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Great Book, no DRM
I wish Google would call out the books that skip the DRM. I'd buy them preferentially. This book is a must for ALL sysadmins. Most of us can handle the technical issues in our
jobs, but far too many struggle with how to work on many different things efficiently. This book lays out some good, documented rules that you can refer to in discussions with your boss and project managers. Here's a sample quote from the book-- I couldn't say it better myself. "Interruptions are the natural enemy of focus. They steal time from us both directly and indirectly. The direct way they steal time is obvious: an interruption that stalls us for t minutes delays task completion by t minutes. That's easy. However, the indirect way that they steal time is more insidious. When you return from an interruption, you have to spend p minutes to figure out where you left off. If you were interrupted during the third step of a multipart process, do you return to step three or step four? Figuring out where you left off is extra work that steals time from the project." 

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I have just completed this book and loved it. I thought the author did a great job relating to me and my personal experience as a systems administrator. Additionally, Tom has a great sense of humor and applied it throughout the manuscript. I would recommend this book to any systems administrator at any level. The book is a very quick read, but it's packed with tips and tricks to help SAs excel at their career. This book makes a great gift. 

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