant; one Sergeant-Major and one Quartermaster-Sergeant, and not more than five companies of infantry.


sue commis

SEC. 4. The Governor may organize such company or battery, commission officers therefor and issue arms and accou- Governor to istrements upon the certificate of the Adjutant-General that the ions, arms, &c. requisite number of men have applied for the organization of such company or battery and have taken and subscribed the following oath:



Company or battery to be a

We do solemnly swear that we shall support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the State of Florida, and that we shall observe and obey the lawful orders of the President of the United States, the Governor of this State, and the officers appointed over us according to the rules and articles for the government of the armies of the United States and of the Florida State Troops, for the period of three years, unless sooner lawfully discharged.

SEC. 5. When any company or battery has been organized body corporate. under this act it may become a body corporate, with power to sue and be sued by its corporate name; to hold, own and acquire property-real, personal and mixed-and to dispose of the same by virtue of letters patent, which shall be issued by the Secretary of State upon the application of such company or battery. The officers of such company, and the officers and first sergeants of such battery, shall constitute its Board of Directors.

Governor to commission officers.

How non-commissioned officers appointed

Adjutant General to prepare rules and reguulations.

Company may

SEC. 6. The Governor shall appoint all commissioned officers of the Florida State Troops, and all officers so appointed shall hold office for a term of three years, except when otherwise provided. Any officer shall be removed by the Governor upon conviction by a court-martial.

SEC. 7. All non-commissioned officers of companies and batteries shall be appointed by the commanders of their respective companies and batteries. The non commissioned taff shall be appointed by the commander of the battalion. Any non-commissioned officer may be reduced to ranks for misconduct by the officer having the appointing power.

SEC. 8. The Adjutant-General is hereby authorized and empowered to prepare and promulgate all articles, rules and regulations for the government and discipline of the State Troops, not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States and this State, which articles, rules and regulations, when approved by the Governor, shall be in force, and shall be filed in the office of the Secretary of State and published to the troops.

SEC. 9. Any company or battery may adopt such laws for its adopt by-laws. government and discipline as are not inconsistent with this act and the regulations prescribed under section 8 of this act.

State Troops exempt from jury.

Contributing members are exempted.

SEC. 10. All officers and men of the State Troops shall be exempt from jury duty and from serving a posse comitatus.

SEC. 11. Not more than twenty contributing members may be enrolled in each company or battery, each of whom shall, upon payment to such organization, annually, on or before the first day of March, of not less than ten dollars, become exempt and men to ob- from jury duty for the year.

How officers

tain discharges.

SEC. 12. No officer shall be permitted to quit the service be


fore his time expires, unless his resignation has been tendered to and accepted by the Governor. Any enlisted man in the Florida State Troops wishing to be discharged before the term of his enlistment has expired, may obtain the same in the manner prescribed by the law of his company or battery. SEC. 13. In order to defray the cost of keeping the arms and Appropriation for keeping accoutrements furnished by the State in good order, and the arms. &c. expense of maintaining the organization, there shall be paid quarterly to the commander of each company and battery of State troops for the use of his command, out of any money in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sum not exceeding fifty dollars, upon the itemized requisition of such offi. cer, approved by the Adjutant-General.

SEC. 14. It shall be the duty of the Board of County Com- Armory to be missioners in each county in which there is a company of State Provided. troops to provide each company with an armory suitable for

its meetings and drill and the safe storage of its arms and equip


for Battalion

SEC. 15. There shall be paid to the Quartermaster of each Appropriation battalion of State troops, out of any money in the State Treas. Headquarters. ury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of twenty-five dollars annually to defray the expenses of battalion headquarters. The Quartermaster must render an account of his disbursements quarterly to his commanding officer and annually to the Adjutant-General.

SEC. 16. The Governor is hereby authorized and empowered Camps of Into establish annually a camp for the instruction of the State struction. troops and may procure suitable tents, camp equipage and utensils for the accommodation and use of the troops, which shall be paid for out of any money in the State Treasury not otherwise appropriated, and may order into said camp, to be kept therein for such period of time as he may deem expedient, not exceeding ten days, any company, battery or battalion, and shall designate the officer to command such camp.

powers of.

SEC. 17. The Governor may order courts-martial for the trial Courts-martial, of officers and men of the State troops on proper charges and specifications, the proceedings of which shall be as provided under section eight of this act, conforming to the regulations, articles of war and practice for the government of the army of the United States, as near as may be; and such courts-martial shall have power to impose fines not exceeding fifty dollars nda to sentence to be dishonorably dismissed from the service, either or both. The president of a court-martial may issue subpoenas and enforce the attendance of witnesses and punish a refusal to be sworn or to answer, as provided in civil action. SEC. 18. Commanders of companies or batteries may appoint Courts of discourts of discipline under rules and regulations prescribed un- of.

cipline, powers


der section eight of this act, for the trial of members of their respective organizations, for breaches of discipline and violations of the laws of such organization. Courts of discipline shall have power to impose fines not exceeding ten dollars for the same offence. If any member of the State troops Penalty for fai shall fail or refuse to attend any drill or parade of his

ure to attend drill.

Duties of Sheriffs as to fines.

Fines, to whom paid.


Adjutant-General to make inspections and report thein.

Disposition of property on dis

bandment of company.

command which has been prescribed or ordered by proper
authority, the commanding officer may have him arrested and
brought to the rendezvous, and he may also be punished as
may be prescribed for non-attendance.

SEC. 19. When fines are not paid within ten days after the
sentence is approved by the reviewing officer, it shall be the
duty of the reviewing officer to issue his warrant, directed to
the Sheriff of any county of this State, commanding him to ar
rest the delinquent and keep him in custody until the fine is
paid or the delinquent has been kept in custody one day for
each dollar of the fine. It shall be the duty of the Sheriff re-
ceiving such warrant to execute it promptly, and make prompt
return of how he has executed the same to the officer from
whom it issued.

SEC. 20. All fines imposed upon a member of any company or battery shall be paid to such organization, and all fines imposed upon any other member of the State Troops shall be paid to the Quartermaster of the battalion to which he is attached. SEC. 21. Commanders of battalions of State Troops may enlist a band, to consist of not exceeding sixteen musicians, to be borne on the muster roll of the field, staff and band, to constitute a part of the Florida State Troops, and to be subject to the duties as prescribed under section 8 of this act, and entitled to the same exemptions as other members.

SEC. 22. The Adjutant-General shall inspect the troops at each encampment, and shall report to the Governor in writing on their drill, discipline, the condition of their arms and accoutrements, and whether any company or battery has not present the minimum number of enlisted men, properly uniformed and equipped. If any company or battery is reported deficient at two successive encampments, or if at any time the active members of any company or battery shall become reduced in num. bers below the minimum fixed by this act, such company or battery shall be disbanded by the Governor.

SEC. 23. Upon the disbandment of any company or battery, the commissioned officers of such company or battery shall be responsible for the safe return to the Adjutant-General of all public property in possession of such company or battery, and all property, money and effects of such company, after paying its lawful debts, shall escheat to the State.


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