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Absent-minded man, The, 573
Acting, art of, A dramatist on the, 243
Adam, A monument to, 191
Addicks, J. Edward, Passing of, 296
Adulterated foods, Analysis of, 81
Affection, maternal, Origin of, 244
Africa, Central, The drying of, 148
After-dinner oratory in America, 10

Agnostic, An, who is not miserable, 180
Agnosticism's responsibility for social
evils, 53

Agricultural department, more scandals

in, 202

Air, Fresh, for firemen, 457

Radioactive matter in the, 573
upper, Climate of the, 988
Airship in New York, A successful, 296
Airships, An advance in, 700

Albright Art Gallery, Dedication of, II
Alcohol in propritary medicines, 824

Medical profession and, 175
Alcoholic patent medicines, Decision
against, 446

Allais, Alphonse, Death of, 849
Alliance, Anglo-Japanese, A new, 370;
foreign views of, 495

of England and Russia, Proposed,

Alliances, France and the new, 539
Allies, Russia's need of, 218
Amateurishness of Lowell, 781
Amateurs, "Professional," in athletics, 39
America, Artistic photography in, 411

churches in, New attitude of the, 87
Hostility in Cuba against, 522
in the new grouping of Powers, 124
Jewish celebration in, 789
political corruption in, A French
view of, 220, 795

Religious tendencies in, 87
Russian Jews in, 375

short story in, Beginning of the, 240
American aid to the suffering Jews of

Russia, 773

art, An academic movement in, 911
breed, The, 275

historians compared, Four, 143
immigration, Canada's growth and,

immigration into Canada, A Cana-
dian on, 884

imperialism, French encouragement
to, 542

institutions, Is Catholic education a
menace to? 578

laborers deported from Canada, 57
literature, Rogers's service to, 160
museums, German praise for, 821
navy, Italian view of, 391
painting and American history, 302
paintings, Collection of, 142
political conceptions, Atheism in, 992
politics in quip and cartoon, 982
popular magazine, Superiority of the,

scholarship, A British thrust at, 141
science, German view of, 454
temperament in painting, 171
virtue and French virtue, 90
woman, The French novel and the,


America's danger from cholera, 404


Ancient attempts at anatomical repairs,


civilizations died out, Why, 702
Andrews, W. H., and his enterprises, 724
Anesthetic, A new, 47

Blue light as an, 174
Angels, Men or women? 565
Anglican clergyman, The new, 18
Anglo-Cuban treaty, Opposing the, 568
Anglo-French peril to Germany, 662
Anglo-Japanese alliance, A new, 370;
foreign views of, 495

Animal forms as breeders of disease, 384
wild, The, in art, 483
Animals and plants, Radioactive, 383

Behavior of, during an eclipse, 788
Double, 827

Mind in man and, 953
Plants that hide from, 49
sleep, How, 576

Annapolis, Fatal fist fight at, 736
'Hazing at, 979

Annapolis code, Defense of the, 979
Meriwether sentence, Disappoint-

ment over the, 946

Anti-Union agitation, An, 993
"Apostle" the, A new political play in St.
Petersburg, 737

Apostles, teachings of the, Ignoring the,

Arbitration movement, Progress of the,

Arctic, The, as a health resort, 419
Architecture, church, New influences in,

National expression in, 304
Armies of Europe, A propaganda of
mutiny in the, 749

Army, British, Scandals in the, 88; the
newspaper peril to the, 963
canteen, Trying to restore, 521
German, French arraignment of the,


Our under-officered, 863
Social conditions in the, 692
American, An academic movement
in, 911

An art that photography has degrad-

ed, 9

as an aid to religion, 280
Dedication of Albright Gallery, II
Dramatic, and the masses, 142
Finland's national, A loss to, 528
halo in, Origin of the, 792
Hypnotism of, 783

Japanese, Disappearance of, 780
Japanese, How civilization is killing,

Japanese, Ukiyo-ye, the popular
school of, 240

last great racial, Disappearance of,

modern, Biblical influences in, 380
Relation of, to reason and morals,

religious work of, A great, 182
Society versus, 112
Theology and, 249
versus the picture, 607
Wagner's idea

wild animal in, The




Artistic event, A significant, II

failure, Bouguereau's, The lesson of,

pathfinder, Lanier as an, 868

photography, A new method in, 385
situation, The present, 414

Arts, fine, school of, The church as, 150
Asphyxiation, Warnings of, 117
Assembly, legislative, for Russia, 217, 268
Association, Young Men's Christian, The
founder of the, 829

Atheism in American political concep-
tions, 992

Athletics, "Professional amateurs" in, 39
Atmosphere, Height of the, 788
Atkinson, Edward, Death of, 970

of two distant planets, 488
Attitude toward the President, South's
changed, 646

Audience, The telephone in the, 574
Austen, Jane, and her English sisterhood,


Australia, Animal pests in, 788

Booth's scheme to transport Eng-
land's poor to, 663

Austria-Hungary, Universal suffrage in,
492, 539, 581, 796

Automobile dust, To reduce, 616
lawn-mowers, 175

Automobiles in Death Valley, 655
Autumn leaves, Colors of, 826


Babylonian sources of the Bible, 310
Bacon, Robert, appointed to succeed

Francis B. Loomis, 373
Initiation of, 675
Balfour, British Premier, resigns, 881
Plight of, as viewed by the French,


Speech of, to the unemployed, 835

Balkans, The threatened outbreak in the,

Baltic scare, The German, 283
Balzac, Notable tribute to, 274
Bank, Enterprise National, Failure of the,

Baptist and Free Baptist, Toward the
union of, 994

apologetic, new, Sugestions toward a,


World Congress, meeting of, 312
Barnardo's experiences, Some of, 675
Barrie's fairyland drama, 43
Battle, Winning a, by telephone, 146

of the Sea of Japan, and "Nelson's
year," 284; Naval authorities on, 40
Battle-ship possible, Is a perfect? 916
Bed of Niagara River, The, 872
Beef trust, More indictments of the, 42,
979; fined, 444; plea of immunity of,
"Bennington" disaster, The, 138; augur-
ies of the, 167
Negligence on the, 297

findings, dissatisfaction over, 340
Berlin, Theodore Roosevelt professorship
in, 780

Bernhardt and antisemitism in Canada,

Bernhardt's art in its meridian, 951
Berry, William H., Pennsylvania's new
treasurer, 848


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Books, Reviews and notices of:

Dowson, Ernest Christopher (Sy-

mons), 343

Edge of Circumstance, The (Noble),

Essays in Application (Van Dyke),


Ethics of Force, The (Warner), 20

Far East, The (Little), 625

Fiction, English, The Makers of

(Dawson), 619

Fitzgerald, Edward (Benson), 45

Franklin, Benjamin (Smyth), 913

French Profiles (Gosse), 611

Glenanaar (Sheehan), 585

God's Choice of Men (Richards), 791
Grapple, The (Cooke), 837
He and Hecuba (Hutten), 965
Heretics (Chesterton), 377
Home, Back (Wood), 798
House of Mirth, The (Wharton), 886
How to Write (Baldwin), 79
Hugo, Victor, at Guernsey (Stepfer),

Hymnal, Methodist, The, 489

Idolatry, The New (Gladden), 992

Impresisons of Ukiyo-ye (Amsden),

Isolée (Bazin), 585
Italy (Deecke), 498

Italy and Sicily, Southern (Craw-
ford), 753

Jack-o'-Lantern, At the Sign of the
(Reed), 966

James, Henry, The Novels of (Cary),

Japan, All About (Brain), 625

Japan, Great (Stead), 625

Japan-Russian War, The (Tyler), 344

Japan To-day (Scherer), 625

Japan, Young, (Scherer), 625

Japanese Architecture, Impressions

of (Cram), 780

Japanese Spirit, The (Yoshisaburo),


Jardin de la Mort (Bertrand), 1000

Jesus Christ and the Christian Char-

acter (Peabody), 959

Jörn Uhl (Frensen), 318

Journal of the House of Burgesses of

Virginia, 1773-1776 (Kennedy), 585

Jungle Trails and Jungle People

(Whitney), 846

Land of the Rising Sun, The (Wol-

lant), 625

Lanier, Sidney, Life of (Mims), 868
Latins and Anglo-Saxons (Cola-
janni), 786

Law and Public Opinion in England

During the Nineteenth Century

(Dicey), 626

Lectures and Essays (Aingee), 984
Lhasa and its Mysteries (Waddell),

Life, The Endless (Crothers), 957
Light, The Inward (Bradford), 747
Log-Book, A Levantine (Hart), 1000
Love Alone is Lord (Moore), 754
Love Triumphant (Knowles), 188
Love's Cross-Currents (Swinburne),

Lowell, James Russell (Greenslet),

Man from Red-Keg, The (Thwing),

Man of the Hour, The (Thanet), 837

Man's Life, Part of a (Higginson),

May Margaret (Crockett), 666

Men, White, Effects of Tropical

Light on (Woodruff), 702

Minerva's Maneuvers (Loomis), 797
Miniatures (Heath), 9

Mirabeau and the French Revolu-
tion (Warwick), 498

Miss Ballard's Inspiration (Howells),

Missourian, The (Lyle), 586

Moon, A Digit of the (Bain), 1000

Mother, The (Duncan) 753

Mountain of Fears, The (Rowland),

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Nervous and Mental Affections,
Writing and Drawing in (Fursac),

Nervous Disorders, The Psychic

Treatment of (Dubois), 497

New Testament, Babylonian Ele-
ments in the (Jeremias) 745

New Testament, The Messianic

Hope in the (Mathews), 351

Nineteenth Century Literature, Main
Currents of (Brandes), 450
Odes from the Divan of Hafiz (Gal-
lienne), 665

Old Masters and New (Cox), 482

Old Testament in the Light of the

Old Orient (Jeremias), 745

Parisians Out of Doors (Smith), 317
Paroles, Dernières (Tolstoy), 965
Philippine Problem, Our (Willis),

Plant Life, New Creations in (Har-

wood), 699

Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, 895

Poems, Selected (Swinburne), 650

Policy, The Best (Flower), 966

Port Arthur, From the Yalu to

(Wood), 625

Prescott, William Hickling (Peck),


Prison, En (Gorky), 965

Religion, a Criticism and a Forecast
(Dickinson), 280

Religion and Art (Spalding), 281

Religion and Politics (Crapsey), 491

Religion, Evolution of (Farnell), 878

Religion of Duty, The (Adler), 122

Rose o' the River (Wiggin), 797

Russia (Gautier), 344

Russia (Wallace), 344

Russia as it Really is (Joubert), 344
Russia from Within (Ular), 344
Russia in Revolution (Perris), 344
Russia, The Land of the Great White
Czar (Philips), 344.

Russian Jew in America, The (Bern-
heimer), 375

Russian Literature (Kropotkin), 344
Russian Peasantry, The (Stepniak),
344, 536

Science and a Future Life (Hyslop),

Science et Libre Pensée (Berthelot),

Sea Power in its Relations to the

War of 1812 (Mahan), 999

Servant of the Public, A (Hope),

Seventeenth Century in English Lit-
erature, Temper of (Wendell), 141
Shakespearean Tragedy (Bradley),

Shelburne Essays (More), 530

Shining Ferry (Quiller-Couch), 93,
Singing of the Future, The (Davies),

Siberia, Sixteen Years in (Deutsch),

[blocks in formation]

Smoke-eaters, The (O'Higgins), 224
Sociology, Foundations of, The
(Ross), 275

Spanish Settlements in the United
States (Lowery), 797

St. Lawrence River, The (Browne),

St. Patrick, The Life of (Bury), 657

Stars, System of the (Clerke), 1000

Sun, The Risen (Suyematsu), 625

Sunny Side of the Street, The (Wil-

der), 188

Taine, H., His Life and Letters, 885

Tennyson, The House of (Patter-

son), 1000

Thought-forms (Besand and Lead-
beater), 422

Tokyo through Manchuria with the
Japanese, From (Seaman), 625
Torch, The (Woodberry), 651

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