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MEMORIAL to Congress for a mail route from Hudson, in St. Croix county, by way of St. Joseph, Boardman, Apple River Bridge, Cylon, Erin Prairie, and Hammond, to Warren.

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States in Congress assembled:

The Memorial of the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin respectfully represents:

That the interest and convenience of a large number of the inhabitants of St. Croix county require the establishment of a mail route from the city of Hudson, St. Croix county, to Warren, via St. Joseph, Apple River Bridge, Erin Prairie, Cylon, Boardman and Hammond.

Your memorialists would therefore respectfully ask that the aforesaid mail route may be established, and that the service be put on at as early a period as practicable. Approved March 19, 1860.


MEMORIAL to the Postmaster General, for a reinstatement of service on route 13,031.

To the Honorable the Postmaster General of the United States: . The Memorial of the Legislature of the State of Wisconsin respectfully represents:

That by a reinstatement of tri-weekly service between the city of Madison and the village of Albany, and daily service between the villages of Brodhead and Albany, in Green county, being on route No. (13,031) thirteen thousand and thirty-one, the interest and convenience of the citizens of the villages of Brodhead, Albany, Attica, Exeter, Dayton, Belleville and Paoli, as also a densely populated portion of the counties of Dane and Green, would be greatly promoted.

Your memorialists would therefore respectfully ask, that service, as above set forth, be ordered on said route, at the earliest practicable period.

Approved March 31, 1860.

[blocks in formation]

The Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin, does hereby certify that the laws, joint resolutions and memorials, published in this book, have been compared with the originals, deposited in this office, and, with the exception of the errors noted in the table of errata, that they appear to be correctly printed.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State at the Capitol, in Madison, this 16th day of June, one thousand eight hundred and sixty.

[L. S.]

Secretary of State.


3.. 12.. Wis. Telegraph Co., messages for bank comptroller,..
3.. 13..James Fisher, conveying prisoners,. .
3.. 14..James W. Polleys, conveying prisoners,..

[blocks in formation]

Jan. 28.. 1.. Moseley & Brother, stationery,


2.. William H. Foster, conveying prisoners,.
28.. 3..Samuel Klauber & Co., carpeting, &c.,...
28.. 4..James H. Harvey, repairing steps at City Hall,
5..Gabriel Bouck, expenses incurred,..



6..Andrew Bishop, sheriff supreme court,.

28.. 7..Hiram A. Stone, conveying prisoner,.
8..E. Martin, conveying prisoner,...
9..T. N. Bovee, labor and materials..



Feb. 1.. 10..Benjamin Williams, conveying prisoners,.. 3.. 11..Church & Hawley, for furniture,..

[blocks in formation]

9.. 15..Simon Sekles, per session laws of 1859 in German,.......

133 00

10.. 16..W. P. Towers, painting, glazing, &c., &c.,...

496 02

10.. 17..Donaldson & Tredway, matting for supt. pub. property,
10.. 18..R. T. Lawton, conveying prisoners,..

172 50 162 00

10.. 19.. Bliss, Eberhard & Festner, stationery,.

427 53

10.. 20..Hiram Bowen, services as chief clerk senate,

50 00

16.. 21..State Prison Commissioner, expenses of state prison,. 3,296 24

17.. 22..E. Martin, conveying prisoner,..

30 00

17.. 23..D. C, Poole, crockery and glassware,.

41 07

17.. 24.. Edward Gibbs, gas fixtures, etc.,.

210 21

17.. 25..A. P. Lipe, conveying prisoners,..

44 00

17.. 26.. William J. Gill, ice for legislature, &c.,
17.. 27..D. R. Clements, conveying prisoner,.
17.. 28.. Wright & Paine, paints, oils, &c.,.
17.. 29.. George Paine, paints, oils, &c.,...

30 00

41 00

44 63

136 67

17.. 30..John F. Lessey, conveying prisoner,..

39 00

17.. 31..A. Burnham, jr.. conveying prisoner,.

18 00

17.. 32.. William G. Everit, conveying prisoner,..

157 50

17.. 33..B. W. Suckow, binding and lettering books, &c.,.
17.. 34.. Charles H. Luce, lumber,..

91 65

189 84

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

23.. 42..John D. Welch, conveying prisoners,.
23.. 43..Candee, Dibble & Co., carpeting,..

40 50

235 38

23.. 44.. Alexander McDonnell, services protecting lands,.

24 90

23.. 45..Simon Sekles, laws in German,.
25.. 46..Chauncey Abbott, legal services,..
25.. 47..C. V. N. Kittridge, stoves, &c.,.....
29.. 48.. A. L. Burke, serving requisition,....

66 00

200 00

188 61

264 20

Mar. 7.. 49.. S. B. Scott, assignee of Berliner & Bruno,.
8.. 50..Amasa Cobb, expenses adjutant general,
8.. 51. Andrew Bishop, attendance supreme court,
8.. 52..George Theis, conveying prisoners,...
15.. 53..Seth M. Van Bergen, for 279
15.. 54.. Church & Hawley, furniture, &c.,.
16.. 55..L. P. Harvey, stationery in 1859,.

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

cords of wood,.

765 83

198 61

446 75

17. 56..Thomas B. Lacy, double license Etna Ins. Co.,.
17.. 57.. Mitchell L. Delaney, contesting seat..
17.. 58.. Louis Gootman, repairing furniture, &c.,.
17.. 59.. S. G. Benedict, seal for attorney general,.
19.. 60..A. J. Langworthy, conveying prisoners,..
22.. 61..L. E. Saxton, conveying prisoners,..

[blocks in formation]

22.. 65..Hugh Campbell, serving warrant Missouri and Kansas,
23.. 66.. H. Bingham, 100 guns Washington's birth day,..
24.. 67.. Milo Coles, contesting seat of D. C. Jennie,...
24.. 68..Commissioners of the State Reform School, for pay-
ment of indebtedness and completing building, &c., 10,000 00

127 00

[blocks in formation]

28.. 72..Hitchcock & Co., for military equipments,.......... 1,245 25 28.. 73..0. G. Scofield, for extra services in treasurer's office, 200 00 29.. 74..Rufus Parks, for envelopes,.

[blocks in formation]

29.. 79.. A. J. Langworthy, conveying prisoners,.....
29.. 80..Thomas Gill, witness investigating committee 1858,..
29.. 81.. Wm. J. Gill,
* 29.. 82..Thos. Knudson, ... do. do..
29.. 83.. Francis Henwood,

68 00

[blocks in formation]

30.. 84..A. G. Darwin, for wood for state,........
30.. 85..Moseley & Brother, curtains and stationery,.
30.. 86..State Reform School, indebtedness $5,000, contingent

[blocks in formation]

31.. 89...State Prison Commissioner, continuing work on prison

wall. &c,....

... 5,000 00

31.. 90..J. W. Seeley, subpoenaing Geo. W Roberson investi

[ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

31.. 91.. Berliner & Bruno, repairing safe' secretary of state

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

31.. 92..Commissioners School and University Lands, contingent fund...

750 00

31.. 93..E. G. Garner, lightning rod,.

50 25

Date. No. To whom, and for what appropriated.


Mar. 31.. 94..B. Domschke, town laws in German,


155 00

31.. 95..Mygatt & Schmidtner, states prison building, 1856, '57, 200 00

31.. 96..C. M. Marvin, rent of rooms for committees, 1860,.

50 00

31.. 97..Church & Hawley, furniture,

23 00

[blocks in formation]

31..104.. Bliss, Eberhard & Festner, stationery,.

62 24

31..105.. William F. Porter, rent of rooms superintedent in

struction and clerks,..

81..106..Francis W. Newland, commissioner to seize timber,.. Apr. 2..107..L. H. D. Crane, for diagram,..

73 75

422 50 200 00

[merged small][ocr errors]

I, L. P. Harvey, Secretary of State of the State of Wisconsin, do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing list with original acts of appropriations deposited in this office, and that the same is a complete list of all the appropri ations made at the last session of the Legislature, except such as are printed at length in this volume.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the State at the Capitol, in Madison, this sixteenth day of June, Anno Domini eighteen hundred and sixty.

[L. S.]

Secretary of State.

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