Robert Louis Stevenson: A Record, an Estimate, and a Memorial

C. Scribner, 1905 - 308 páginas

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Página 42 - PHAROS LOQUITUR " Far in the bosom of the deep O'er these wild shelves my watch I keep, A ruddy gem of changeful light Bound on the dusky brow of night. The seaman bids my lustre hail, And scorns to strike his timorous sail.
Página 89 - to labour—eager to be happy, if happiness shall be our portion; and if the day be marked for sorrow, strong to endure it. "We thank Thee and praise Thee, and in the words of Him to whom this day is sacred, close our
Página 34 - mother." In his dedication of his Child's Garden of Verses to her, he says : " My second mother, my first wife, The angel of my infant life." Her copy of Kidnapped was inscribed to her by the hand of Stevenson, thus : "To CUMY, FROM HER BOY, THE AUTHOR. "SKERRYVORE,
Página 88 - the parting presents of rich, fine mats; I am poor, and can give nothing this last day he receives his friends. Yet I am not afraid to come and look the last time in my friend's face, never to see him more till we meet with God. Behold ! Tusitala is dead ; Mataafa is also dead.
Página 135 - its uttermost. He would have known that no ingots are to be got out of this mine, save after sleepless nights, days of gloom and discouragement, and other days, again, of feverish toil, the result of which proves in the end to be misapplied and has to be thrown to the winds. . . . When you
Página 118 - THE DEVIL AND THE INNKEEPER Once upon a time the devil stayed at an inn, where no one knew him, for they were people whose education had been neglected. He was bent on mischief, and for a time kept everybody by the ears. But at last the innkeeper set a watch upon the devil and took him in the
Página 135 - do take one up) it strikes you as being a very trifling thing—a mere insubstantial pamphlet beside the imposing bulk of the latest six-shilling novel. Little do you guess that every page of the play has cost more care, severer mental tension, if not more actual manual labour, than any chapter of a novel, though it be fifty pages long.
Página 119 - in a sea story. I don't really exist." "Well, I don't really exist either," says the Captain, " which seems to meet that." " I wouldn't set no limits to what a virtuous chara'ter might consider argument," responded Silver.
Página 159 - But it is not alone in scenery and architecture that we count England foreign. The constitution of society, the very pillars of the empire, surprise and even pain us. The dull neglected peasant, sunk in matter, insolent, gross and servile, makes a startling contrast
Página 90 - chiefs to have been prisoners ; you perhaps know that during the term of their confinement I had it in my power to do them certain favours. One thing some of you cannot know, that they were immediately repaid by answering attentions. They were liberated by the new Administration.

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