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until removed by a vote of the registered voters of said county, as provided by the laws of Florida.

SEC. 4. That it shall be the duty of the Board of County Commissioners of said county to hold their first meeting on the first Monday after they shall have been duly qualified, and it shall be their duty to make and perfect all necessary measures for the temporary administration of the county govern


SEC. 5. That upon the application of the proper officials of said county of Citrus, it shall be the duty of the several and respective county officers of Hernando county, upon demand, to turn over and surrender to the said officers of said Citrus County, properly certified copies of all records, dockets, files, suits, letters of administrations, of guardianships, curatorships, and all other papers and records of whatsoever nature or in any way relating to the interests of the citizens of the said county of Citrus, which shall be made of record and duly entered, and filed, in the proper office in said county of Citrus, and the same shall be held as original records of said county, and all suits and proceedings shall be continued and conducted as though they had originated in said Citrus county.

SEC. 6. The said Citrus county shall assume and be liable for so much of the indebtedness of the county of Hernando as may be in proportion to the assessed valuation of the territory so taken from said county of Hernando and formed into said county of Citrus in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and laws of this State, and the said Citrus county shall be entitled to and receive so much of the surplus fund on hand and to be collected from the taxes, fines and other sources at present uncollected, in the same proportion as above provided, at as early a day as may be practicable, to be adjusted by a conference between the County Commissioners of the respective counties.

SEC. 7. The time for holding the Spring Term of the Circuit Court for said Citrus county, shall be on the first Monday in March, and the Fall Term of said Court on the first Monday in October.

SEC. 8. Beginning at the southeast corner of Hernando county and running north on the county line to the line dividing sections 24 and 13, township 23, range 22, east; thence west to the line dividing range 20 and 21; thence south to the line dividing townships 23 and 24; thence west along said line to the Gulf of Mexico; thence along the Gulf coast southerly to the line dividing Hernando and Hillsborough counties; thence east to the place of beginning; that the territory as above described be called and known as the county of Pasco, and it shall form a part of the First Congressional District of the State of Flori

da, and shall belong to the 22d Senatorial District of Florida and shall be included in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Florida. SEC. 9. That the provisions for the government, management and control provided for Citrus county in sections 2, 4, 5, 6 of this act shall apply as fully to the county of Pasco as to the county of Citrus.


Provisions of

sections 2, 4, 5, and 6 to apply

to this county.

SEC. 10. It is provided that section 3 of this act shall apply Temporary to the county of Pasco with the change of Mannfield to Dade county seat. City.

SEC. 11. The time for holding the Spring Term of the Circuit Court for the said county of Pasco shall be on the third Monday of March, and the Fall Term on the first Monday after the fourth Monday in October.

Terms of court.

SEC. 12. All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this act Repeal. be and the same are hereby repealed.

Approved June 2, 1887.

CHAPTER 3773-[No. 93.]

AN ACT to Authorize the Provisional Municipality of Pensacola to
Erect and Mortgage a City Building.

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida:

SECTION 1. That the Provisional Municipality of Pensacola

is hereby authorized to erect a building for a market and for Authorized to erect building city purposes on the public lot formerly occupied as a market- for city purpohouse and city hall and on the lot adjoining it on the east, and ses. to mortgage the said lots and the said building and to pledge May mortgage the rents thereof to secure such portion of the cost of erecting property. the said building as the said Municipality may not be able to pay in cash.

Approved June 7, 1887.

CHAPTER 3774-[No. 94.]

AN ACT to Permit the Provisional Municipality_of Pensacola to Sell Certain of its Public Property and to Quiet the Title to Certain Other of said Property already Sold.

WHEREAS, Certain portions of the public places within the Provisional Municipality of Pensacola have been heretofore sold Preamble. by the city of Pensacola and valuable consideration received by it therefor; and whereas, certain other portions of the public places are not needed for public uses, and it is desirable to sell the same; now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida :

SECTION 1. That the Provisional Municipality of Pensacola


To execute

deeds to prop erty previously sold.

Authorized to sell certain property.

City of Jacksonville estab lished.



be and is hereby authorized to execute deeds of conveyance to the holder of any public property of or in said Municipality to any such property so held, wherever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Board of Commissioners that the city of Pensacola sold the said property and received value therefor from said holder or his grantor, and it shall appear equitable to said Board that such conveyance should be made, due execution and delivery of such deed of conveyance shall vest the title in the grantee therein, his heirs and assigns forever.

SEC. 2. Be it further enacted, That the said Board of Commissioners shall have power to sell to any purchaser any of the public places in, or of, said Municipality which are in the opinion of the said Board unnecessary for streets, alleys, parks, squares or other public uses, and a deed executed and delivered by the said Municipality, after due receipt of the purchase money, shall vest the title in the purchaser and his heirs and assigns forever.

Approved June 2, 1887.

CHAPTER 3775-[No. 95.]

AN ACT to Establish the Municipality of Jacksonville, Provide for its
Government and Prescribe its Jurisdiction and Powers.

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Florida, as follows: That a Municipality to be called the City of Jacksonville is hereby established in Duval county, the territorial boundaries of which shall be as follows:

Beginning on the east side of the channel of the St. Johns river, where the section line between sections five and six, township two south, range twenty seven east, prolonged eastward would intersect said east side of the channel of said river, and running thence due west along the previously decribed line and between sections one and twelve in township two south, range twenty-six east, and between sections two and eleven, and between sections three and ten to the quarter section stake between the said sections three and ten, thence due south one-half mile, thence west one-half mile to the section line between sections nine and ten, thence due south to the St. Johns river, thence east to the east side of the channel of said river, thence down and along the east and south side of said river channel to the place of beginning.

SEC. 2. Said corporation shall have perpetual succession, shall Powers of cor- sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, may purchase, lease, receive and hold property, real and personal, within said city; and may sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the same for the benefit of the city; and may purchase, lease, receive and hold

property, real and personal, beyond the limits of the city, to be used for the burial of the dead; for the erection of waterworks; for the establishment of poor-houses, pest houses, houses of detention and correction; for public parks and promenades, and for any other public purpose that the Mayor and City Council may deem necessary or proper; and may sell, lease or otherwise dispose of such property for the benefit of the city to the same extent as natural persons may. Said city shall have and use a common seal and change it at pleasure.

SEC. 3. The corporate authority of said city shall be vested in a Mayor and City Council, a Board of Public Works, a Comptroller, a Recorder, a Treasurer, and such other officers as may be appointed and elected in pursuance of law.


Officers of city.


SEC. 4. No person shall be eligible to any of said offices who shall not be a citizen of the State of Florida, and who shall not Who eligible to have been a resident of the city for at least two years immediately preceding his election. Should any such officer cease to be a resident of the city, his office shall be thereby vacated.



SECTION 1. The Mayor shall be elected for the term of two years by the qualified electors of the city at large. His com- Mayor, term, pensation shall be one hundred dollars per month, which may be changed by ordinance, but not during his term of office. He shall have power to preserve the peace within the limits of the city and in the public parks and grounds without the ficer. city belonging to the city.

To be peace of

SEC. 2. He shall have power to bid in property for the city at all tax sales and judicial sales and sales under process Powers. at law when the city is a party; direct and control the police force of the city; to make pro tempore appointments to fill vacancies caused by sickness, absence or other disability of any city officer, and to suspend any city officer for misconduct in office or neglect of duty, reporting his actions with his reasons therefor in writing to the next meeting of the City Council for its approval or rejection; but he shall not have the power to fill vacancies in or to susdend members of the Board of Public Works or of the City Council.

He may, whenever in his judgment the good of the city requires it, call special meetings of the City Council, and when To call meetso called he shall state by message the objects for which it shall ings of council. have been convened, and the business of such meeting shall be

restricted to the objects so stated.


He shall have a general supervision and control over all city officers (but not over members of the City Council or members over city of the Board of Public Works), and with the same exception oflicers.


To examine all bills.

Veto power.

Financial statements.

To make recommendations

may at all times examine into the condition of their respective offices, the books, papers and records therein and the manner of conducting their official business, and may call upon any officer, clerk or deputy for information in relation to any matter pertaining to his office.

He shall carefully examine all bills passed, and should any not meet his approbation he shall return the same to the next regular meeting of the City Council with his objections in writ ing. He shall be required to veto only such features in a bill as he may deem objectionable, and may approve the residue of the same bill.

At least once in every three months he shall cause to be presented to the City Council a full and complete statement of the financial condition of the city.

He shall communicate from time to time to the City Council such information and recommend such measures as may in his to city council. judgment tend to the improvement of the finances and to the general interest of the city, and shall report to the City Coun cil all violations or neglect of duty on the part of any city offi cer which may come to his knowledge.

and ordinances

are obeyed.

He shall take care that all the laws and ordinances concernTo see that laws ing the city are duly respected and observed in the city and its property outside the city, and shall perform such other duties as may by ordinances of the City Council be required of him. He shall cause all ordinances passed by the City Council to be published immediately in one of the city newspapers. No ordinance shall take effect until so published.


President of council.

SEC. 3. The Mayor may be impeached by the City Council for misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in office, and, twothirds of the City Council concurring, may be removed. Should charges at any time be preferred against the Mayor the City Council shall proceed without unnecessary delay to investigate and decide them.

SEC. 4. In case of the absence of the Mayor the President, or in his absence the acting President of the Board of Councilmen, shall discharge the duties of the Mayor, and in case the Mayor shall be absent for three days at a time the acting Mayor shall receive the Mayor's salary for the time of his absence, In case the Mayor's office is vacated by his death, resignation, removal, failure to qualify, non-residence or physical disability, or in case of failure to elect a Mayor, the President of the Board of Councilmen, shall discharge the duties of said office until a successor for the unexpired term shall be elected by the people, which election shall be held within thirty days after the happening of a vacancy.

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