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SEC. 3. That he shall be Assessor of Taxes for the city, and shall keep the minutes of all official acts of the City Council; make a record of all ordinances; act as auditor of accounts, To be Assessor and perform such other duties as the City Council may re-itor, &c. quire.

SEC. 4. That he shall give bond for the faithful performance

of taxes, aud

of his official acts in such sum and in such manner as the To give bond. Mayor and City Council shall prescribe. He may appoint, in writing, one or more deputies, for whose official acts he and Deputies. his sureties shall be responsible.


liable for taxes.

SECTION 1. That all property which is subject to State taxes shall be assessed and listed for taxation for the entire city What property without reference to wards. The assessment of taxes shall be made by the City Assessor under the laws by which such How assessed. property is assessed for State and county purposes. Privi

leges may be licensed and taxed by the city as may [be] by or- Privileges may dinance from time to time provided. Said municipality shall be taxed. not exempt any property from taxation which shall not be exempt from taxation by the State.


SEC. 2. That said corporation shall have no power to levy in any year for ordinary corporation purposes a higher rate of Limit of taxatax than 1 per cent. of the assessed value of the taxable property within its limits, and the word "ordinary" is to embrace all expenses for police, street, gas and other illuminating material, and all other purposes strictly municipal, excluding the special tax for water works and fire protection, which may be levied according to the provisions of Chapter 3605, of the Laws of Florida, and excluding interest on debt and tax for sinking fund and a tax to pay any judgment against the city or levied in obedience to any mandamus, for which an additional levy may be made.

sessments, &c.,

SEC. 3. That the City Council shall provide by ordinance for the correction of erroneous assessments, for assessments of Erroneous asproperty omitted by the Assessor, for defects in assessment, how corrected. for the reduction of assessments, and for the increase thereof to equalize assessments.

taxes, how en

SEC. 4. That collectors of taxes on all property and privileges shall have power to issue distress warrants and alias and Collection of pluries distress warrants in the name of the city to enforce forced, &c. collections, and the same may be executed by the City Marshal, or any Constable, or Sheriff. All taxes and assessments shall be a lien on the property assessed until the same shall be paid or the property be sold therefor. Such lien, if on real estate, may, after return of nulla bona on a distress warrant, be enforced as other liens. All unpaid taxes and assessments


Proviso as to collection of taxes.

to be covered

into city treasury.

may be collected by suits in courts of law or equity. The cost of all suits and proceedings for the collection of unpaid taxes and assessments, including a reasonable attorney's fee, shall be recovered by such suits.

SEC. 5. That nothing in the foregoing [section] shall be construed so as to prevent Collectors from making sales of realty for unpaid taxes or assessments in the manner now provided, or which may hereafter be provided by general law, for the collection of taxes by incorporate cities and towns.


SECTION 1. That no salaried officer or employee of said city Fees and costs shall retain any fees or costs for any service he may perform, nor shall he receive any compensation other than the salary fixed by law; and all such fees and costs shall be received by such salaried officers and employees for and on account of the city, and shall be paid to the City Treasurer under such regu. lations as the City Council may prescribe.

Ordinances to be published.


how attested and proved.

SEC. 2. That all ordinances passed by the City Council, before they shall have the effect of laws, shall be published or posted within the aforesaid corporate limits in a manner and for the time to be prescribed by ordinance.

SEC. 3. That all ordinances, resolutions and proceedings of the City Council may be proved by the seal of the corporation, attested by the City Clerk, and when printed and published by the authority of the corporation, and the same shall be reTo be evidence. ceived in evidence in all courts and places without further proof.


remain a now

SEC. 4. That this act shall take effeot from and after its When to go into passage, but the present Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer and Marshal of this said town of DeLand shall hold their respective offices until their several successors are elected and qualified, and the City officials to present Town Council of the said town shall hold their offices constituted un- until the first election of officers as provided in this act; and til first election. all of said present officers of said town are hereby vested with all of the powers and privileges granted and conferred upon their respective offices by this act; and all ordinances and laws now in force in said town of DeLand, and which are not incon sistent with the provisions of this act, or with the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida, shall be and remain in full force and virtue until repealed by the said Town Council until repealed. or their successors.

Present city or dinances to re

main in force

Approved June 8, 1887.


CHAPTER 3782-[No. 102.]

AN ACT to Amend An Act entitled "An Act to Fix the Boundary Lines of the Town of Bartow, and to Legalize the Town Government of the same, and to Provide for Contracting or Extending the Limits of said Town."

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

town of Bartow.

SECTION 1. That the boundary lines of the town of Bartow, in Polk county, in this State, shall be as follows: Beginning Boundaries of at the point where the line dividing sections five (5) and six (6) in township thirty (30), south, of range twenty-five (25), east, intersects the McKinney Branch on the north side of the said town of Bartow, running thence east one (1) mile and fourteen (14) chains to a stake; thence south two (2) miles to a stake; thence west two (2) miles and fourteen (14) chains to a stake; thence north to the south bank of the said McKinney Branch; thence with the south bank of said McKinney Branch to the starting point.

ment declared

SEC. 2. That the government of the said town of Bartow, in Polk county, State of Florida, be and the same is hereby de Town governclared to be legal and valid, and all the ordinances passed by valid. the said town government, and all the official acts of the said town government, are hereby legalized and declared valid, unless the same shall be found to be in conflict with the Constitution or laws of this State.


SEC. 3. That the territorial limits of the said town of Bartow may be extended or contracted in the manner provided for such Limia may be extension or contraction under the general laws of the State of contracted. Florida.

SEC. 4. That this act shall be operative from the date of its When to go signature [by] the Governor, or from the date that it may other into effect. wise become a law without his signature.

Approved June 2, 1887.

CHAPTER 3783-[No. 103.]

AN ACT to Legalize the Incorporation of the Town of Rockledge, in the County of Brevard, and Declare the Incorporation of Rockledge Valid and of Full Force and Effect.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida: SECTION 1. That all the acts done and performed in the organization and incorporatiou of the town of Rockledge, in the Incorporation county of Brevard, are declared to be legal and valid in law and equity, and to be considered valid and binding by the laws of the State of Florida.

Became a law without the signature of the Governor.

declared legal

and valid.


CHAPTER 3784-[No. 104.]

AN ACT to Legalize the Incorporation of the Town of Titusville in the County of Brevard and to declare the Incorporation of Titusville Valid and of Full Force and Effect.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That all the acts done and performed in the orIncorporation ganization and incorporation of the town of Titusville in the declared legal county of Brevard are declared to be legal and valid in and valid. law and equity and to be considered valid and binding by the laws of the State of Florida.


of Eustis de

Became a law without the signature of the Governor.

CHAPTER 3785-[No. 105.]

AN ACT Declaring the Town of Eustis in the County of Orange to be a
Legally Incorporated Town.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida :

SECTION 1. That the town of Eustis in the county of Orange, incorporated under the general law for incorporating towns in clared legal and this State, is hereby declared to be, in all respects, a legally incorporated town, with all the powers incident thereto under the laws of this State.


Acts of city officials declared valid.


to be elected.

SEC. 2. That all ordinances heretofore passed, and all acts and deeds heretofore done by and through the Mayor, Town Council, Tax Assessor and Collector, or other officer of said town, not in conflict with the laws of this State, are hereby declared to be legal and valid.

SEC. 3. That all laws and parts of laws in conflict with this act be and the same are hereby repealed.

Became a law without the signature of the Governor.

CHAPTER 3786-[No. 106.]

AN ACT to Enable the City of Orlando to Levy Certain Taxes, and Providing for a more complete Assessment of the Property in said City.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That the city of Orlando, in the county of Orange, be and it is hereby empowered to elect a Tax Assessor at each annual election in said city, whose duty it shall be, between the first day of May and the first day of September


in each year, to ascertain by diligent inquiry all taxable per-
sonal property and all taxable real estate in the said city of
Orlando, and the names of the persons owning the same, on Duties.
the first day of May in each and every year, and to make out
an assessment roll of all such taxable property. He shall
visit and inspect all real estate and affix a valuation thereon,
and shall require the owners of personal property to return
and value the same under oath, which oath the Assessor is
hereby authorized to administer, and any person refusing to
make such oath shall not be permitted afterwards to reduce
the valuation made by such Assessor of his personal property
for that year.

SEC. 2. The said Assessor shall set down in the assessment Manner of assessing city roll, in separate columns, according to the best information he property. can obtain

1st. A description of each tract or parcel of land, specifying under appropriate heads the numbers of the lot, block and addition or subdivision of the said city, in which the land lies, according to the plats on file in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Orange county, and in case the land is not platted, then by subdivisions of the United States survey, or the fractional parts thereof, and the value of each and every lot separately.

2d. The number of neat and stock cattle and the number of horses and mules.

3d. The value of all household and kitchen furniture, books, watches, silverware, moneys in possession or at interest, capital invested in trade, including notes, accounts and mortgages. 4th. The full cash value of all the taxable personal property owned by or to be taxed to such persons as provided by this


SEC. 3. All personal property liable to taxation in the city of Orlando, as provided by this act, which shall not have been Personal propspecified under oath as aforesaid, shall be estimated by the erty liable to Assessor at its true cash value, according to his best judgment and information.

SEC. 4. All real estate in said city of Orlando, the owner or owners of which the Assessor, after proper effort, fails to ascertain, shall be assessed as unknown by proper description as aforesaid.


when real

property to be assessed as un


SEC. 5. It shall be the duty of such Assessor to complete the Council to reassessment roll on or before the first Monday in September in view assesseach and every year, and on said day the said Assessor shall ments. meet with the City Council of the said city of Orlando at the Council Chamber for the purpose of reviewing the said assessment roll, and the said Assessor and City Council may con

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