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As amended by subsequeut acts of the Legislature to and including the
acts of 1891, and General Laws operating as amendments
thereto, up to and including those passed by

the Legislature of 1895.

Compiled and annotated under instructions of the Common Council





Edward Keogh, Printer, 386 and 388 Broadway,


A8 1895


There has been

The resolution instructing the City Attorney to revise the Charter further instructs him to insert annotations of Supreme Court decisions which construe or refer to Charter provisions. It is believed no case of this nature has been omitted. no attempt to make a general digest of all decisions of our Supreme Court involving questions of municipal law, but notes of some decisions construing charters of other cities having charter provisions similar to ours, and some decisions upon matters of general interest which may assist city officers in the performance of their municipal duties, have also been inserted.

The notes have further been made with special reference to construction of the Charter provision under consideration rather than All citations of Wiscon

to the general questions of law involved.

sin decisions are to the top paging in the reports.

I have not attempted to go back of the work performed by City Attorney Elliott in 1889. Its accuracy has been proved by six years of daily use, and numerous conflicts in the courts.

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