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We are now assured that the "Victor Hugo Love Letters" will come from the press of Harper & Brothers some time during the present month. The publication of "Bismarck's Love Letters " has been postponed ;

this collection may not appear until April. The storm which raged in regard to the lishwoman's Love Letters" is not yet spent.

authenticity and authorship of "An Eng

A statement that Oscar Wilde was the author of them comes by way of a so-called authen ticated cablegram in the New York "Herald." But the question of the author's sex is usually considered settled by the internal evidence. It is simply said that no man could ever have written them. At any rate, the incident is closed in so far as Oscar Wilde is concerned, for now the publishers of the authorized edition, Messrs. Doubleday, Page & Co., go so far as to say that he did not write them.

Several years ago a short story, entitled, "How the Derby was Won," appeared in "Scribner's Magazine," and was widely commented on as the work of a writer of extraordinary power and promise. Mr. Harrison Robertson, who, with Mr. Henry Watterson, directs the editorial policy of the "Louisville Courier-Journal," was the author, and since then, in his novels "If I were a Man" and " Red Blood and Blue," he has given striking proofs of his originality and artistic sense. A new novel from his pen, entitled "The Inlanders," will be one of the features of the spring publishing season. In this, it is said, Mr. Robertson again proves his ability to uphold the high standard of Southern fiction, and interprets Southern Life with rare artistic skill.

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"The "It is no longer a secret," says Bookman," ""that Mr. Laurence Housman is the Englishwoman.' 1. Housman, who is a young man of thirty ir years, is an artist as well as an author. While he has written a number of books the 'Love Letters' is the first to give him an international reputation. The wisdom of such a deception as he has practised in the case of this book is doubtful. One objects to having one's deeper feelings moved by a practical joke, and Mr. Housman will find that he has made enemies rather than friends of the people who have shed tears over these letters."

Mesers. Doubleday, Page & Co. are bringing out a good souvenir volume on Niagara Falls, which will doubtless be in demand among those intending to visit the PanAmerican Exposition. The volume is made up of sketches descriptive and historical, and also deals with the things a lover of nature and the popular scientific will seek amid the grand opportunities about Niagara. Among those who collaborated to write it are William Dean Howells, Mark Twain and Prof. Nathaniel S. Shaler.

"The Diary of a Freshman," by Charles Macomb Flandrau, now in the press of Doubleday, Page & Co., will give lovers of col


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lege tales a most entertaining volume. The
author has not been hard on the freshman,
but has exposed his frailties and limitatious
with the sympathetic hand of one who has
once been a freshman himself.
While ap
pearing in the "Saturday Evening Post
the diary received a warm reception. Mr.
Flandrau is also the author of "Harvard

An autograph letter of George Washing-
ton, dated 1766, was found among some
waste paper stock at the Bryant paper mill,
Kalamazoo. It was written to Captain
James J. Jamieson, a New York merchant,
asking for boat freight rates on a quantity
of fiour. Two copies of "The Federal
Gazette" and "The Baltimore Advertiser,"
over one hundred years old, and an auto-
graph letter of Robert Morris, of Philadel-
phia, dated 1793, were also found.
waste paper came from Philadelphia.


Thos. Nelson & Sons, of Edinburgh, are now printing Dickens, Thackeray and Scott in their new century series on India paper. Each volume is less than half an inch thick, weighs only seven ounces, and contains a complete novel unabridged. The whole set of Scott's novels will occupy a space of only fifteen inches in a bookcase. The prices are 2s., 2s. 6d., and 38. net per volume, according to binding. It is not surprising that the publishers are finding a very large constituency for these cheap, handsome and durable editions of the works of the masters in the field of fiction.

Among the papers of the late Grant Allen was found an article on "The British Aristocracy." It is probable that he did not care to place himself before the English reading public in the position of entire frankness which he had assumed while writing this article, and that consequently it was held until after his death for publication. It was secured through his son for "The Cosmopolitan" and appears in the April number. Certainly no Englishman has ever so handled the subject without gloves as Grant Allen, and no one was better equipped to do the subject justice.

During the past month the sales of "Monsieur Beaucaire have steadily increased; it is now selling in its fifty-first thousand.

Interest Tables, at 4, 5, 6, 7. 8. 9 and 10 per cent. per annum, by Napoleon Matte 5th edition. Price, $3.00. Three Per Cent. Interest Tables, by the same author. On fine toned paper and strongly bound. Price, $3.00 Interest Tables and Book of Days combined, at 3, 32, 5, 5, 6, 7 and 8 per cent per annum, by Charles M. C. Hughes. Price, $5.00.

Savings Bank Interest Tables, at 22, 3 and 31⁄2 per
cent. (each on separate card), on the basis of one month
being 1-12th part of a year, by Charles M. C. Hughes.
Price, $1.00.

Hughes' Interest Tables, at 6 and 7 per cent. per an-
num (on the basis of 365 days to the year), at one, two,
three and four months and days of grace. For use in
discounting and renewing promissory notes, by Charles
M. C. Hughes. On folded card. Price $1.00.
Hughes' Supplementary Interest Tables, comprising
a Special Interest Table for Daily Balances, showing
interest for one thousand days on any amount from $1
to $10,000, or from £1 to £10,000, at 4% to 3% inclu-
sive. Also a table showing interest for one thousand
days at 5%, by means of which (in connection with
Comparative Tables) interest for one thousand days
can be obtained at any rate from %% to 10% inclusive,
and Comparative Interest Tables, &c., by Charles M.
C. Hughes. Price $2.00 nett.

Buchan's Sterling Exchange Tables, advancing by
8ths and 16ths, with other useful tables. 2nd Edition.
Price, $4.00.

Buchan's Sterling Equivalents and Exchange
Tables. Price, $4.00.

Oates' Sterling Exchange Tables, from 1⁄2 of per
cent. to 121⁄2 per cent., advancing by 8ths. Price, $2.00.
Canadian Customs Tariff of 1900, with list of Ports,
Foreign tables, extracts from the Customs Act, etc.
Fcap. 8vo., limp cloth, 50 cents.

Morton, Phillips & Co.,

Publishers, MONTREAL.

Wm. Barber & Bros.



Book, News and Colored


"Another Englishwoman's Love Letters," by Barry Pain, is the title of a book to be published by Mr. Fisher Unwin next week; and, following what seems to be the latest craze for arousing the curiosity of the public to that pitch which produces its money, the authorship of the volume is shrouded in mystery. Mr. Barry Pain, in The way presenting the collection, says:in which the absolute necessity for publication has arisen cannot be more clearly indicated during the life of the present Emperor of China, and no clue to the mystery will be found in the letters themselves. Those who know will keep silence; if anyone speaks, that may be taken as evidence that he does not know. In this way I trust that the mystery may be preserved, and the sale of the book stimulated." The delicate satire of this explanation is an eloquent sample of the freshness and good-humor of the book.

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