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Archbold Crim. Pl. ...... Archbold's Pleading and Evidence in Criminal Cases. 18th

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.. Bail Court Cases, Lowndes and Maxwell. ...Bail Court Reports, Saunders and Cole.

. Browning and Lushington's Admiralty Reports.

.. Brook's New Cases, K. B.

. Buller's Nisi Prius.

.Bosanquet and Puller's Reports, C. P.

.A Treatise on the Law of Mines and Minerals. By William
Bainbridge. 4th edit. by A. Brown. 1878.

.Ball and Beatty's Reports, Chancery, Ireland.
Barnewall and Alderson's Reports, K. B.
Barnewall and Cressweil's Reports, K. B.
...Barnardiston's Reports, K. B.

... Barnardiston's Reports, Chancery.

Beatty's Chancery Reports, Ireland.

.. Beavan's Reports, Rolls Court.

. Bellew's Reports, K. B.

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Bos. & Pul.

Bos. & P. N. R.

Braithwaite's Pr.

Bosanquet and Puller's Reports, C. P.

Bosanquet and Puller's New Reports, C. P.

.The Record and Writ Practice of the Court of Chancery.

By Thomas W. Braithwaite. 1858.

Brice on Ultra Vires......A Treatise on the Doctrine of Ultra Vires. By Seward

Bridg. O.

Bro. Ab....

Bro. C. C.

Bro. P. C.

Brod. & B....

Broom's C. L.

Brice. 2nd edit. 1877.

Orlando Bridgman's Reports, C. P.

. Brooke's Abridgment.

... Brown's Chancery Reports (Eden or Belt).

. Brown's Parliament Cases.

Broderip and Bingham's Reports, C. P.

Commentaries on the Common Law. By Herbert Broom. 4th edit. 1869.

Browne on Divorce ......A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes. By George Browne. 3rd edit. 1876.

Browne's Probate Practice. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Court of Probate in Contentious and non-Contentious Business. By George Browne.


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C. B.

C. B., N. S.

C. & M.

C. M. & R.

C. & P.

C. P. D.

Ca. temp. F.

Ca. temp. Holt

Ca. temp. H.
Ca. t. K...
Ca. t. Talb.

Camp. N. P.
Car. & P.



Ch. D..

Charley's Real P. Acts


.Brownlow and Goldsborough's Reports, C. P.

Buller's Nisi Prius.

.. Bulstrode's Reports, K. B.

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.Bunbury's Reports, Ex.

, Burrow's Reports, K. B.

Burrow's Settlement Cases.

. An Elementary Compendium of the Law of Real Property. By Walter Henry Burton. 7th edit. by Edward Priestly Cooper. 1850.

...A Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Bank Notes, and Cheques. By Sir John B. Byles. 10th edit. by M. B. Byles. 1870.

.Common Bench Reports, or Manning, Granger and Scott's

.Common Bench Reports, New Series.

Crompton and Meeson's Reports, Ex.

Crompton, Meeson and Roscoe's Reports, Ex.

Carrington and Payne's Reports, N. P.

.Law Reports, Common Pleas Division.

Cases in the time of Finch.

Cases in the time of Holt, C. J. K. B.

Cases time Hardwicke, K. B.

Cases time King, Chancery.

Cases time Talbot, Chancery.

Campbell's Reports, Nisi Prius.

Carrington and Payne's Reports, N. P.

....Cary's Reports, Chancery.

Carthew's Reports, K. B.

Law Reports, Chancery Division.

..The Real Property Acts, 1874, 1875 and 1876. By William
Thomas Charley. 3rd edit. 1876.

Chitty on Contracts ......A

Chitty Pr.
Cl. & Fin.

Co. Litt.


Treatise on the Law of Contracts. By Joseph Chitty, jun. 10th edit. by John A. Russell. 1876.

Chitty's Queen's Bench Practice. 12th edit. 1866.

.. Clark and Finnelly Reports, House of Lords.
.Coke's Reports.

The First Part of the Institutes of the Laws of England, or a
Commentary upon Littleton. By Sir Edward Coke. With
the Notes of Francis Hargrave and Charles Butler. 17th
edit, by Charles Butler. 1817.

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Daniell Ch. Pr.

Dart's V. & P.

Davidson's Conv.

[blocks in formation]

The Practice of the High Court of Chancery. By the late
Edmund Robert Daniell. 5th edit. by Leonard Field and
Edward Clennell Dunn. 1871.

........A Treatise on the Law and Practice relating to Vendors and
Purchasers of Real Estate. 5th edit. By J. Henry Dart
and William Barber. 1876.

.......Davidson's Precedents and Forms in Conveyancing, Vol. I. 4th edit. 1874. Vol. II. part 1, 4th edit. 1877; part 2, 3rd edit. 1869. Vol. III. 3rd edit. 1873. Vol. ÎV. 2nd edit. 1864. Vol. V. part 1, 3rd edit. 1876; part 2, 3rd edit. 1878.

Davis on Building Societies.The Law and Practice of Building and Freehold Land Societies. By Henry F. A. Davis. 2nd edit. 1874.

Day's C. L. P. Acts...... The Common Law Procedure Acts and other Statutes relating to the Practice of the Superior Courts of Common Law. By John C. Day. 4th edit. 1872.

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Denison & Scott's Pr.



The Practice and Procedure of the House of Lords in English, Scotch and Irish Appeal Cases. By Charles Marsh Denison and Charles Henderson Scott. 1876.

.Dyer's Reports, K. B.

. Dicken's Reports, Chancery.

Justiniani Digesta [The Digest or Pandects of the Emperor
Justinian], recognovit Theodorus Mommsen. Berlin, 1872.

Dirksen Man. Lat. ......Manuale Latinitatis Fontium Juris Civilis Romanorum, auctore Henrico Edwardo Dirksen. Berolini, 1837. Douglas's Reports, K. B.


Dow & C.

Dow. & L.

Dow. & Ry.

Dow. & R. M. C..............

Dow. & Ry. N. P.

Dr. & Wal.

Dr. & War.


Drew. & Sm.

Durnf. & E.

E. & A.

E. of Cov.

El. B. & E.
El. B. & S.

El. & Bl.
El. & El.




Eq. Ca. Abr.

Eq. Rep.


Ex. D..

..Dow and Clark, House of Lords Cases.

Dowling and Lowndes, Bail Court Reports.
.Dowling and Ryland's K. B. Reports.
.Dowling and Ryland's Magistrates' Cases.
Dowling and Ryland's Nisi Prius.

.Drury and Walsh, Chancery Reports, Ireland.
Drury and Warren, Chancery Reports, Ireland.
.Drewry's Reports, Chancery.

Drewry and Smale's Reports, Chancery.
.Drury's Reports, Chancery, Ireland.

.Durnford and East, or Term Reports, K. B.

Eccles. and Admiralty Reports.
Earl of Coventry's Case.

East's Reports, K. B.

Ellis, Blackburn and Ellis's Reports, Q. B.
Ellis, Best and Smith's Reports, Q. B.

Ellis and Blackburn's Reports, Q. B.
Ellis and Ellis's Reports, Q. B.

Conv.......A_Practical Introduction to Conveyancing. By Howard
Warburton Elphinstone. 1871.

Equity Cases Abridged.

Equity Reports.

Espinasse's Rep. or Digest N. P.

Law Reports, Exchequer Division.

Exch. Rep.

Welsby, Hurlstone and Gordon's Reports.

Fearne's Cont. Rem. ....An Essay on the Learning of Contingent Remainders and

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Gow's N. P. C.....

Greaves' Crim. Acts

Grimm D. R. A.

H. & C.

H. & N.

H. Cox Inst.

H. L. Rep. Cas.

H. & R.

. Goldsborough's Reports, K. B.
.Gow's Nisi Prius Cases.

.The Criminal Law Consolidation and Amendment Acts of the 24 & 25 Vict. By Charles Sprengal Greaves, 2nd edit. 1862.

.................Deutsche Rechtsalterthümer von Jacob Grimm. 2nd edit. 1854.

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Hurlstone and Coltman's Reports, Ex. ·

.Hurlstone and Norman's Reports, Ex.

The Institutions of the English Government. By Homersham
Cox. 1863.

........ Clark and Finnelly's House of Lords' Reports, New Series.
Harrison and Rutherford's Reports, C. P.

Haddan's Adm. Jurisd. ..Outlines of the Administrative Jurisdiction of the Court of

Hag. Adm.

Hag. Con.

Hag. Ec..


Hawkius P. C.

Hayes Conv.

Haynes's Equity

Hem. & M.

Hodges on Railways..

Holt N. P.
Holtz. Encyc.

Hov. Suppl.
Hunter's Suit..



J. & W.....
Jac. or Jacob.
Jac. & W.

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