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Babies Love


because it is every particle
nourishment, easily digest-
ed and taken into the sys-
tem. It makes them happy
and healthy. The first food
manufactured in America.

WOOLRICH & CO., Palmer, Mass.


hold shoe laces securely

without tying a knot.

Think what they will mean to you: No bother about shoe-strings coming untied in the street; no ends to dangle; no loops to tangle!

PRATT FASTENERS are now recognized as an indispensable structural part of all lace shoes, and it is acknowledged that a lace shoe is unfinished and incomplete without them.


You can buy Shoes with Pratt Fasteners of Cammeyer, at Arnold's, 240 Fifth Avenue, or at Cantrell's, 25 West 23d Street, and at all of Hanan & Son's stores, all Rogers, Peet & Co.'s stores, all of Brill Bros.' stores, at both of A. Alexander's stores, of Edwin C. Burt & Co., 72 West 23d Street, at Hilton, Hughes & Co.'s, of F. O'Neill & Co.'s, and others in NewYork City; of Thayer, McNeil & Hodgkins, in Boston; Swope's in St. Louis; Potter's in Cincinnati ; Kast's in San Francisco; Schumacher Bros'. Milwaukee; of DeMuth, Streeter, Foreman Shoe Co., Elkins, Wiswall, Carson Pirie Scott & Co., Schlesinger & Mayer, Siegel, Cooper & Co., and Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, and of the best retail shoe stores in all the largest cities and towns throughout the country, as the two hundred shoe manufacturing firms now using them are sending shoes finished with them to the retail dealers everywhere.


Because Shoes with

quicker than Shoes without

them. People want them!

Your retail shoe dealer CAN

get them for you without charge


For Men's shoes, for Women's shoes, for Boys' and Girls and Children's shoes. For Bicycle, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Football, and all Outing and Athletic Shoes. *

you ask him. His manufacturers will use them if he asks them to when ordering. They actually hold the lace securely-all day-every day-all the timewithout its slipping or wearing the lace. They are quick! They are sure!

Agents wanted in every city and town in America. Manufacturers and retail

dealers ARE CAUTIONED to specify and identify the Pratt Fastener when ordering, as there is no other shoe-lace fastener that will hold the lace reliably and satisfactorily: always. Terms and full information from


200 Market Street, Chicago.


110 Lincoln Street, Boston.

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By Lydia Avery Coonley

Ye crystal days of August that smile upon the hills,

And send your sunbeams seeking the perfume summer spills!
The blue skies are your banners; the forests wear your shields;
The army of the harvest sets vanguard in your fields.

Warm breezes from the tropics bring waves of throbbing heat;
The locusts' scorching accents the breathless stillness greet;
The brook with gentle murmur the mossy stone enfolds,
And goldenrod has burnished the scepter that he holds.
The clouds in fleecy whiteness lift battlements that rise
To build a heavenly city upon the radiant skies;
And, high above, white mountains its shining towers enclose,
As if the heart of summer remembered winter snows.

Ye crystal nights of August, your shadows on the lawn
Grow deep when herald twilight your mystic shield has drawn;
The aspen cymbals quiver, though wind-harps all are still,
And no æolian whisper is heard upon the hill.

In breathless silence driven across the waiting sky,
A trail of fire for signal the shooting-star worlds fly;
And, while Orion watches their course of rushing light,
They vanish like a vision that thrills the breast of night.
The midnight hour approaches, and all the stars grow pale,
As, rising to the zenith, the moon withdraws her veil.
Night gathers up the jewels in star-fields thickly sown,
And crowns her queen triumphant upon a silver throne.

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OLD LYME, BOXWood School for Girls



GERMANY, BERLIN Kleiststrasse, 25.

Fräulein Lange's school for young ladies offers the best opportunities in languages, music, art, literature, and home culture. Also Normal course. Beautiful and healthful location. Students enter any time. Best American references.


1405 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md.

Elective and college preparatory. Special advantages RANDOLPH-HARRISON

in Art and Music. Separate department for girls under twelve. Mrs. RICHARD SILL GRISWOLD.

The Misses Ely's School for Girls M SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. Daily drill in Miss


85th and 86th Streets, New York

The Misses Graham (Successors to the

Green BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS(established 1816). New location. 176 West 72d Street, Sherman Square, NEW YORK

Teachers NEW YORK, 120TH STREET, WEST-DeCollege and Art-Prepares (a) teachers of cook

partment of Domestic Science

ing and sewing in elementary and secondary grades, (b) directors of domestic science and art in manual training and industrial schools. Candidates must have had at least a full high school course or its equivolent; and college training is desirable. Send for circular and Bulletin." WALTER L. HERVEY, President.

NEW 160

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Windsor, Conn.

Boarding and Day, College Preparatory, and Finishing School. Resident native French and German Teachers. Special advantages also in Music, Art, and Gymnastics. Mrs. JANE RANDOLPH HARRISON RANDALL, Principal.


Mount Doma Home School for Girls
Prepares for college. Send for circular.
Rev. E. C. WINSLOW, A.M., Amherst, Mass.


Amherst, Mass. Reopens September 23d, 1896. Certificate admits to Smith and Wellesley. Miss VRYLING WILDER BUFFUM, A.B., Principal


Mrs. W. F. Stearns's Home School for Young Ladies. Reoper, Sept. 22, 1896.

Miss Katharine L. Maltby's Home and School. XOUNG LADIES' INSTITUTE Won Eastern Teachers' Agency

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POMONA COLLEGE, Claremont, Cal.-Full

courses leading to degrees of B.A., B.L., B.S. Degrees recognized by University of California and other similar graduate schools. Thirty-five miles from Los Angeles. An Academic course. Preparatory school preparing for all institutions connected with the College. Address C. G. BALDWIN, President. Colorado


Mr. F. C. Thornton, a graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, wishes to receive three boys to educate. Every home comfort given under Mrs. Thornton's care. Their home is a large ranch twelve miles from Colorado Springs, where riding and other healthful exercises are provided References, Wm. F. Slocum, Jr.. Pres. Colorado College, Colorado Springs; Prof. T. S. Woolsey, Yale College, Conn. Address F. C. THORNTON, Franceville Junction, Colorado.


Brookfield Center, Fairfield Co., Conn.

A Home School for Girls of all ages. Refers to the Board of Examiners of five colleges as to the thoroughness of its instruction, and to its patrons for the care of the health and morals of its pupils. Terms, $350 to $500. For circulars address Miss J. S. WILLIAMS, Prin.

District of Columbia

National Park Seminary

For Young Women, WASHINGTON, D. C. claims the attention of thoughtful parents on the followgrounds:


Miss E. F. FOSTER, Manager 50 Bromfield St., Boston, Mass.

TELEPHONE, BOSTON, 775-2 Teachers furnished for all grades of public and private schools, Specialists in any desired branches, Tutors and Governesses.

Boston University Law School

New Hall, Ashburton Place,

Its charming location in the suburbs of Washington, Opens Oct. 7.
D. C., 400 feet above the city; 20 minutes out B. & O.
R.R., 20 trains a day; city and country advantages. Sta-
tion on the grounds.

Its proximity to Washington, whose wonderful educa-
tional facilities are offered by no other city. Libraries,

Museums, Departments of Government,, tional

Foreign Legations, official and social life at the
Capital, are all interesting and profitable study.

Its equable climate, free from the rigors of the Northern

Boston, Mass.

18 Newbury St., Boston, Mass.

Miss Frances V. Emerson's

School for Girls College Preparatory, Regular and Advanced Courses.

winter, inviting outdoor life. Tennis, basket-ball, bowl- BRADFORD ACADEMY

ing, croquet, riding, etc.

Its complete equipment. Handsome $75,000 building, 330 feet front,, 400 feet verandas, Libraries, Laboratory, Fine Gymnasium, extensive and picturesque grounds. Courses of study planned especially for the development of womanly women; also College preparation. 25 teachers, 70 resident pupils. Graduate courses in Music, Art, and Elocution.

A bright, cheery, happy, artistic, and loving home. Health a matter of first consideration. Personal care in sickness and in health. Abundant table. Every home comfort. No Nerve-Straining Examinations; promotions depend on daily grades. Training in CharacterBuilding given by a mother who has made it a study. See catalogue, page 35. Limited number enables us to select our students carefully and to supervise habits, manners, associations, etc.

Provision made for pleasure and happiness as well as study. See our calendar of Pleasant Home Happenings. Expense, $350 to $400. Early application necessary-22 States represented last session. Write for catalogue giving views of the school and opinions of enthusiastic patrons. Address

J. A. I. CASSEDY, Pres., P. O. Box 211, Forest Glen, Md.

The Curtis School for Young Boys Chevy Chase French and English Boarding

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and Day School for Young Ladies.-Half an hour from Washington, D. C., by electric cars. French the Language of the house. Reopens October 1, 1896. Address PROSPECT HILL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Mlle. Lea Bouligny, P. O. Station E, Washington, D. C.

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FRANCE, Paris. -St. Margaret's Church Academy and Home for 10 Boys French the language of the household. Autumn term


71st year of Academy, 17th of Home. Preparation for College or Business. Absolutely healthful location and genuine home, with refined surroundings. Gymnasium. References required. J. H. ROOT, Principal.

Woodside Seminary Terms, $500 to

$700. City vantages for culture and study. Rural surroundings. Miss SARA J. SMITH, Principal, Hartford, Conn. THE TACONIC SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Lakeville, Conn.-Opens Sept. 30. Admission to college by certificates. Miss ELIZA HARDY WARD, Principal

School. A French and American School for Girls. opens October 1. Terms, $1,000 a year. Address Miss JULIA H. C. ACLY, 50 Avenue d'Jéna.

A teacher will conduct pupils from New York to Paris in September, Address, until Sept. 1, Miss Mary Davy, care Finch. Van Slyck & Young, St. Paul, Minn.


BERLIN, GERMANY American Home School for Girls Mrs. MARY B. WILLARD, Principal, will spend the month of August in the United States, and will return to Germany with pupils in September. Address 2019 O Street, Washington, D. C.

for Young Ladies. Ten miles from Boston. Music, Art, and Languages. Thorough preparation for College. Miss WHITTEMORE, Principal, Montvale, Mass.



Collegiate courses. Music and Art. Library, Laboratories, Cabinets, and Observatory. The sixtieth year opens Sept. 17th, 1896. Board and tuition, $250. Mrs. E. S. MEAD, President.


An unequaled opportunity for some of our best men and women in the new profession"-lay Sunday-school and Missionary work. The School for Christian Workers, Springfield, Mass., should enter 100 leaders Sept. 2d in order to begin to fill the demand. New: Ladies' Home. recognized practical missionary instructor, decision by trustees to place Institution on highest educational basis and secure as president a leader among college and seminary presidents. Arouse your friends and send for catalog.

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Windsor Hall School

prepares girls for Radcliffe and other colleges. Studies Elective in other courses. Comfortable home. Ten miles from Boston. Dr. CHARLES H. CLARK, Principal, WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS


WILBRAHAM, MASS.-Both Sexes. Nine Courses. Specialists in Classics, Arts, and Music. Enlarged endowment insures superior advantages at moderate expense. 80th year. Opens Sept. 16, 1896. For Catalogue address Rev. WM. R. NEWHALL, Prin.


The Quincy Mansion School for Girls Will open at Quincy, Sept, 23.. Regular Courses; experienced teachers; special attention paid to vocal and instru mental music: certificate admits to college; building class-rooms on first floor; stairs few and easy Beautiful grounds-four acres, view of Boston, the harbor, and Massachusetts Bay; rooms high and light; fireplaces; steam heat: electric lights; open plumbing; 13 min. ride from Boston. Send for prospectus to Dr. HORACE MANN WILLARD, Wollaston, Mass.

Miss Kimball's School for Girls Worcester,

Mass. Thorough preparation for College. Intermediate, Academic, and Special Courses. Send for Illustrated Circular.

HIGHLAND MILITARY ACADEMY, Worcester (The Academic City"), Mass. 41st year. Best preparation for College, Professional or Business Lite. Healthful location. Careful selection and supervision of students: Small Classes.


New Hampshire

Main Building

New Jersey

Riverview Academy


61st year. Gives Boys a thorough preparation for College, for Business Life, and for Govt. schools. Riverview students are found in all colleges and scientific schools. The Instructors, nine of whom are resident, are men of experience in their departments. United States officer detailed at Riverview by Secretary of War. The Buildings of the school are beautifully situated on high ground overlooking the Hudson. Careful attention has been given to drainage, lighting, and ventilation. J. B. BISBEE, A.M.


OME AND SCHOOL FOR THREE BOYS H Under Thirteen Years of Age. Two ladies, one a teacher, would be glad to receive into their home three boys under thirteen years of age, with a view to preparing them for high-school or preparatory studies. A Christian home and careful instruction are promised. The boys would also enjoy many collateral advantages in connection with the Lawrenceville School. Reference is made by permission to the Head Master, Dr. Mackenzie. Address A. F. JAMIESON, Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

New York

THE HUDSON RIVER INSTITUTE A Classical Seminary of high grade for boys and girls. Beautiful and healthful location in the Hudson River Valley, A record of forty-two years of uninterrupted successful educational work. Conservatory of Music, Art, and Elocution. 43d year begins Sept. 16. For catalogues address Rev. A. H. FLACK, A.M., Principal, Claverack, X. Y.


Montclair Military Academy, Future, and sound moral training amid pleasant, health

Montclair, N. J.

There is a point in a boy's life where the home influence must begin to weaken and outside influences to gain. Beyond this the parent influences him indirectly, namely, by selecting his companions and surroundings.

In this school, education means more than the study of books. Moral and

The Phillips Exeter Academy physical excellence, as well, are prime

The 114th year begins September 16th, 1896. Eighty Scholarships awarded to students of high standing. For Catalogue and illustrated Supplement address HARLAN P. AMEN, Principal. Exeter, N. H.


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No boy will be admitted whose record will not bear a careful examination. Our

COLBY ACADEMY, New London, N. H. boys, though by no means perfect, are

$200 to $250 a Year. Co-educational. 44th Year. Send for Catalogue. Rev. GEO. W. GILE, PRESIDENT

[blocks in formation]

SOUTH JERSEY INSTITUTE Bridgeton, 27th year begins Sept. 16. Both sexes. Prepares for any College, Teaching, or Business. French German Art, Music, Gymnasium. Competent Physical Director. Spacious campus and athletic field. Pure water, drainage perfect. H. K. TRASK, Principal.

Bordentown (N. J.) Female College For young ladies and girls. Languages, art, and music. Ideal home school. Send for catalogue.


Bordentown, N. J. Prepares for Colleges and Government Academies. Music; Military Training: Government, a combination of parental and military. No compromise on tobacco. liquor, or hazing. Rev. T. H. LANDON, A.M., Prin. Capt. T. D. LANDON, Com'd't.

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above the average, and are striving to live the clean and honorable life of a true gentleman.


Head Master.

Miss Dana's School for Girls,
Morristown, New Jersey,, will reopen September 23.
Certificate admits to Smith, Wellesley, and Baltimore
Colleges. Music and Art: Resident native French and
German teachers. Nearness to New York affords spe
cial advantages. Boarding pupils, $700.

Miss Townsend's School for Girls

Academic and college preparatory departments. Special courses. Sept. 29. 54 Park Place, Newark, N. J. The Misses Anable's English, French, and German Boarding and Day School NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY College Preparation, Art, and Music. Apply for circulars.

SUMMIT, N. J. Near New York The Kent Place School for Girls Principal, Mrs. Sarah Woodman Paul, late of Wellesley College. Modern methods. College preparation. Home comforts for boarding pupils. HAMILTON W. MABIE, President.

New York


MISS GERRISH'S School for Girls THE BR Montague St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Boarding

Englewood, New Jersey Collegiate and special courses of study.


Young Ladies' Seminary

and Day School for Girls. 46th year opens September

24th. College preparation. Terms, $700. For circulars address the Seminary.


Young Women, affords best for ful surroundings. College preparatory.

A. G. BENEDICT, A.M., Clinton, N. Y.


Granger Place School for Girls A Collegiate Course of Study. Diplomas given. Prepalatory course admits to leading colleges by certificate. Special attention given to the culture of girls who are not expecting to enter college, but desire a thorough and practical education.

New York Military Academy


For boarding cadets only. Distinctively military in organization and discipline. Located on the Hudson River four miles from West Point, in a region famous for its beauty and healthfulness. For catalogue address S. C. JONES, C.E., Superintendent. Fort Edward Collegiate Institute

For young women and girls. A choice of six courses or special studies. 39th year Sept. 22d, 1896. $350. Illustrated catalogue. JOS. E. KING, Pres., Fort Edward, N. Y.



Boys' school, Prepares for College or Scientific School. Cottage dormitories: new gymnasium; ample grounds for sports. Opens Sept. 10th. Send for particulars to F. L. SHEPARDSON, A.M., Principal.

MISS BENNETT'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. Opens Sept. 23d, 1896. An exceptional school with the most desirable school features, 20 miles from New York. Refers to Charles Dudley Warner, &c. Apply to the Principals,




Next term begins September 16th, 1896. Apply to WM. VERBECK.

NEW YORK, Newburgh. The Misses Mackie's School for Girls Academic and College-Preparatory. Special advantages in Art and Music. Certificate admits to Vassar and Wellesley, One and a half hours from New York.

The Peekskill Military Academy

Peekskill, N. Y.-63d year. Send for illustrated catalogue. Col. LOUIS H. ORLEMAN, Prin.

The Clinton Classical School for Boys Open all the year. Fall term begins Sept. 17th. CHARLES W. CLINTON, Ph.D., Principal. Peekskill-on-Hudson, N. Y.

Preparation for College. Seminary Course. Post-Grad- CAYUGA LAKE MILITARY ACADEMY LYNDON HALL SCHOOL

uate Studies. Art, Music, Oratory. For catalogue apply to the Misses SEWALL, Principals.

Prepares for College,
Teaching, Business. Courses in German, French, Music,
Art. Both sexes. 29th year opens Sept. 9th.
Address Rev. JOSEPH E. PERRY, Ph.D., Prin.

Lakewood Heights School


Prepares for College, Scientific Schools, or Business. $600. JAMES W. MOREY, A.M., Principal. LAKEWOOD, N. J.

Aurora, N. Y.-A live military school; strict discipline, thorough work. Beautiful and healthful location. $400.00 per year. Col. VASA E. STOLBRAND, Superintendent.

The Lady Jane Grey School

Binghamton, N. Y.-Home School for Girls. AdMrs. JANE GREY HYDE.


284 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, N. Y.


The forty-sixth year. For circulars address
Mrs. C. F. HARTT, Principal.

For Young Ladies. 48th year. College preparation.
SAMUEL WELLS BUCK. A.M., Poughkeepsie, N. Y

For Young Women
Forty-second year begins Sept. 23d.
Send for year-book giving details of courses to
FRANKLIN B. Dowd, Asst. Prin.
(For other advertisements in this department see
following page.)

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