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Abel, James F.: Commission on International Impli-
cations of Education, 194-195, no. 10, June; Medical
center of Western Reserve University has developed
rapidly, 184-186, no. 10, June; Seek restoration of
Welsh language in education and daily life, 90-91,
no. 5, Jan.; Toronto meeting of World Federation of
Education Associations, 4-6, no. 1, Sept.
Abelow, Samuel P.: High schools reflect cosmopolitan
character of New York City, 23-25, no. 2, Oct.
Abraham Lincoln a pioneer youth in Indiana a century
ago (Gregg), 116-118, no. 6, Feb.

Accredited secondary schools of the Southern Associa-
tion (Roemer), 47-48, no. 3, Nov.

Accrediting secondary schools of the Middle States
and Maryland (Grizzell), 88, no. 5, Jan.
Activities of first grade motivated by puppet show
(Bennett), 38-39, no. 2, Oct.

Activities of the parent-teachers associations of Michi-
gan (Wilkinson), 136-137, no. 7, Mar
Adair, Cornelia S.: Encourage spiritual and intellec-
tual freedom, page 3 of cover, no. 4, Dec.; Supervision
from the standpoint of the teacher, 137, no. 7, Mar.
Adams, Selden C.: National Education Association
in convention at Seattle, 11, no. 1, Sept.
Admission to professional courses in physical training
(Park, McKinstrey, and La Porte): 35, no. 2, Oct.
Adult education: Buffalo, N. Y., evening manual
training school, 69, no. 4, Dec.; Great Britain, prisons,
51, no. 3, Nov.; legislation to promote in various
States, 37, no. 2, Oct.

Advance in civilization by a primitive people, 130,
no. 7, Mar.

Advocate seven years for elementary studies, 110-111,
no. 6, Feb.

Agricultural colleges: Supported principally by States,
135, no. 7, Mar.

Agricultural education: Costa Rica, 97, no. 5, Jan.
Agricultural schools: Graduates that practice agricul-
ture, 34, no. 2, Oct.

Alabama: Consolidation of schools, 88, no. 5, Jan.;
education of blind, 189, no. 10, June; rural schools,
169, no. 9, May.

Alaska: Education of natives, 130, no. 7, Mar.; 115,
no. 6, Feb.; educational progress of natives, 22, no. 2.
Oct., handling of reindeer meat, 111, no. 6, Feb.;
reindeer meat, 195, no. 10, June; schools inspected by
Greenland teacher, 109, no. 6, Feb.
Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines,
teacher training for natives, 166, no. 9, May.
Alderman, L. R.: "You can do it," the motto of Den-
ver opportunity school, 143-145, 149, 160, no. 8, Apr.
All of nature beckons you (Langvick), page 3 of cover,
no. 10, June.

Alsace and Lorraine: German children treated with
consideration, 93, no. 5, Jan.

America creates favorable impressions upon Chilean
teacher (Bravo), 43, no. 3, Nov.

American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and
Universities: Executives welcome survey, 3, no. 1,

American Education Week, 50, no. 3, Nov.

American Junior Red Cross: Foreign projects of chil
dren's fund, 64-66, no. 4, Dec.


American Junior Red Cross a valuable ally to the
schools, 49, no. 3, Nov.

American pupils are held too long upon rudimentary
subjects, 85-86, no. 5, Jan.

American school, Mexico City: Needs books, 63, no. 4,

American teacher of home economics in New Zealand
(Storms), 157-160, no. 8, Apr.

Americanization work: California Mexicans, 109, no. 6,
Feb.; Pittsburgh, 123, no. 7, Mar.; visits to Wash-
ington, D. C., by foreign-born, 89, no. 5, Jan.
Americans (great): French museums offer busts, 71,
no. 4, Dec.

Americans to teach English in Prague, 57, no. 3, Nov.
Anemio children: Chelsea, Mass., fresh-air room,
132-135, no. 7, Mar.

Antioch College (Yellow Springs, Ohio): -Cooperative
students, 166, no. 9, May.

Arkansas: Book service for isolated sections, 118, no. 6,

Art: Educational aims of Metropolitan Museum of
Art, New York City, 106-109, no. 6, Feb.; examples
in Metropolitan Museum of New York, 81-84, no. 5,
Articulation between junior and senior high schools
(Gaumnitz), 112-114, no. 6, Feb.

Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the
Middle States and Maryland: Program of accredit-
ing secondary schools, 88, no. 5, Jan.
Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the
Southern States: Meeting, Charleston, S. C., 47-48,
no. 3, Nov.; meeting, Jacksonville, Fla., 87, no. 5,
Associations, educational. See Educational associa


Associations, regional: Comparison of standards for
secondary schools, 147-149, no. 8, Apr.
Attendance, school. See School attendance.
Australia: Moral instruction in public schools, 21-22,
no. 2, Oct.

Australian education organized to meet unusual con-
ditions (Smith), 15-16, no. 1, Sept.


Backward children: Cuba, 160, no. 8, Apr.
Baltimore, Md.: Vocational education, negroes, 86,
no. 5, Jan.

Barron, Wis.: Saturday classes for farm boys, 177, no.
9, May.

Barrows, Alice: Meetings of joint committees for the
study of platoon schools, 157, no. 8, Apr.
Belgians have recently developed great interest in
sports (Burdett), 105, no. 6, Feb.

Benner, Thomas E.: University of Porto Rico an in-
strument for inter-American understanding, 44-46,
no. 3, Nov.

Bennett, Josephine: Activities of first grade motivated
by puppet show, 38-39, no. 2, Oct.

Bible teaching: Persian minister objects, 129, no. 7,

Bill to create a department of education and for other
purposes, 98, no. 5, Jan.

Blind, education: Alabama, 189, no. 10, June; increase
of book for, 198, no. 10, June.
"Blue-ribbon" children: Mansfield, Ohio, 195, no. 10,

Boal, Pierre de L.: Another international compact in
education, 140, no. 7, Mar.

Boston conference of kindergarten elementary super-
vision (Davis), 155, no. 8, Apr.

Boston University: Many students self-supporting,
179, no. 9, May.

Bravo, R. S.: America creates favorable impressions
upon Chilean teacher, 43, no. 3, Nov.
Brazil: Summer school for Americans, 86, no. 5, Jan.
Bring the college to the students (Kandel), page 3 of
cover, no. 3, Nov.

Bristow, William H.: Junior high school a factor in
the rural school problem, 167-169, no. 9, May.
British prisoners show marked effect of instruction,
51, no. 3, Nov.

British soldiers: Schools for children, 22, no. 2, Oct.
Brookline, Mass.: Study of money management, 189,
no. 10, June.

Brooks, Ethel: How home economics functions in
the homes of Tulsa, Okla., 197-198, no. 10, June.
Brown, Alma: Conditions in Hawaii create especial
need for home economics, 54-57, no. 3, Nov.
Brown, Ellen McB.: Foreign projects of children's
fund of American Junior Red Cross, 64-66, no. 4,
Dec.; Interschool correspondence promotes inter-
national understanding, 172-175, no. 9, May.
"Browsing day:" Public libraries, 114, no. 6, Feb.
Brunn, John: Story of the Christmas seal drive in
Oak Park High School, 63, no. 4, Dec.

Buffalo, N. Y.: Evening manual training school for
adults, 69, no. 4, Dec.; newspapers used as textbooks,
schools for foreign-speaking men and women, 31,
no. 2, Oct.; probationary teachers, assigned to
"teacher centers," 161-162, no. 9, May.
Buhlig, Mrs. Walter H.: Progress of the parent-
teacher movement in Illinois, 176-177, no. 9, May.
Burdett, William G.: Belgians have recently de-
veloped great interest in sports, 105, no. 6, Feb.
Bureau of Education. See United States Bureau of

Butler, Nicholas M.: Intelligent occupation a part
of the true educational process, page 4 of cover,
no. 6, Feb.


California: Americanization of Mexicans, 109, no. 6,
Feb.; school supplies, purchased through central
county agency, 115, no. 6, Feb.

Camp life: Slippery Rock State Normal School, Penn-
sylvania, 166, no. 9, May.

Canada: Emigration from England, 3, no. 1, Sept.;
music, schools of Kitchener, Province of Ontario, 189,
no. 10, June.

Carleton, A. E.: University College for northeastern
England, 35, no. 2, Oct.

Ceramic arts: Detroit Eastern High School, 67, no. 4,

Character education, page 4 of cover, no. 5, Jan.; legis-
lation, Nebraska, 66, no. 4, Dec.

Chefoo, China: Educational center, 12-14, no. 1, Sept.
Chelsea, Mass.: Fresh-air room for anemic children,
132-135, no. 7, Mar.

Child, George N.: Salt Lake City's revised program is
working out smoothly, 7, no. 1, Sept.

Child health day: Fifth celebration, 123, no. 7, Mar.
Children, anemic. See Anemic children.
Children: Commercial exploitation, 189, no. 10, June.
Chile: Students, soldiers and members of labor organi-
zations, admitted free to opera, 115, no 6, Feb.;
teachers in American universities, 131, no. 7, Mar.
Chilean teachers will study in America (Collier), 49,
no. 3, Nov.

China: Education in Chefoo, 12-14, no. 1, Sept.
Christmas seal drive: Oak Park High School, Ill., 63,
no. 4, Dec.

Citizenship: Education, page 3 of cover, no 6, Feb.
Claiborne, Hamilton C.: Germans turn from military
exercises to organized sports, 52, no. 3, Nov.
Classical High School, Lynn, Mass.: Percentage of
graduates entering higher institutions, 31, no. 2, Oct.
Classical students: Service bureau, 53, no. 3, Nov.
Coaches (athletic): Courses at Ohio State University,
198, no. 10, June.

Coleman, Laurence V.: Schools and museums working
jointly for visual education, 124-126, no 7, Mar.
College students conduct English exercises, 135, no. 7,

Colleges and universities: Ability to swim required for
graduation, 22, no. 2, Oct.; bringing them to students,
page 3 of cover, no. 3, Nov.; unwieldy student
bodies, 61-63, no 4, Dec. See also Universities.
Collier, William M.: Chilean teachers will study in
America, 49, no. 3, Nov.

Columbia University: Lectures on labor, 186, no. 10,

Commercial education, New York City: For girls,
169, no. 9, May.

Commission on International Implications of Educa-
tion (Abel), 194-195, no. 10, June.
Commission on Length of Elementary Education:
Report, 85-86, no. 5, Jan.; work discussed, 110-111,
no. 6, Feb.

Committee on research in secondary education reports
progress (Jessen), 156-157, no. 8, Apr.

Comparison of standards for secondary schools of
regional associations (Grizzell), 147-149, no. 8, Apr.
Comprehensive survey of land-grant colleges is inau-
gurated (Tigert), 72-75, no. 4, Dec.

Concerning some characteristics of our secondary
schools, 31, no. 2, Oct.

Conditions in Hawaii create especial need for home
economics (Brown), 54-57, no. 3, Nov.

Conference on professional training of rural teachers

(Cook), 151-153, no. 8, Apr.

Connecticut: Students allowed transportation to trade
school, 49, no. 3, Nov.

Consolidation of schools: Alabama, 88, no. 5, Jan.;
Wyoming, 97, no. 5, Jan.

Cook, Katherine M.: Conference on professional
training of rural teachers, 151-153, no. 8, Apr.;
Eventful meeting of Department of Superintendence
at Boston, 141-142, no. 8, Apr.

Coolidge, Calvin: Dedication of college library, 99,
no. 5, Jan.; Emphasis must be given to development
of moral power, page 4 of cover, no. 2, Oct.; Impor-
tance of education, 22, no. 2, Oct.; The Federal Gov-
ernment and education, 86, no. 5, Jan.; The world
demands accuracy that is well-nigh complete, page 4
of cover, no. 10, June.
Cooperative plan: Georgia School of Technology, 93,
no. 5, Jan.


students: Antioch College, Yellow
Springs, Ohio, 166, no. 9, May.
Cooperative study of English and American secondary
schools (Jones), 181-183, no. 10, June.

Corkran, L. Beatrice: A design project based on the
study of Japanese art, 192-193, no. 10, June.
Correspondence, school. See School correspondence.
Costa Rica: Government school of agriculture, 97,
no. 5, Jan.

Council of State Superintendents: Meeting, Boston,
Mass., 146, no. 8, Apr.

County libraries contribute to intelligence of rural
communities (Lathrop), 163-166, no. 9, May.
Crippled children: Michigan, 199, no. 10, June.
Cuba: Backward children, 160, no. 8, Apr.; kindergarten
development, 128-129, no. 7, Mar.; materials for
radio receiving sets provided for schools, 103, no. 6,

Cultural courses: University of Wisconsin, 195, no. 10,

Curtis, Henry S.: Leadership, equipment, objectives,
and activities determine success, 96-97, no. 5, Jan.;
School grounds bear an important part in the school
program, 200, no. 10, June.

Czechoslovak Junior Red Cross, promotion of health,
95, no. 5, Jan.

Czechoslovakia: Maternity leave of absence for married
women teachers, 162, no. 9, May; musical and theatri-
cal performances for school children, 115, no. 6, Feb.;
secondary schools, admission, 34, no. 2, Óct.; student
excursion, 3, no. 1, Sept. See also Prague.
Czechoslovakian law requires the maintenance of
libraries (Lippert), 129, no. 7, Mar.


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