Free Trade: 1793-1886, Volumen1

Lars Magnusson
Taylor & Francis, 1997 - 4 páginas
Trade is the dominant subject in nineteenth century economics. During the course of the century, Britain was transformed from a protectionist power to an open economy, a change embodied by the repeal of the Corn Laws in 1846. This is reflected in the economic literature of the period, with the qualified free trade advocacy of the early classical economists developing into more strident views of the Manchester School. However throughout the period free trade did not go unchallenged, and by the end of the century a fully developed protectionist position had emerged represented by, for example, the economic nationalism of Henry Carey in the United States and in the fair trade movement in Britain. This volume is a collection of materials relating to the major nineteenth century debates about external trade. It includes some extremely rare but representative pieces from less well-known names. The collection includes an original introduction by the editor, and each of the individual pieces has been carefully retypeset. The set includes material by: James Mill, Richard Cobden, Robert Torrens, John Ramsey McCulloch, Freidrich List, Henry Carey and M. Frederick Bastiet.

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Volume I The Controversy on Free Trade and Protection An Introduction
The Working of British Free Trade 1852 Henry Carey 154
Lars Magnusson 1
HalfaPair of Scissors or What is our socalled Free Trade?
Three Lectures on Commerce and one on Absenteeism
England Ireland America 1867 Richard Cobden
Letters on Commercial Policy 1833 Robert Torrens
A Treatise on the Principles Practice and History of Commerce
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