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Good Deeds

The will of Mrs. Maria Louisa Vanderbilt, the widow of the late William H. Vanderbilt, contains a notable bequest-that of $250,000 to St. Bartholomew's Church, New York City, the money to be used especially in the mission of that church in East Forty-second Street, which Mrs. Vanderbilt had annually and liberally supported. The main building was erected as a gift from her and from her son Cornelius.

The King of Italy does not always get the credit for his good deeds, but all Italy has lately been ringing with his praises. In his own




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On Thirty Days Trial. From Factory to Family.

And get a "Chautauqua" Desk Free.

Number in use exceeds any other one article of furniHas gladdened half a million hearts. Solid Oak throughout, hand-rubbed finish. Very handsome carvings. It stands 5 ft. high, is 21⁄2 ft. wide, writing bed 24 in. deep. Drop leaf closes and locks. A brass rod for curtain. OR A

name and in that of the Queen, the King "Chautauqua" Rocker and Reclining Chair

placed at the disposal of a commission to distribute among the families of the dead and wounded in the African war the sum of 400,000 lire ($80,000). In addition to this, the King has given $20,000 to the Red Cross Society.

The late John Maxson Brown, of Manasquan, N. J., who has just died in his eightyninth year, had saved hundreds of persons from drowning. Most of this splendid work was done at times when there was no life-saving station on the New Jersey coast. Our older readers may remember the terrible wreckings of the New Eva, the Cornelius Grinnell, the Catherine Jackson, the New York, and other ships on that coast. Mr. Brown's house near Manasquan had become a pilgrimage place, and he was often visited by those whom he had saved.

According to a dispatch from Washington last week King Oscar of Sweden has done a gracious act in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Youmans, of New York City, who were killed while driving along a mountain road near Bergen, Norway. The State Department has received photographs and a description of the monument erected on the spot from the United States Consul at Bergen. The monument is a roughly hewn shaft resting upon a massive base, with a Norwegian inscription, which, translated, is: "Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Youmans, of New York. Met their death here by an accident on the 4th of July, 1896. God's grace be with them." On the reverse side is: "Oscar the Second erected this memorial."


For Men

and Boys

These coats are made in the height of fashion. The material is blue Kersey, the finish is excellent, the fit perfect and the quality is unsurpassed at much higher prices. Boys' sizes, 6 to 18 years, only $5.50.

Men's sizes, only


The color is fast-will not fade. No merchant tailor could possibly make such coats to order for less than double the prices.

Money refunded, if desired. Illustrated catalogue of clothing mailed to any address upon request.

Strawbridge & Clothier


It can be adjusted to any position, and changed
at will by the occupant while reclining. A syno-
nym of luxurious ease and comfort. It is built,

of oak, polished antique finish, with
beautifully-grained three-ply veneer
back. The seat, head and foot rests are
upholstered with silk plush in crim-
son, old red, tobacco brown, old gold,
blue or olive, as desired. It is very
strong and perfectly simple in con-
struction. It is fully guaranteed. Our
soaps are sold entirely on their merits
with a guarantee of purity. Thousands

Most Popular
Ever Made.


of families use them, and have for many years, in every locality, many in your vicinity.

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Subscribers to this Paper may use the Goods 30 Days before Bill is Due.

After trial you -the consumer- pay the usual retail value of the Soaps only. All middlemen's profits accrue to you in a valuable pr mium. The manufacturer alone adds Value; every middleman add Cost. The Larkin plan saves you half the cost-saves you half the regular retail prices. Thousands of readers of this paper know these facts. If after thirty days' trial you find all the Soaps, etc., of unexcelled quality and the Premium entirely satisfactory and as represented, remit $10.00; if not, notify us goods are subject to our order, we make no charge for what you have used.

Many people prefer to send cash with order - it is not asked - but if you remit in advance, you will receive in addition to all extras named, a nice present for the lady of the house, and shipment day after order is received. Your money will be refunded without argument or comment if the Box or Premium does not prove all expected. We guarantee the safe delivery of all goods.

Booklet Handsomely Illustrating other Premiums sent on request. Estab. 1875. Incor. 1892. THE LARKIN SOAP MFG. CO., Buffalo, N. Y. The Independent, New York, says: The Larkin Soap Mfg. Co. make our readers a wonderful offer. Not only do they give you a box of excellent laundry soap and toilet articles of great value, but they also give each purchaser a valuable premium, and we personally know they carry out what they promise.

From the Northwestern Christian Advocate: For the Soaps manufactured by the Larkin Soap Mfg. Co. we have heard many expressions of satisfaction and commendation. Knowing what we do we recommend the Company with confidence.

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we have been urging Asthma and Hay Fever Sufferers to begin the constitutional treatment that brings not only relief, but a Cure that Stays. Hundreds have done so, and here's a letter from one of them: DEAR DOCTOR HAYES:

BREWSTER, N. Y., SEPT. 14, 1896.

I am satisfied your treatment has been very helpful and beyond my expectations. The catarrhal symptoms have been much lighter and not of as long duration, and as for Asthma, the effect of the medicines is marvellous. To go to bed and sleep all night is for me, at this season of the year, something I have not been able to do for 30 years. Now I sleep all night and in the morning I am free from the cough that is so weakening and depressing. When I compare myself with others about here who have Hay-Fever and are not taking your treatment, I am away ahead of them. Perhaps I am too enthusiastic, but when one has had this terrible disease for over 30 years as I have, and had given up all hope of a cure. how can one help being enthused. I have one regret having known of your treatment so long that I should be so incredulous as not to be willing to try it till this year. Yours truly BENJ. D. EVERETT.


write at once for particulars and escape your winter of distress. Hay Fever sufferers make a note of this and
write in the spring, or now. Two thousand other references if you ask for them. Address
DR. HAYES, Buffalo, N. Y.




The Recreation Department is now ready to furnish for the season of 1897 information and printed matter describing any of the Foreign Winter Resorts to OUTLOOK readers planning to spend the winter traveling abroad. This includes all foreign countries; the resorts of the Mediterrranean and the Islands of the Atlantic and Pacific, as well as the Holy Land, India, Egypt, Africa, Japan, China, etc. We are glad to furnish without charge information pertaining to routes of travel in and places at which to stay in these foreign winter resorts to any reader of THE OUTLOOK Writing and stating what the proposed trip is to be. As the information is gathered at great expense by The Outlook Company, we are pleased to have these facilities freely used by intending travelers. Do not hesitate to write, addressing THE RECREATION DEPARTMENT OF THE OUTLOOK COMPANY,



Personally Conducted Tours

Matchless in Every Feature


Three tours to California and the Pacific Coast will leave New York and Philadelphia January 27, February 24, and March 27, 1897. Five weeks in California on the first tour, and four weeks on the second. Passengers on the third tour will return on regular trains within nine months. Stop will be made at New Orleans for Mardi-Gras festivities on the second tour.


Jacksonville tours, allowing two weeks in Florida, will leave New York and Philadelphia January 26, February 9 and 23, and March 9, 1897. Kate, covering expenses en route in both directions, $50 from New York, and $48 from Philadelphia.


Tours, each covering a period of three days, will leave New York and Philadelphia December 29, 1896, January 21, February 11, March 11, April 1 and 22, and May 13, 1897. Rates, including transportation and two days' accommodation at the best Washington hotels, $14.50 from New York, and $11.50 from Philadelphia.

OLD POINT COMFORT TOURS returning direct, or via

RICHMOND AND WASHINGTON will leave New York and Philadelphia December 26, 1896, January 28, February 20, March 18, and April 15, 1897.

For detailed itineraries and other information apply at ticket agencies or address Geo. W. Boyd, Asst. Gen'l Pass. Agent, Broad Street Station, Philadel phia.

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Raymond & Whitcomb

Tours to the Old World, sailing from New York Janu

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ary 23. March 27, and May 4, by the North German Lloyd HOTEL BRISTOL

Line, May 15 by the French Line, and May 19 by the
White Star Line. North-
ern Africa, including
Algeria and Tunis, the
Island of Sicily, Italy,
the Riviera, Austria-
Hungary, Germany,


Switzerland, Belgium, France, England. Ireland, Scot-
land, Wales, etc. Visits to the most famous cities, art
centers, and points of picturesque interest. Parties limited
in numbers.

Special vestibuled trains will leave New York fre-
quently for


Choice of routes and entire freedom of movement. Dining-
cars are used and the service is intended for those who
wish to travel comfortably and leisurely.
Other tours to Mexico, Florida, Nassau, Jamica, Round
the World, etc.

Send for circulars, mentioning the tour desired.

31 East Fourteenth St., Lincoln Building,
Union Square, New York



Bermuda, West Indies,Venezuela, and Mexico

Sailing from New York Feb. 6, 1897
For Bermuda, St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Guadeloupe,
Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, Barbados, Trinidad,
Port of Spain, La Brea, La Guayra (Caracas), Curacoa,
St. Domingo, Jamaica, Progreso, Vera Cruz (Mexico),
Havana. Duration, 45 days. Price of passage, $270 and
upward. Send or illustrated pamphlet.

De Potter's First-Class
Excursions to Egypt,
Palestine, Syria, Tur-
key, Greece, Mediter-
ranean, Italy, France, etc., sail in January and
February. Also to JAPAN, CALIFORNIA, etc. In-
clusive cost. Unequaled advantages. Programmes
Free. Also, Spring and Summer Tours. Steam-
ship and Circular Rail-
way Tickets. Est. 1879.
1466 Broadway, New York.




Most salubrious part of the town. Large garden. Patronized by several Royal families: H.R. H. THE PRINCESS CLEMENTINE D'ORLÉANS, THE PRINCE and PRINCESS FERDINAND De Bulgarie, PRINCESS STÉPHANIE D'AUTRICHE, ARCHIDUC and ARCHIDUCHESS RÉINIER D'AUTRICHE, PRINCE and PRINCESS DE SAXE COBOURG GOTHA, etc., etc. Sanitary arrangemenfs perfect; made by English engineers. Modern comfort: electric light; lift baths; billiard; tennis-ground. C. GUILLON, Proprietor.


Largest, finest, and best. Electric light throughout.
American home
C. RATHGEB, Prop. (Swiss).


GERMANY Furnished Rooms with or without board," Pension," from M.3.50 ($.85) per day. American references.

Hôtel de la Grande-Bretagne et de la Gare

Corinthe (Greece)

First-class Hotel, near the station. Bain dans l'Hôtel.
Proprietor, P. PELOPIDES.



Electric light. Lift. Frequented by American visitors.
G. & R. BONERA, Prop'rs.


Hotel Royal des Etrangers

The most comfortable and fashionable hotel in Naples. Electric light in every room. F. TORDI, Manager.


FRENCH PROTESTANT LADY, knowing English perfectly, would take two young ladies to finish their education with her daughter. Large Chateau, 16 rooms: greenhouse and garden near the sea. Refined, beautiful home. Terms, including French, $500 per annum each. Painting, drawing, or music by special professors Consul, Calais; Mrs. Chas. Chamberlin, New Rochelle, N.Y. Madame DISNEY, Chateau Green, Calais, France.

Mediterranean Countries extra but moderate. References, American or English

Leaves NEW YORK January 5, 1897. Strictly First
Class. Twelfth Season. For particulars address
Mrs. M. A. CROSLEY, 502 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, N.Y

European Winter Resort

INNSBRUCK, TYROL, AUSTRIA 1,900 feet above the sea, with dry, bracing climate; center for Sleighing Excursions; fine University, Hospital, etc. HOTEL TIROL Large, airy, sunny rooms, well furnished; superior (Open all the year.) cuisine; modern conveniences. Best references. Reduced rates in winter. Ilustrated pamphlets on application. CARL LANDSEE, Prop'r.



The Abbey Hotel ABBEY GATE
George and Abbotsford Hotel

HIGH STREET. The only First-class Hotels in
Melrose, both overlooking the ruins, and only two min
utes' walk from Railway Station. Hotel Buses attend
all Trains.
G, HAMILTON, Proprietor,

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Rockledge, Fla. Home like and attractive. Northern help. Orange groves the Queen of West Indian ATLAS LINE bearing Hunting, excellent fishing. Send for ill. book. H. E. BEMIS, Mgr., Mohonk Lake, N. Y.

Islands, by the

offers exceptional advantages to persons seeking a vacation of limited duration for health and rest. The trip from New York to Jamaica and return can be made in 17 days. Send for illustrated booklet.

General Agents, 24 State St., New York.

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H. P. SHARES, Prop'r, New Haven, Conn.

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New York

The Gleason


1852 ELMIRA, N. Y. 1896

A real home for those seeking health, rest, and recreation. Under the care of regularly graduated physicians of long experience in this special line of practice. Location high and sheltered. Climate dry and equable. Fine views of city, river, and hills. Perfect sanitary conditions. Skilled attendants to give all forms of baths, electricity, massage, Swedish movements, etc. Cuisine homelike and dainty. House thoroughly heated by steam and open fires. Large Solarium heated by steam. Safety Hydraulic elevator. Gas and electric bells. Telephone and livery. All the comforts of a well appointed home. Send for illustrated booklet.

A Very Comfortable Resting-Place for an

Invalid can be found by addressing Box 113, Centre Moriches, Long Island. Sunny rooms, overlooking South Bay. Especially adapted for cases of nervous prostration.

Piney Woods Hotel Dr. Strong's Sanitarium

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Beechwood Villa Lexington Avenue

Corner Fourth Street, Lakewood, N. J.-New house, with every modern convenience: centrally located: reasonable rates. M.A. PAUL.


Cor. Madison Ave. and Sixth St., LAKEWOOD, N.J.
Now open.
Address Miss A. M. MYERS.



Charming winter resort. Climate beyond compare. Headquarters for all tourists to the

great Lick Observatory; a matchless ride. Send for illustrated souvenir.



Clifton Avenue, between Second and Third Streets, PRIVATE BOARD Lakewood, N. J.

FOREST LODGE "Will make special rates until January" For circulars address THOS. NOBLE, Lakewood, N. J.


Illustrated book, describing Colorado Springs, sent on request by E. BARNETT. Proprietor.


Crest View Sanitarium

Greenwich, Conn.

A quiet, restful establishment for the care and treatment of chronic invalids. Unexceptional location and surroundings for health, rest, or ecreation. H.M. HITCHCOCK.M.D.


"Untouched by the Frost"

Tropical Florida at



The Punta Gorda, on Charlotte Harbor, accommodates 300. Opens in December. Tarpon fishing, shooting, boating, driving; 400 feet of veranda. Plenty of fruit. Special rates for the season. For pamphlet address F. H. ABBOTT, Room 23, 131 Devonshire St., Boston, Mass.

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Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

For health or pleasure. The appointments of a firstclass Hotel. Elevator, electric bells, sun-parlor, and promenade on the roof. Suites of rooms with baths. Massage, Electricity, all baths and health appliances. New Turkish, Russian, and Natural Sulphur-Water baths. Dry tonic air, Saratoga water, croquet, lawn-tennis, etc. Open all the vear. Send for illustrated circular.

North Carolina

TRYON, Western North Carolina, on the Ashe ville and Spartanburg Railroad in the Blue Ridge Thermal Belt. Delightful winter climate; unexcelled for healthfulness and grand mountain scenery. Pine woods. Good board in a beautiful location. Mrs. CANNON.

OAKDENE TRYON, No. Car.-Located in the Thermal Belt; unsurpassed climate; comfortable house, fronting south; bright, sunny rooms, porches, and grounds. BOX 55.

South Carolina

Pines Pines Pines Pines AIKEN, S. C.

The Highland Park

Opens December 1st. A high-class winter resort, accommodating 300. Driest climate east of the Rockies. Plenty of sunshine. Purest water. Golf, Fox-Hunting, and Polo. Write for book Second season management of PRIEST & EAGER, Aiken, S. C.



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-$2 per day. Special rates by week. Electric lights, etc. Hygienic baths and Kneipp's water cure. HENRY BUSCH. Prop.

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Many publishers claim that their hymn

books are "the best." Many pastors,

after practical experience, say that the
best hymn-book is

The Plymouth Hymnal


With the co-operation of HERBERT VAUGHAN ABBOTT and CHARLES H. MORSE

Rev. CORNELIUS H. PATTON, Duluth, Minn., says: "You have produced the best of all the hymn-books."

Rev. GEORGE W. KELSEY, Geneva, O., says: "The most complete and satisfactory hymn-book of which I have any knowledge."

Rev. THEODORE CROWL, Sterling, Ill., says: "It is the best book we know of for congregational use.'

Rev. A. H. BRADFORD, D.D., Montclair, N. J., says: "I believe it to be the best hymnal now before the churches."

Rev. M. E. DUNHAM, Utica, N. Y., says: "I do not see how you could better it."

Rev. L. E. BROWN, Bedford, Mich., says: "No book till this has reached high-water mark."

Write to us for specimen pages. If you are a pastor, teacher, or choirmaster, we shall be glad to send a FREE (returnable) copy to you

for examination.

The Plymouth Sunday-School Hymnal

Edited by Thomas G. Shearman and Walton N. Ellis, with an Introduction by Lyman Abbott This Hymnal is in use in many Sunday-schools, and is an ideal book for children. It is beautifully printed and handsomely bound. Send for specimen pages. A free (returnable) copy will be sent to any pastor or superintendent for examination. THE OUTLOOK CO., 13 Astor Place, New York


New York City


The Housatonic Valley Institute Cornwall,

Among the Berkshire Hills of Northwestern Connecticut.
Home School for boys. Classical, Scientific, Business,
H. B. MacFarland, S. B., L. W. Arnold, A. B., Principais.

SCHERMERHORN'S TEACHERS' AGENCY Preparatory Courses. Thirteenth year.

Oldest and best known in U. S.

Established 1855.

3 East 14th St., N. Y.

Miss S. D. Doremus



735 Madison Avenue, New York.




City advantages for culture and study. Ex-
perienced teachers. Miss Sara J. Smith, Prio.

New Hampshire

The Misses Ely's School for Girls COLBY ACADEMY, New London, N. H.


85th and 86th Streets, New York


Teachers ST. WEST.-Department of College Science. Preparation for (a) teachers of science in State and city normal schools:

(b) teachers of science in high schools and academies; (c) supervisors of elementary science instruction in all grades of public and private schools. A college course, or its equivalent, required for entrance to the major course. Send for circular of information and Bulletin.

WALTER L. HERVEY, President.

Misses Whitfield and Bliss Boarding
and Day
School for Girls, 41 West 124th Street, Mount Morris
Park, New York City. Reopens October 1st.


OMONA COLLEGE, Claremont, Cal.-Full B.S. Degrees recognized by University of California and other similar graduate schools. Thirty-five miles from Los Angeles. An Academic course. Preparatory school preparing for all institutions connected with the College. Address C. G. BALDWIN, President.


Brookfield Center, Fairfield Co., Conn.

The Curtis School for Young Boys

A strong life in school and out, full of normal activities and healthy conditions. A ciean moral atmosphere, a loyalty, a high purpose-full of help for your boy's manhood. Home life; single rooms. $500. 22d year. A book full of suggestion. FREDERICK S CURTIS.

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LASSES FOR ATTENDANTS in the care of convalescents, feeble elderly persons, little children and chronic cases, will continue throughout the winter under the auspices of the Massachusetts Emergency and Hygiene Association. For details apply to the instructor, Dr. ANNA G. RICHARDSON, between 3 and 5 P. M., 92 Charles Street, Boston.


102 Fulton st., New York, sell all makes under half price.
Don't buy before writing them for unprejudiced advice
and price Exchanges. Immense stock for selection.
Shipped for trial. Guaranteed first class, Largest house
in the world. Dealers supplied. 52-page illus. cat, free.

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91 and 93 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. Announce the Sale of the Library of the late Henry F. Sewall, of this City. A large and valuable collection covering a wide range of topics and a long time in the history and practice of the art of printing. The department of Old English Literature is probably the most extensive and the most interesting, comprising first and early editions of many famous writers. Books of emblems and fables are many, and the works of famous artists and illustrators. There are choice works of bibliography a few extraillustrated volumes; specimens of fine binding. In addition to the precious older books, the library contains a representative gathering of modern literature.

The sale of part II. will take place November 30th and following days, and the concluding sale will follow in January next.






130 and 132 West 42d St., N. Y.


Want advertisements of thirty words or less will be published under this heading at one dollar a week. Four cents a week is charged for each word in excess of thirty.

A YOUNG LADY wishes position as mother's assistant; fond of children; competent to do all family sewing; can assist children with lessons. Willing to make herself generally useful. Good reference. Address B. A., No. 2,161, care of The Outlook.

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"The Luxembourg"

STERLING SILVER TOILET WARE One of the newest designs made by the Gorham Mfg. Co., comprising every requisite for the toilet; for sale by the better class of jewelers only. When a guaranteed article of real merit, bearing the Gorham tradecan be bought for so little money from the legiti jeweler, the fact is demonstrated that it is unnecessary for those who are obliged to be most careful of their expenditures to purchase unknown and unvouched-for wares. The following are the prices of the more important pieces:

mark, mate




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No. 1253. Hair Brush.

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