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PUBLIC NOTICE.-This is to state,
That these are the specimens left at the gate
Of Pinafore Palace, exact to date,
In the hands of the porter, Curlypate,
Who sits in his plush on a chair of state,
By somebody who is a candidate

For the office of Lilliput Laureate.

William Brighty Rands.

A Day. By Emily Dickinson

Good-Morning. By Robert Browning

What the Winds Bring. By Edmund Clarence


Lady Moon. By Lord Houghton

O Lady Moon. By Christina G. Rossetti

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The Waterfall. By Frank Dempster Sherman
The Voice of the Grass. By Sarah Roberts Boyle
The Wind in a Frolic. By William Howitt
Clouds. By Frank Dempster Sherman

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