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The present translation is offered to the public, with a full conviction of its inadequacy to give a just idea of the beauty and force of the original. The author of " Telemaqueand 66 De l'Education des Filles" appears, on a comparison of these two performances, very unlike the same writer.

In the former, his periods are flowing and luxuriant'; in the latter, they are sententious and logical; and nearly as difficult to clothe in an English - dress

those of the philosophical Tacitus.

It will be seen, therefore, that a literal translation has not been attempted; and


a still greater



deviation will be observable, from a wish to distinguish it from the translation of 1797. Whether this has always been done for the better, the reader will determine for himself.

The Original Chapter GIOUS STUDIES" has been submitted to those, whose opinions, matured by experience, I have been anxious to obtain ; and it has received the sanction of their approbation.

If the Work fail of success, it will not be from the want of spirit in the Publisher; for it is accompanied with considerable beauty of type and paper, and elegance of ornament.

The design is every way worthy of the ingenious artist by whom it was executed, and who has long been known to the world from the taste and fidelity of his pencil. The engraving, by Mr. Freeman, will convince the public that he requires only to be known, to be more generally encouraged.

T. F. D.


June 2, 1805.

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