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The Democratic party has more than an even chance to win in this campaign. On the eve of the struggle, the fatal weaknesses of the Republicans become. more obvious and flagrant.

The issue in this fight is Roosevelt. The Republican party is in the ridiculous position of having to nominate a candidate which it does not want. And in this very circumstance lies the secret of the Democracy's chance to win.

In the face of the fact that he has, during his term as President, been an active and assiduous candidate for reelection, a condition which would of necessity lead him to temper his acts to accord with the calmer judgment of his associates, and proceed in all things with greater consideration and caution, fearing to make an error that would be fatal to his success before the Republican convention-in spite of this circumstance, which should bring out all the conservatism of which he is possessed, the Republican President has alarmed his own party. He has shown himself to be erratic and headstrong and, as the head of this great industrial and peace-loving nation, unreliable and dangerous. And he has given full evidence of this in spite of the restraining influence which has been brought to him by his knowledge that all his official acts would be carefully searched when he should appear before the people for their votes.

Imperious, arbitrary and volcanic, President Roosevelt has in many in

stances personally usurped the whole authority of a representative government. He has ignored the delegates of the people and the Constitution of the United States. Without warrant he has assumed the authority of a dictator in time of war. This he has done when he knew that he would shortly be rigidly held responsible.

What would be the conduct of President Roosevelt unrestrained.

The perilous international complications, the disastrous results of damaging internal policies which this question suggests to the people, has made the Republicans themselves afraid.

I am not mentioning this merely as a weapon to be used by the Democracy in this campaign. It is something that the American people, Republicans and Democrats alike, should ponder well. It is a vital consideration for every citizen of the country.

The fever for personal glory and aggrandizement has led President Roosevelt into acts that have appalled the Senators and Congressmen of his own party. party. He has trifled with the eternal welfare of a nation in order to place himself upon a pedestal of his own making. And this, mind you, under the strongest influences conducive to conservatism. Examine well his official acts, recall the last and the most open usurpation of all, the issuance of pension order 78, ignoring Congress purely to gain personal political ends.


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