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NOV 27 1908

This uniform charter, commonly called the White Charter, will come into force in Utica on January 1st, 1908. On that date Utica, Schenectady and Yonkers become cities of the second class, and as such enter the same group with Syracuse, Albany and Troy.

The White Charter does not completely supersede the old city charter of Utica and the special laws that have been passed from time to time. It is intended, rather to be read with these older laws. Where any provision of the White Charter contradicts any provision of any of them, the White Charter provision holds. Thus Article VIII provides that a Commissioner of Public Safety shall be in control of the Police and Fire Departments, and hence the old Police and Fire Commissioners. Law, under which we have been governed for many years, ceases to be operative. The White Charter makes no provision for public schools, and, therefore, the old Common Schools Act remains in force.

In a volume published by the city in 1902 will be found the old city charter, amended to the close of the 1901 legislative session, together with the Common Schools Law, Police and Fire Commissioners Law and the other special laws. The General City Law and the General Municipal Law are also printed in this book. Most of these laws have been slightly amended since this volume was published. The Park Commission Law (Chap. 351 of the Laws of 1907) supersedes Section 96 of the White Charter.

The following general laws affect cities of the second class:
The General Municipal Law (Chap. 17 of General Laws).
The General City Law (Chap. 22 of General Laws).
The Public Health Law (Chap. 25 of the General Laws).
The Civil Service Law (Chap. 3 of the General Laws).
The Labor Law (Chap. 32 of the General Laws).

Also the following:

Act in Relation to Exempt Real Estate (Chap. 689 of 1900).



Act for Licensing Dogs in Second Class Cities (Chap. 294 of 1902, amended Chap. 82 of 1904).

Annual Reports of Financial Condition by Second and Third Class Cities (Chap. 347 of 1903).

Accounts and Examination of State Examiners (Chap. 705 of 1905, amended Chap. 215 of 1907).

Standard of Purity, Etc., of Gas (Chap. 557 of 1907).

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