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his special providence in the affairs of our nation with the most signally favored nation of other days.

The descendants of the Patriarchs were in bondage in Egypt for four hundred and thirty years. Then God brought them out of Egypt, leading them by a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night. He opened the gates of the sea for their passage. For them rivers of water gushed from the flinty rock, and manna descended from heaven. He gave them his covenant amid the thunders of Sinai. For forty years he led them through the wilderness, until a new generation had been raised up and prepared for his service. He then drove out the heathen from Palestine, and there planted his chosen people, in thirteen States. The Ark of the Covenant was borne in triumph into the midst of that land. Prosperity and happiness followed them, and their name and their fame went out to the ends of the earth.

In the midst of their prosperity there was a dissolution of their Union. Eleven of the stars of the new constellation went out in darkness. The others were dragged from their orbit, and to this day are but wandering stars.

In after days God brought to the knowledge of the civilized world a new continent. He selected another people and planted them in the new world, in thirteen States. He drove out the heathen before them, and gave them the land for a perpetual inheritance. He led them through the Red Sea of the Revolution, and caused them at last to say: "The Lord has triumphed gloriously. The horse and the rider hath he thrown into the sea. Had not the Lord been on our side when the enemy came against us, we had fallen, we had perished."

He gave this people another covenant, by the hand of another Moses. Hundreds of thousands have regarded it as the gift of Divine Inspiration. The new covenant is still enshrined in the great heart of the nation.

For three-score years he has constantly extended our borders and strengthened the bonds which so long and so happily united us together. He gave us the lands of other nations, and as soon as they were ours, he revealed to us treasures of untold wealth, concealed from the beginning of the world. The flag of the thirteen stripes and ever-multiplying stars, was



borne along the pathway of the nation, and the wilderness and the solitary place has blossomed as the rose. Industry, morality, religion, wealth, happiness, all the institutions of civilized life, have sprung up in our pathway at every advanc ing footstep. God has not dealt thus with any other nation. Surely the Lord of hosts has been with us. The God of Jacob is still our refuge. This God is our God forever and ever. He will still be our guide through this impending crisis, and if his will is consulted and followed, the world will say: "Blessed is that nation whose God is the Lord."

When it was announced that a civil war had commenced between the different States of this Union, the news was every where received with bewildering astonishment. Greater surprise could not have been produced by the announcement of the fulfillment of the apocalyptic vision of "war in heaven." But upon mature deliberation and reflection, we see that there have been causes at work, whose inevitable tendency has been to produce the very state of affairs which we now witness. The United States, after the adoption of the present Constitution, entered upon an era of prosperity entirely unknown in the history of man. In the duration of a single life, our population has increased from three millions to thirty millions, and our wealth has increased in far greater ratio. But amidst all our prosperity, there were those among us who were continually sowing the seeds of discord all over the land, paid for their detestable services with foreign gold. The Constitution was publicly denounced as a "league with death, and a covenant with hell." The ministers of the Gospel who sustained it were declared to be "the ministers of the devil," and their churches "the synagogues of Satan." "SILVER-TONGUED" orators declared that they "would spit upon it, and trample it under their feet." Slavery was declared from the pulpit to be worse than murder, and the slaveholder worse than the murderer. Even the Supreme Court of the nation, which Washington declared to be the key-stone of the Union, has been assailed and denounced by the pulpit and the press. These vile slanders were clearly offenses against the public law of the land, and yet no prosecution followed, for enforcing the penalty of the violated law. When the people allow such language to be used, without attempting to suppress it and punish the of

fense, it is to be regarded as the general sentiment of the people, and the whole people become responsible for the acts of its individual members. These same men, who have uttered such language from the pulpit, have been sentenced to the penitentiary for less libelous language upon other subjects.

It was quietly whispered in the parlor, that the slave would be justified in murdering his master. Arms were in one case purchased and secretly transferred into slave territory, for the purpose of being placed in the hands of the slaves for that avowed purpose. An arsenal was seized in attempting to produce an insurrection. Innocent men within the range of the arsenal were shot down in the streets, without a moment's warning. The house of a worthy citizen, who bears the name, and in whose veins flows the kindred blood of the "Father of our country," was secretly entered in the night-time, and its occupants dragged from their homes by their felon-captors, and confined for days in such position as to expose their lives. to the weapons of their friends, if aimed against their captors. And when a part of these felons found a "felon's doom," they were placed in the calendar of martyrs. On the floor of Congress, the most offensive language has been used, and the slaveholder denounced as the incarnation of all villainies. Retaliation and revenge, on the part of the South, has followed all these offenses. Attempts to tamper with slaves, or to produce insurrection, have been punished with tar, feathers, and hemp. Offensive language uttered in the Senate has been revenged by sprinkling the floor of the Senate Chamber with the blood of the offender.

By such language and such acts, on the part of North and South, one after another of the sacred ties which bound our fathers together as a band of brothers have been severed, Sectional churches, sectional benevolent societies, and sectional political parties, have been formed, and at last, sectional governments are marshaling their hundreds of thousands of armed men to drench the land with fratricidal blood.

As we find ourselves in this unfortunate position, we are bound to look about us, and inquire, if there is any honorable way by which the effusion of blood may be checked, and partial, if not complete, peace, prosperity, and happiness, restored to our bleeding country.


The plan I would propose is as follows:


1. Let a Convention, composed of a number of Delegates equal to the Senators and Representatives in Congress, selected direct from the body of the people, meet in the city of NewYork, on Tuesday, the 15th day of October next, to devise some plan for the reconstruction of the Government.

2. Let the question of the division of the United States into two, three, or four Republics, be considered and determined by the Convention.

3. If it shall be determined to divide the United States into two or more Republics, let the question of the union of these and other Republics into a Government, to be known as "The Democratic Empire," be considered and determined by

the Convention.

4. If a Union of these Republics shall be agreed upon, let the question of the distribution of the powers of government. between the three grades of government, be considered and determined by the Convention.

5. Let the further question of the location of the Capital of the "Democratic Empire," with the formation of a Constitution, be considered and determined by the Convention.

6. Let the conditions of the admission of the "British Provinces in North-America," when they shall become a Republic, together with Mexico and other Republics, into the "Democratic Empire," be considered and determined by the Convention:

7. Let the Convention take into consideration and determine all questions which may arise in the formation of such a Government as will secure to all, domestic tranquillity, peace, prosperity and happiness.

8. Let an Imperial Party be at once organized in every Town, Ward, and District, in the land, to educate and sustain the Empire; and let the people in each Congressional District select one of their most able and judicious citizens to represent them in Convention, to be held in the City of New-York, with full power to proclaim the Empire, prepare a Constitution, and establish a Provisional Imperial Government.

The Constitution I would propose as a basis, subject to the alterations and amendments of the Convention, is as follows:


WE, the People of the Democratic Empire, fervently supplicating the Almighty Being who presides in the councils of nations, and controls the affairs of men, that his benediction may consecrate our labors to the peace, prosperity, and happiness of our beloved country, do hereby unite and bind ourselves together in a firm and perpetual League of Unity, Amity, Peace, and Commerce; and in order to secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of Civil and Religious Liberty, Political Equality, and Perpetual Fraternity, we hereby ordain and establish this Constitution as the supreme and fundamental law of the Empire.



§ 1. This Government shall be known and designated by the title of "THE DEMOCRATIC EMPIRE."



§ 2. The Flag of the Democratic Empire shall be composed of seven colors and thirteen stripes, resembling a double rainbow united, (one to remind us that the earth shall no more be deluged with water; the other, that it shall no more be deluged in blood.) The upper corner, nearest the staff, extending down to the seventh stripe and extending in length five eighths of the flag, shall be blue, upon which shall be placed the two hemispheres united by clasped hands in token of our invitation to all people and nations to come with us and repose beneath its sheltering folds. Upon the blue ground shall be inscribed these four symbolical letters: W. C. P. P.

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