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samples of those used by a number of different companies. This plan made impossible the following out of one complete system of forms and records such as a single company uses, a defect which is, in the writer's opinion, more than overcome by the advantage to the reader of having before him illustrations of the methods of a large number of progressive companies. In the endeavor to make the work useful to the greatest number of trust companies, the writer has aimed to have it representative of the forms and methods of the company. of average size.

While the writer is alone responsible for all views and statements presented, he is under obligation to various gentlemen for information courteously given. In particular he wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to the officials of the various companies whose forms are used to illustrate the book, for the use of the forms and for information given in response to letters; to state officials for information regarding state legislation; to W. E. Crittenden for the preparation of the chapter on Title Insurance; to the Old Colony Trust Company of Boston for permission to reprint its Rules for Stock Transfers; to E. A. Feasel, Librarian of the Cleveland Law Library, for access to the library in the preparation of the chapters on trust company laws; to E. E. Newman for suggestions regarding the detail work of the Corporations division of the Trust Department; to James Borrowman for information regarding the Australian trust companies; to Frederick Vierling for information regarding the Real Estate Department and for permission to print his rules governing stock issues and papers required in accepting bond trusts; to the Franklin Trust Company for permission to print its By-laws. Acknowledgment is made in foot-notes throughout the book for information due to various authorities quoted.

In preparing the articles for publication in book form, the statistical matter in the chapter on the history of the trust company movement, and the summary of the state laws (originally published in 1904), and other matter, have been brought down to the year 1908, inclusive.


CLEVELAND, O., June, 1909.


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93-Connecticut, 95-Delaware, 96-District of Columbia, 97-Flor-

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