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Council to

equalize as

tinue such review from day to day for one week, or so long as may be nec ssary for that purpose.

SEC. 6. The City Council of the said city of Orlando shall, on the second Monday in September in each year, meet at the sessments, &c. Council Chamber for the purpose of equalizing the assessment of the real estate of said city, and to hear all persons who may be aggrieved by such assessment, and may change the value of any real estate; Provided, That should the said City Council increase any value fixed by the Assessor, they shall cause ten days' notice to be given to the owner, or agent of the owner, of said real estate of such increase, and the said City Council shall meet on the fourth Monday in September in each year to hear the said parties should they offer any objection to such increase.

Council to fix amount of levy.

When and for what purpose


SEC. 7. The City Council of the said city of Orlando shall, at their meeting to be held on the second Monday in September, or as soon thereafter as practicable, ascertain and determine the amount of money to be raised by tax for city purposes, which shall not be more than ten mills on the dollar on the real and personal property in the city of Orlando.

The City Council may levy an additional tax of not more than two and one-half mills for city school purposes; not more additional levy [than] one mill for building purposes; not more than five mills for waterworks and fire protection, and not more than one and one-half mills for street and park improvement; Provided, That before levying any of the additional taxes herein provided, the City Council shall give thirty days' notice by publication once a week in some newspaper published in said city of their intention to levy the same, and it shall require a two-thirds vote of the City Council to make such levy.

to be assessed.

SEC. 8. It shall be the duty of the said Assessor, immediately How property after the assessment of the property of the city has been corrected and the amounts to be raised for the various purposes herein before mentioned have been determined, to calculate and carry out the several amounts of such taxes in separate columns prepared for that purpose in the assessment roll, setting opposite to the several sums set down as the valuation of real and personal estate the respective sums assessed as taxes thereon in dollars and cents, rejecting all fractional parts of a cent. He shall also add up all the columns of assessment and taxes contained in the assessment roll, and make thereon of Assessment such recapitulatory tables as may be required by the said City Council, and the said Assessor shall make out a copy of said assessment roll when thus completed, and shall annex to the original and copy the following affidavit, to wit:

To make copy



Orange County, SS.


Personally appeared before me, A. B., Assessor of Taxes for


the city of Orlando, who, being duly sworn, says the foregoing Affidavit of Asassessment roll contains a true statement and description of sessor.

all personal and real property in the city of Orlando subject to taxation or liable to be assessed therein, and that the valuations thereof, so far as were made by him, were just and


Sworn to and subscribed before me this 18—.

day of

And shall have the same complete by the fourth Monday

in September in each and every year, or as soon thereafter as Council to compracticable, at which time the said City Council shall examine pare rolls. the original and the copy, and if found to be correct, shall so certify upon each of the books, which certificate shall be signed by at least a majority of the members of the said City Council; and the Assessor shall then deliver the copy of said assessment to the City Clerk, and shall deliver the original to the Tax Collector of said city, after attaching to it the following warrant :

The State of Florida, to

the City of Orlando:

Tax Collector of

You are hereby commanded to collect from each of the persons and corporations named in the annexed roll, and of the Warrant of Asowners of the real estate described therein, the taxes set down sessor.

in each roll opposite their names, and to the several parcels of
land therein described; and in case any person or corporation
upon whom any such tax is imposed shall refuse or neglect to
pay the same, you are to collect the same by levy and sale of
the goods and chattels, lands and tenements, so assessed, or
of the persons or corporations so taxed; and all sums col-
lected you are to pay to the City Treasurer at such times as
may be required by the ordinances of said city; and you are
further required to make all collections on or before the first
Monday in February next, on which day you will make a final
report to and settlement with said City Treasurer.
Given under my hand and seal this - day of.


Tax Assessor of the City of Orlando.

SEC. 9. The City Assessor shall be entitled to receive the Compensation same compensation for his services as is now provided by law of Assessor. for the State and County Assessor.


City tax sales.


Issuance of bonds authorized.

Amount of

sued to be de

termined by

SEC. 10. All sales for taxes made for the non-payment of taxes in the city of Orlando shall be made in the same manner and shall be of the same force and [effect] as sales made under the general revenue laws of the State of Florida.

SEC. 11. That all laws or parts of laws in conflict with this act are hereby repealed so far as they effect the city of Orlando.

Became a law without the signature of the Governor.

CHAPTER 3787-[No. 107.]

AN ACT to Authorize the Town of Live Oak, in Suwannee County, to raise Money to Secure Water Works and Fire Protection.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida :

SECTION 1. That the Mayor and Council of the town of Live Oak, in Suwannee county, be and they are hereby authorized to execute and issue the honds of said town for the purpose of raising money to be used in constructing water works and in supplying said town with water and protecting the same from fire.

SEC. 2. Be it enacted, That said Mayor and Council shall first determine, by resolution to be entered in their records, bonds to be is what amount of bonds is required for such purpose, the rate of interest to be paid thereon, and the times when the principal and interest of such bonds shall be due, and when payable; and shall publish said resolution in a newspaper published in the town of Live Oak once in each week for four weeks consecutively.

resolution and published.

Election for

SEC. 3. Be it enacted, That after determining the amount of bonds proposed to be issued, the said Mayor and Council bonds ordered. shall appoint a day for holding an election, not less than four weeks' notice of which shall be published in the manner prescribed in the preceding section, at which the question shall be submitted to the legal voters residing within the corporate limits of Live Oak, whether such bonds shall be executed and issued; and the form of the ballots for such election shall be How conducted. "For bonds" or "Against bonds." Such election shall be held at the court house in said town, and the said Mayor and Council shall appoint the Inspectors and Clerk to open and hold said election, and the same shall be opened, held, conducted, and the result determined and declared as are elections now held and determined by law; that the returns of said election shall be canvassed by the Mayor and Council of said town within the time now prescribed by law in General

Elections, and shall be duly recorded in the records of the corporation of Live Oak.



SEC. 4. Be it enacted, That if it shall appear by the returns of said election that a majority of the votes cast at said elec- Proccedings aftion shall be "For bonds," then the said Mayor and Council ter election is of Live Oak shall be authorized and required to issue such bonds as may be necessary for the purposes specified in [their] resolution as published, and not exceeding the amount therein named; but if a majority of the votes cast shall have been 66 Against bonds," no bonds shall be executed or issued.

SEC. 5. Be it enacted, In case the issuing of bonds shall be authorized by the result of said election, the Mayor of said town shall cause notice to be given by publication in a news paper published in Live Oak that he will receive bids for the purchase of said bonds at the Mayor's office on or before the expiration of thirty days from the first publication of such notice. The notice shall specify the amount of bonds offered for sale, the rate of interest and the time when the principal and installments of interest shall be due and [where] payable. And all bids may be rejected if the said Mayor, with advice of said Council, if he shall deem it for the interest of said town of Live Oak so to do. And the Mayor may cause a new notice to be given in like manner inviting other bids for said bonds; Provided, Said bonds shall not be sold at less than ninety-five cents upon the dollar.

be had if bonds
Proceedings to
are ordered.

chase of bonds

SEC. 6. Be it enacted, That the Mayor and Council of said town of Live Oak may require of each and all bidders for said Bidders for purbonds that they give security by bond, with approved security, required to give payable to the Mayor of Live Oak and to his successors in security. office, that the bidder will comply with the terms of the bid; and said bidder whose bid shall be accepted shall, with his sureties, be liable to the town of Live Oak for all damages on account of the non-performance of the terms of his bid.

sales of bonds.

SEC. 7. Be it enacted, That the proceeds of all bonds sold for money shall be paid to the Treasurer of the town of Live Proceeds of Oak, to be disbursed by order of the Mayor and Council for the purposes for which said bonds were executed, issued and sold, and for no other purpose whatever.

interest on

SEC. 8. Be it enacted, That when any of said bonds are sold in pursuance of this act it shall be the duty of the Mayor and Taxes to pay Council of said town of Live Oak to levy annually upon the bonds. taxable property within the limits of the corporation of said town sufficient to pay the interest on said bonds, and also a sum sufficient to meet the amount required as a sinking fund to liquidate and retire said bonds as they mature; which sinking fund shall be provided for by resolution of Mayor and Council of said town and made matter of record.

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Trustees authorized to bring sait to recover lands unreclaimed, &c

To make compromises, &c.

Law to take effect at once.

SEC. 9. Be it enacted, That all laws and parts of laws heretofore passed in conflict with this act are hereby repealed.

Became a law without the signature of the Governor.

CHAPTER 3788-[No. 108.]

AN ACT to Amend Section (5) Five of An Act Authorizing the Governor to Appoint a Committee to Investigate and Ascertain what Quantity of Land and the Number of Acres the Atlantic and Gulf Canal and Okeechobee Land Company has Reclaimed for the State and other pur poses, approved February 16th, 1885.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That section (5) five of " An act entitled an act authorizing the Governor to appoint a Committee to investigate and ascertain what quantity of land and the number of acres the Atlantic and Gulf Canal and Okeechobee Land Company has reclaimed for the State and for other purposes," approved February 16th, 1885, be amended so as to read as follows: If from the report of the committee it is found that the Trustees of the Internal Improvement Fund have conveyed to the said Atlantic and Gulf Coast Canal and Okeechobee Land Company, or to any [person] on its account, lands that they have not earned or reclaimed, that the said Trustees be authorized and fully empowered to take such steps as they may deem necessary to recover such lands or any portion thereof; Provided, An amicable adjustment of all differences relating thereto cannot be had otherwise between said Company and said Trustees, and said Trustees are hereby fully authorized and empowered to make any such settlement, arrangement, contract or compromise in reference thereto, either with or without suit, as they may deem best to secure and protect the interest of the State and the Fund as well as the prompt and vigorous prosecution of the work of drainage and reclamation.

SEC. 2. This act shall take effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.

Approved June 2, 1887.

CHAPTER 3789-[No. 109.]

AN ACT to Legalize the Change of the Gauge of the Track of the South
Florida Railroad Company and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That the action of the South Florida Railroad gauge legalized. Company, a corporation organized and existing under the laws

Change of

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