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Klostermann Geist. Eig...Das Geistige Eigenthum an Schriften, Kunstwerken und

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Erfindungen von R. Klostermann. Berlin, 1867.

..Law Journal, Reports in all the Courts.
Law Reports, Admiralty and Ecclesiastical.
.Law Reports, Crown Cases Reserved.
Law Reports, Chancery Appeal Cases.
...Law Reports, Chancery Division.
.Law Reports, Common Pleas Cases.

...Law Reports, Common Pleas Division.

...Law Reports, English and Irish Appeal Cases, House of Lords. Law Reports, Equity Cases.

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Leake's Dig. Prop. ......An Elementary Digest of the Law of Property in Land. By Stephen Martin Leake. 1874.

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Lely & Foulkes' Licens- The Licensing Acts, 1828, 1869 and 1872-74. By J. M. ing Acts

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Lely and W. D. I. Foulkes. 2nd edit. 1874.

..Leonard's Reports, K. B.

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M. & S.

M. & W.

Mac. & G.........

Maule and Selwyn's Reports, K. B.

Meeson and Welsby's Reports, Ex.

. Macnaghten and Gordon's Reports, Chancery.

Macpherson's Privy C. Pr. The Practice of the Judicial Committee of her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council. By William Macpherson. 2nd edit. 1873.

Macq. H. L. Cas.........
Macqueen's Husband and


Madox Bar. Ang.

Madox Exch.

Macqueen's Scotch Appeal Cases.

The Rights and Liabilities of Husband and Wife. By John
Fraser Macqueen. 2nd edit. by Sidney Hastings and John
Davies Davenport. 1872.

.Maddock's Reports, Chancery.

.. Baronia Anglica. An History of Land-Honors and Baronies
and of Tenure in Capite. By Thomas Madox. 1741.
The History and Antiquities of the Exchequer of the Kings
of England. By Thomas Madox. 2nd edit. [quarto]. 1769.

Madox Form. Ang. ...... Formulare Anglicanum, or a Collection of Ancient Charters

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Manning's Law of Nations .Commentaries on the Law of Nations. By William Oke Manning. New edit. by Sheldon Amos. 1875.

.......A Treatise and Discourse of the Lawes of the Forrest. By

Manwood, Forest

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John Manwood. 1598.

.March's Reports, K. B.

..Marshall's Reports, C. P.

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...A Treatise on the Pleadings in Suits in the Court of Chancery by English Bill. By John Mitford [Lord Redesdale]. 4th edit. by George Jeremy. 1827.

.Moore's Reports, K. B.

.. Modern Cases.


Modern Reports, K. B.

Montagu's Reports, Bankruptcy.

Montagu and Bligh's Reports, Bankruptcy.

Montagu and Chitty's Reports, Bankruptcy.
.Moody's Crown Cases.

.Moody and Malkin's Reports, N. P.

...Moore's Privy Council Cases.

.... Moore's Privy Council Cases, New Series.
.Moore's India Appeals.

.Moody and Robinson's Reports, N. P.
J. B. Moore's Reports, C. P.

.Moore and Payne's Reports, C. P.

.. Moore and Scott's Reports, C. P.

. Moore's Common Pleas Reports.

.Moseley's Reports, Chancery.

Mylne and Craig's Reports, Chancery.
Mylne and Keen's Reports.

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Perkins's Prof. Book ....A Profitable Book treating of the Laws of England, principally as they relate to Conveyancing. By John Perkins [originally published in French in 1532]. 15th edit. by R. J. Greening [cited by the sections].

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Phillimore's Eccl. Law.... The Ecclesiastical Law of the Church of England. By Sir

Plow. Com.


Pollock on Contract

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Principles of Contract at Law and in Equity. By Frederick
Pollock. 1876.

Pollock's County Court Pollock's Practice of the County Courts. The 8th edit. by

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Henry Nicol and Arthur Wilson. 1876.

Popham's Reports, K. B.

. Price's Reports, Exchequer.

Peere Williams's Reports, Chancery.

A Treatise on Conveyancing. By Richard Preston. 3rd edit. 3 vols. 1821.

The Jurisdiction, Practice and Procedure of the Quarter Sessions. By Thomas Sirrell Pritchard. 1875.

Adolphus and Ellis, Queen's Bench Reports, New Series.
Law Reports, Queen's Bench Division.

Sir Thomas Raymond's Reports, K. B.

Regulæ Generales [General Rules of Practice under various
Acts of Parliament applying to the Common Law Courts]:
distinguished by the Term and Year in which they were
made; e.g., Reg. Gen. M. T. 1869 = Regulæ Generales of
Michaelmas Term, 1869.

Coke's Reports.

Rep. Comm. on Fees ....Report of Treasury Committee on the various Fees payable on Appointments or for other Services. 14 August, 1867.

Rep. Legal Dep. Comm... First and Second Reports of the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Administrative Departments of the Courts of Justice. 1874.

Robson's Bankruptcy ....A Treatise on the Law of Bankruptcy. By George Young Robson. 2nd edit. 1872.

Rogers' Eccl. Law


Rules of Court


Russ. & M.

Russ. & R.

Russell on Crimes.

A Practical Arrangement of Ecclesiastical Law. By Francis
Newman Rogers. 2nd edit. 1849.

Rose's Reports, Bankruptcy.

Rules of Court contained in the 1st Schedule to the Judicature Act, 1875, as amended by Rules made subsequently at various Dates.

Russell's Reports, Chancery.

Russell and Mylne's Reports, Chancery.

Russell and Ryan's Crown Cases.

.A Treatise on Crimes and Misdemeanors. By Sir W. O.
Russell. 5th edit. by Samuel Prentice. 3 vols. 1877.

Russell's Merc. Agency ..A Treatise on Mercantile Agency. By John A. Russell.

Ry. & M.

2nd edit. 1873.

Ryan and Moody, N. P. Reports.

Saint Bonnet Dict. ......Nouveau Dictionnaire de Droit Français, par M. Saint Bonnet. 2ème tirage. 1872.



Savigny vom Beruf

Savigny Obl....

. Salkeld's Reports, K. B.

..Saunders's Reports, K. B.

...... Vom Beruf unsrer Zeit für Gesetzgebung und Rechtswissenschaft von F. C. von Savigny. 3 edit. 1840.

.Das Obligationenrecht: von F. C. von Savigny. 2 vols. 1851-3.

Savigny on Possession .... Von Savigny's Treatise on Possession.

Savigny Syst.....


Sch. & Lef.

Schmid Ges.


Sco. N. R...

Scriven's Copyhold


Shelford's Probate, Le-
gacy and Succession

Shelford's R. P. Stat.
Shepp. Touch.

lated by Sir Erskine Perry. 1848.

6th edit. Trans

.System des heutigen Römischen Rechts: von F. C. von
Savigny. 8 vols. 1840-9. And Index by Heuser. 1851.
Savile's Reports, C. P.

. Schoale and Lefroy's Reports, Chancery, Ireland.

.. Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen, herausgegeben von Dr. R. Schmidt. 2 edit. 1858. (gl. = glossary.)


Scott's Reports, C. P.

. Scott's New Reports, C. P.

. A Treatise on Copyhold, Customary Freehold and Ancient Demesne Tenure. By John Scriven. 4th edit. By John Stalman. 1846.

. Johannis Seldeni jcti. Opera omnia. 3 vols. 1726.

The Law relating to the Probate, Legacy and Succession
Duties. By Leonard Shelford. 2nd edit.

Shelford's Real Property Statutes. 8th edit. By Thomas
H. Carson. 1874.

Sheppard's Touchstone of Common Assurances. 7th edit.
by Richard Preston. 2 vols. 1820-1.

Shortt on Copyright and (The Law relating to works of Literature and Art; embracing

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Smith on Exec. Int....... An Original View of Executory Interests in Real and Personal Property. By Josiah W. Smith. 1844.

Smith on Fines and Re- A Succinct View of the Operation of Fines and Recoveries. coveries

Smith's L. C.......

By Josiah W. Smith. 1846.

.A Selection of Leading Cases on various Branches of the
Law, with notes. By John William Smith. 7th edit. by
R. H. Collins and R. G. Arbuthnot. 1876.

Smith's Merc. Law ......A Compendium of Mercantile Law. By John William Smith. 7th edit. by George Morley Dowdeswell. 1865.

Smith & Soden's Land- ( A Manual of the Law of Landlord and Tenant. By Horace Smith and Thomas Spooner Soden. Edited by Lewis W. Cave. 1871.

lord & Tenant

Sol. J. ...

Spence's Equity

Stark. N. P.
Steph. Comm.

Solicitors' Journal.

The Equitable Jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery. By
George Spence. 1846-9.

... Starkie's Reports, N. P.

..Mr. Serjeant Stephen's New Commentaries on the Laws of
England. 7th edit. by James Stephen. 1874.

Stephen's Crim. Dig.....A Digest of the Criminal Law (Crimes and Punishments).
By [Sir] James F. Stephen. 1877.

Stephen's Evidence Dig...A Digest of the Law of Evidence. By James Fitzjames Stephen, Q. C. 1876.

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The Indian Evidence Act (I. of 1872), with an Introduction
on the Principles of Judicial Evidence. By James Fitz-
James Stephen, Q.C. 1872.

......A Treatise on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions.
By Henry John Stephen. 5th edit. 1843.
Peace. Stone's Practice of Justices of the Peace.
Thomas Sirrell Pritchard.

Strange's Repors, K. B.


8th edit. by

Sugden on Powers ......A Practical Treatise of Powers. By Edward Sugden (Lord

Swa. Ad.

Sw. & Tr.


T. R.

St. Leonards). 8th edit. 1861.

.Swabey's Admiralty Reports.

Swabey and Tristram's Reports, Probate and Divorce.

.. Swanston's Reports, Chancery.

..Term Reports (Durnford and East), K. B.

Tapping on the Cost Book.The Readwin Prize Essay on the Cost Book. By Thomas

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Thring on Companies ....The Law and Practice of Joint Stock and other Public Com

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Urlin's Office of Trustee ..A Manual of the Law relating to the Office of Trustee.

By R. Denny Urlin. 3rd edit. 1868.

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