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Sewers and drains.

County Commissioners to divide town into wards.

County Judge to regulate and

street, fire, gas, water, police, contingencies, etc., the subject of the city expenditure, and the estimated amount run out in figures, of the possible expenditures for each purpose. This estimate as soon as can be shall be published in one of the newspapers of the city.

SEC. 18. The City Council shall have power, by ordinance, to provide for the construc ion of sewers and drains, and for keeping them in repair, and to assess the expenses upon the property which shall be especially benefitted by the improvement, in proportion to the amount of such benefit, or upon the abutters in proportion to frontage, or upon all lands drained thereby and receive a benefit. The reasonable cost of construction and repairs shall be equally assessed against said property, and shall be a lien thereon and enforced by suit in any court having jurisdiction.

SEC. 19. The County Commissioners of the county of Nas sau, at their first meeting after this act becomes operative, shall divide the territory of said corporation into not less than four wards, from which the members of the first City Council shall be elected; and shall at the same time define by metes and bounds the boundaries of such wards, and appoint voting places in each of said wards, and provide for holding an election therein within thirty days thereafter.

SEC. 20. At the first election after the passage of this act the County Judge of said county shall appoint the Inspectors canvass returns and canvass the returns, and declare the result and furnish of first election. certificates to those elected, who shall qualify before such Judge within five days after the election.

General election, how applicable.


Council to regulate elections

by ordinance.

Powers and du

SEC. 21. The general provisions of law governing elections held in this State are made applicable to all elections under this act.

SEC. 22. Every person entitled to vote for members for the General Assembly who shall have had a permanent residence in the city for six months, and in the ward in which he offers to vote for sixty days next and preceding the day of election, shall be entitled to vote, but only in the ward in which he resides. In case of the removal of a voter to another ward within ninety days next preceding an election, he may vote in the ward from which he removed.

SEC. 23. After the first election and organization as above provided, the City Council may prescribe such rules and regu lations for the government of elections by ordinance as they may deem necessary, not inconsistent with the provisions of laws governing State elections.

SEC. 24. The Mayor shall have jurisdiction for the trial of ties of Mayor. all offences against the city ordinances; to see that the ordinances of the city are faithfully executed; to have power by

his warrant to have brought before him any person or persons charged with a violation of a city ordinance; to require the attendance of witnesses for the city and defendants; to administer oaths; take affidavits; to inquire into the truth or falsity of all charges; to decide upon the guilt or innocence of the accused and fix by his sentence the penalty, and see that the same shall be enforced as by law or ordinance may be prescribed; to pardon and release persons convicted by him, and to have and exercise all the powers incidental and usual for the due enforcement of his jurisdiction. He shall keep a record and minutes of his official acts, and may require the City Clerk to make and preserve this record upon his minutes. When in his opinion the public good requires, he may appoint and discharge special policemen and detectives.


SEC. 25. The Clerk shall keep the minutes of all official acts of the City Council, make a record of all ordinances, act as Clerk, duties of. auditor of accounts, and do all other services pertaining to such offices, and such others as the City Council may require; and he shall give one or more bonds for his official acts, as may be required by order or ordinance of the City Council, with sufficient security, to be approved by the Mayor. The Clerk may appoint in writing one or more deputies, for whose

official acts he and securities shall be responsible. The City To be Assessor Clerk shall be elected by the Council, and shall be the Asses- of Taxes. sor of City Taxes.


SEC. 26. There shall be a Collector of Revenue elected annually by the registered voters of said city. His compensation Collector of shall be fixed by the City Council, and shall not be changed during his term of office. He shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties in such manner as the City Council shall prescribe.

There shall be a Treasurer, who shall be elected annually by

the registered voters of said city. His salary shall be fixed Treasurer. by the City Council, and shall not be changed during his term

of office. He shall give bond for the faithful performance of his duties in such sum and in such manner as the City Council

shall prescribe.

SEC. 27. All officers elected or appointed by the city shall Officers to give give such bonds under such penalties, terms and conditions as bonds. may be provided by ordinance.


SEC. 28. The City Council shall have exclusive power to appoint, organize and remove the members of the regular police Powers of force, and to fix the number and compensation. The Council Council over shall have power to pass such ordinances and

to prescribe



property for Taxation.

rules and regulations for the government of the police force of the city as may not be inconsistent with the laws of the State. SEC. 29. All property which is subject to State taxes shall Assessment of be assessed and listed for taxation, alphabetically, for the entire city without reference to wards. The assessment of taxes shall be made by the City Assessor, under the laws by which such property is assessed for State and county purposes. Privileges may Privileges may be licensed and taxed by city ordinances. Collector of taxes on property and privileges shall have power to issue distress warrants and alias and pluries distress warrants in the name of the city to enforce the collections; the same may be executed by the City Marshal or other lawful officer.

be taxed.

Ordinances to

correct errors in taxation.

Proceedings to collect unpaid taxes.

To appoint all necessary officials.

Пlow elected.


Mayor and

council not eligible.

Ordinances of former city to

SEC. 30. The City Council shall provide by ordinance for the correction of erroneous assessments, [and] one for assessment of property omitted by the Assessor, and for defects in the assessment.

SEC. 31. Collection of taxes, or officers charged with collection of revenue, when not otherwise provided herein, shall proceed substantially in the same manner in collection of revenue or taxes, and in the sale of land for non-payment of taxes, as the Collector of Revenue for the State.

SEC. 32. The City Council shall have power to provide for the appointment of such other agents or employees as may from time to time be necessary for the public service of the city not inconsistent with the provisions of this act.


SEC. 33. There shall be a Board of Public Works, composed of three members, who shall be freeholders and electors in said city. They shall be elected by the City Council, to serve for a term of three years, and until their successors shall be qualified, whose powers and duties shall be prescribed by ordinance of said city; Provided, That at the first election for members of the Board of Public Works there shall be elected one member to serve for one year, one for two years, and one for three years. No person shall be elected a member of this Board that shall not receive a majority of the votes of the entire Council.

The Mayor shall not be eligible for membership in said Board of Public Works, nor shall any Councilman or other city officers be eligible.

SEC. 34. All ordinances and parts of ordinances in force in the city of Fernandina at the date of the passage of the act enremain in force titled "an act to repeal and abolish the first municipal charter or government of the city of Fernandina," and not inconsistent with the provisions of this act, shall be and remain in

and effect.

force after the reorganization of said city under this act until repealed or modified by the Council.

That upon the reorganization of said city, pursuant to the provisions of this act, all persons having in their possession, custody or control any property, money, records, books or papers whats ever belonging or pertaining to the government of the said city are authorized and required to forthwith surrender the same to the City Council or municipal officers elected and qualified as herein provided; and said city officials are hereby authorized and empowered to enter and take possession of all property, records, books, papers, money or effects belonging to said city or pertaining to the government thereof, and if resisted, to call to their assistance the Sheriff of Nassau county, who shall without delay place them in full possession and control of the same.


Property of furned over to city to be officers of new municipality.

if officers re

And any person or persons who shall refuse to surrender or deliver to the said municipal officers qualified under this act Proceeding had any property, records, books, papers, money or effects belong fuse to deliver ing to said city or pertaining to its government in his or their property. possession or control, or who shall secrete or remove the same, or in any way resist, obstruct or hinder said officials in the performance of their official duties, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction be fined not less than five hundred dollars and imprisoned not less than three months. SEC. 35. This act shall go into effect and become operative When law to immediately upon its approval.

Approved May 31, 1887.

become operative.

CHAPTER 3779-[No. 99.]

AN ACT to Abolish the Corporations of the Towns of Tampa and North Tampa, to Provide a Municipal Government for the City of Tampa and to Define the Boundaries thereof.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That the existing charters of the towns of Tampa Former charand North Tampa, in the county of Hillsborough and State of ters abolished. Florida, be and the same are hereby abolished.

new city.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That all the inhabitants comprehended within the following limits, that is to say: Bounded Boundaries of by a line beginning at a point in Hillsborough Bay, where the section lines dividing sections 29 and 30, and 29 and 32, township 29, south of range 19, east, would intersect if continued into the bay, running thence west and including Depot Key to the southwest corner of section 36, township 29, range 18, thence north along the section line dividing sections 35 and


Mayor and


First council, how elected.

36, to the northwest corner of section 13, in said township and range, thence east along Michigan avenue on the section line dividing sections 12 and 13 to the northeast corner of section 18, township 29, range 19; thence south along the section line dividing sections 17 and 18 to where the South Florida railroad crosses said section line; thence in a southwesterly direction along the track of sail railroad to the section line dividing sections 13 and 24; thence along said section line to the eastern boundary line of the present town of Tampa; thence in a southerly direction along said town line to the line of the Ft. Brooke Military Reservation; thence due east to the section line dividing sections 19 and 25, and thence south on an air line to point of beginning, shall be, and they are hereby constituted, a body corporate and politic under and by the name of the City of Tampa, and by that name may sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, and may purchase and hold real, personal and mixed property, and dispose of the same for the benefit of the said city, and may do all other acts for that purpose as material persons.

SEC. 3. Be it further enacted, That the government of the said city shall be vested in a Mayor and eleven Councilmen, to be called the City Council of Tampa, who shall be legal voters of the said city, two of whom shall be elected from each ward of the said city and the remaining three from the city at large.

SEC. 4. Be it further enacted, That the said city shall be divided into four wards, to be known and designated as the 1st, 24, 3d and 4th wards respectively, which wards shall be laid out and delineated by the City Council first elected under this act, and the said City Council shall have power to alter, change or abolish any or all of said wards as they may deem best. And the City Council first elected under this act shall be elected from the city at large.

SEC. 5. Be it further enacted, That the first election for First election. Mayor and Councilmen under this charter shall be hel in the same manner as elections are now held in the said town of Tampa, on the second Tuesday in July, A. D. 1887, and on the first Tuesday in March of every year thereafter, and the officers so elected shall hold their offices until their successors are elected and qualified.

Annual election.


How removed.

SEC. 6. Be it further enacted, That at the same time and place there shall be elected a Marshal, a City Clerk, a Treasurer, a Tax Assessor and a Tax Collector, who shall be legally registered voters of said city, and who shall hold their offices for the same period as the Mayor and Councilmen, but who shall be subject to removal from office by a two-third vote of the Council upon charges preferred for incompetency or non

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