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[blocks in formation]

Marshall, John, 91, 98, 102, 108, 571

Marshall, Professor, 390

Martineau, Harriet, 345, 350

Marx, K., 393, 547, 570

Mason, O., 348, 351

May, M. B., 584
Mayer, 255

von Mayr, G., 393
McConnell, S. P., 262, 263
McCook, J. J., 243, et seq.
McCrady, General, 376

McCrea, R. C., 390-391, r.
McCune, H. L., 396, 588
McDermott, E. R., 393

McKinley, William, 2, 279, 580
McLean, F. H., 415

McNichol, J. P., 358

Meade, E. S., 576-578, r.

Meigs, R. J., 376

Membre, Father, 378

Meyer, H. R., 525, 534

Meyers, 420, 421
Millerand, 563

Milligan, J. L., 415

Millis, H. A., 379-380, r., 402
Miltoun, F., 393

Mitchell, John, 306, 313, 353
Mithouard, A., 411

de Molinari, G., 373, 580

von Moltke, H. K. B., 383

Montague, G. H., 387-389, b.

Montague, Lady, 345

Moody, J., 387-389, b., 393

Morgan, J. P., 126, et seq., 251, et seq.
Muller, D. H., 393

Munro, D. C., 385-387, r.

Munro, W. B., 375–376, n.
Murphy, E. G., 394, 567, b.

Murphy, M., 356

Murphy, M. F., 294
Murphy, S., 601

Myers, P. V. N., 372-373, b.

Napoleon, 383, 574

Napoleon III., 383

Newton, Isaac, 386

Nibecker, F. H., 415, 416, 423
Nicolay, 279

Nixon, L., 243, et seq.

North, F., 369

Norton, E., 159–165, pap., 282

Odell, B. B., Jr., 414

Oliphant, 260

Oppenheim, 255

Ormsby, Sir Lambert, 598

Osgood, H. L., 394, 560, 562
Ostrander, J. D., 258

Oviatt, F. C., 446-462, pap.
Owen, D., 394

Paine, R. T., 415, 417

Paine, Thomas, 80

Palmer, F. H. E., 373, b.

Paltsits, V. H., 378

Pam, M., 252, et seq.

Parker, G., 220

Parkes, H., 213, 214

Parsons, Frank, 207-220, pap., 361–363, com.
Parsons, 358, 359

Patten, S. N., 390, 540-555, pap.

Peacock, A. R., 262, 263

Peck, P. F., 560-561, n.

Peckham, R. W., 135
Peirce, P. S., 394
Pelloutier, F., 373, b.
Penn, William, 560
Pennell, Sheriff, 416

de Peralta, M. M., 394
Perkins, G. W., 264, 265
Pierce, W. S., 143, 145
Pierson, W. W., 406, 409
Pinkus, N., 339, 342
Pitt, William, 369
Plato, 346
Platter, J., 394
Plehn, C. C., 440
Post, L. F., 394
Powell, Y., 560
Pownall, 376

Pratt, S. S., 365
Prentice, S. O., 570
Prothero, G. W., 394

Rabany, C., 580
Randolph, Peyton, 108
Raper, C. L., 374, b.
Reed, W., 427

Reeves, W. P., 220

Reich, E., 580

Remington, 378

Richard, G., 567, b.

Richardson, A. C., 583

Ridgely, W. B., 15-26, pap., 276

Riis, Jacob, 234

Riley, F. L., 374, 565-566, n.

Riviere, L., 394

Roberts, F. H. H., 395

[blocks in formation]

Smith, J. H., 375–376, b.

Smith, J. R., 507-524, pap., 572, r. Smith, S. G., 419

Smith, W. R., 374, n., 376-377 b.

Smith, Zilpha D., 412.

Spalding, W. F., 416.

Spencer, Anna G., 412, 415

Spencer, Herbert, 343

Speranza, G. C., 201

Stael, Mme., 345

Stanton, Elizabeth C., 345

Stanwood, Edward, 563

Steele, Justice, 395

Stevens, F. E., 582

Stone, W. A., 354

Storrs, L. C., 416

Stow, W. L., 262, 263
Strachan, W., 394
Straker, F., 394
Strasser, A., 317
Strong, J., 394, 569, b.
Strong, J. N., 413.
Strong, R. P., 426
Stuart, J. E. B., 563
Suedekum, A., 570

Sumner, Charles, 385
Sutherland, W. A., 425

Tacitus, 171

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Webb, Beatrice, 351, 352, 378, b., 563

Webb, Sidney, 351, 352, 378, b., 563

von Weber-Ebenhoft, A., 525

Webster, Daniel, 100, 385

Webster, Noah, 80

Westermarck, 572

Wetmore, C. W., 262, 263

Wharton, Joseph, 274

Wheaton, H., 81. 490, 491

White, A. D., 383

White, E. D., 135, 140

Wiedenfeld, Dr., 525, et seq.

Wilcox, D. F., 580, 590
William III., 366


Williams, J. S., 374
Williams, Talcott, 423
Willing, J., 566
Wilson, A. J., 394
Wilson, G. S., 587

Wilson, Henry, 385

Wilson, W., 562

Wilson, W. P., 2

Wines, E. C., 415

Wines, F. H., 415, et seq

Wing, F. E., 602

Winsor, 378, 565

Wolf, C., 356

Wolfe, James, 376

Wolstoncraft, Mary, 345

Wood, Leonard, 427

Woodruff, C. R., 580

Worthington, Mrs., 599, 600

Wright, Carroll D.. 348, 350, 351

Young, 126, et seq.

Young, J. W., 243, et seq.

Yudelson, Sophie, 343-353, pap.


[Titles of papers are printed in small capitals]

ARBITRATION OF INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES, 285-295. Machinery of arbitration, 285-286; benefits, 287-289; underlying principles, 290; attitude of labor organizations, 291-295


Banks. FINANCIAL, REPORTS OF NATIONAL BANKS AS A MEANS OF PUBLIC CONTROL, 43-66. Powers of control by National Bank Act, 45-46; purposes of control, 46-47; means of control, 47-49; functions of Comptroller, 49; public protection against impairment of capital resources, 49-50; value of report, 51-52; definition of capital resources, 52-53; classification of balance sheet, 53-57; uses of such analysis, 57-58; point of control not covered by National Bank Act, 58-63; judgment of bankers regarding present capitalization, 63-64; inadequacy of reserve requirements, 64-65; present condition attributed to Bank Act, 65-66

GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF BANKS AND TRUST COMPANIES, 15-26. National Bank Act, 17-19; bank circulation, 19; causes of bank failures, 20; examinations made by Comptroller of Currency, 20-21; number and capitalization of national banks, 22; necessity for regulating trust companies, 23-26 Biography. 'Samuel Chapman Armstrong,' by Edith A. Talbot, note, 569

"Autobiography of Seventy Years," by G. F. Hoar, review, 384

"The Letters and Speeches of Oliver Cromwell," edited by S. C. Lomas, review, 574

"Charles James Fox," by J. L. LeB. Hammond, note, 368

"William Penn," by A. C. Buell, note, 560 "Governor William Tryon," by M. DeL. Haywood, note, 565

Boston. Percentage of Voters, 406 Buffalo. Police Administration, 583 California. Home Rule Charters, 400 Charities. National Conference of Charities and Correction, Thirty-first Annual Session, 414

New York Fiscal Supervisor of State
Charities, 414

Report of Oregon State Conference of
Charities and Corrections, 413

Philanthropy, Charities and Social Prob-
lems, 412-423; 593-606

Poor Relief in Indiana, 412

"Public Relief and Private Charity in England," by C. A. Ellwood, note, 365 Charter. California, 400

Denver, 395

Minnesota, 398
Missouri, 396

San Francisco, 402
Washington, 397

Chicago. Police Administration, 581 Cincinnati. Police Administration, 584 "Citizen," by N. S. Shaler, note, 568

Civil Service. Report of Executive Committee of Civil Service Reform Association of Pennsylvania, 410

Civil Service in San Francisco, 405 Cleveland. Police Administration, 582 Colonies and Dependencies, 424-430 Colorado Springs. Liquor Question, 408 Commerce. AMERICAN SYSTEM OF IMPROVING AND ADMINISTERING COMMERCIAL FACILITIES, 489-506. Legal decisions distinguishing between Federal and State authority, 490-494; improvement and control of waterways, 494-495; removal of obstructions from channels, 495-496; construction of bridges, dams and dikes, 496497; harbor lines established by Secretary of War, 497-498; relation of State governments to wharves and docks, 498-505; summary, 505-506

THE BRITISH SYSTEM OF IMPROVING AND ADMINISTERING PORTS AND TERMINAL FACILITIES, 507-524. General description, 507-510; the public trust, 511; Glasgow and Liverpool, 511-513; history of port of London, 514-519; municipal and private ports, 520-524 RELATION OF THE GOVERNMENT IN GERMANY TO THE PROMOTION OF COMMERCE, 525-539. German system in general, 525-526; management of

harbors, 526-528; improvement of harbor channels, 528-529; of harbor facilities, 529-531; commercial growth of harbors, 531-532; construction of canals, 532-536; influence of preferential railway rates, 536-538; summary of results of Germany's policy, 538-539 "Brennende Agrar-, Zoll-, und Handelsfragen,' by H. Egner and K. Schuemacher, note, 365

"Handelspolitische Interessen der deutschen Ostseestaedte, 1890-1900," by S. Jonas, note, 367

"Die Industrie der Rheinprovinz, 18881900, by T. Vogelstein, note, 367 "Schlesien's Industrie unter dem Eindusse der Caprivi'schen Handelspolitik, 1889-1900, by A. Friedrich, note, 367 Crime, Juvenile. "L'Enfance Coupable," by H. Joly, note, 566

Democracy. "The Relations between Freedom and Responsibility in the Evolution of Democratic Government," by A. T. Hadley, note, 368

Denver. Home Rule for Cities, 395

Disease. "A Handbook on the Prevention of Tuberculosis," note, 565

How Yellow Fever may be Introduced into Philippines, 426

District of Columbia.

sioners of, 409

Report of Commis

Duluth. Police Administration, 591

Economics. "Introduction to Economics," by H. R. Seager, review, 390 Education. "Business Education and Accountancy," by C. W. Haskins, note, 369

Committee on Lectures and Libraries of

the Board of Education of the City of
New York, 602

"The Educational Conquest in the Far
East," by R. E. Lewis, note, 371
Filipino Students in United States, 425
"The Professional Training of Secondary
Teachers in the United States,' by G.
W. A. Luckey, note, 372

"Working with the Hands," by B. T.
Washington, review, 579

Ethnology. "Germains et Slaves," by A. Lefevre, note, 370

Finance. Hawaii, 424

"Saggi di Economia politica e di Scienza delle Finanze," by C. A. Conigliani, note, 561

"The Stock Exchange," by C. Duguid, note, 365

Forests and Forest Reserves in Philippines,


Friar Lands. Disposition of, in Philippines, t- 428

Government. "The Government and the Civil Institutions of New York State," by R. Lansing and G. M. Jones, note, 566

"The Office of the Justice of the Peace in England," by C. A. Beard, note, 560 "History of Military Government in Newly Acquired Territory of the United States," by D. Y. Thomas, note, 569

Notes on Municipal Government, 395411; 581-592

"North Carolina: A Study in English Colonial Government," by C. L. Raper, note, 374

Grand Rapids. Police Administration, 590 Hawaii. Finances, 424

History. "America, Asia and the Pacific," by W. von Schierbrand, note, 568

"Arnold's March from Cambridge to

Quebec," by J. H. Smith, note, 375 "Les Origines Diplomatiques de l'Independance Belge," by Fl. de Lannoy, note, 370

"Eighty Years of Union," by J. Schouler, note, 375

"How England Averted a Revolution by Force," by B. O. Flower, note, 366

"A Century of Expansion," by W. F. Johnson, note, 565

"France and the United States," by J. Cambon, note, 561

"La Chronique de France," by P. de Coubertin, note, 561

"Contemporary France," by G. Hano-
taux, review, 382

"Histoire de France," Vol. v, Parts 1
and 2, by E. Lavisse, review, 385
"Hanover and Prussia," by G. S. Ford,
note, 366

"Hennepin's A New Discovery in

America, edited by R. G. Thwaites, note, 377

THE PRESENT PROBLEMS IN THE ECONOMIC INTERPRETATION OF HISTORY, 540-555. Historical methods criticised, 540; two different conceptions of "economic interpretation" of history, 541; 'economic interpretation" analyzed, 543;, canons of "economic interpretation," 547; relation of economic doctrines to natural resources, 548; resources of Northern Europe and Mediterranean countries compared, 550; civilizations of South Europe and tropical countries made permanent, 554-555

"The Messages and the Proclamations of the Governors of Iowa," edited by B. F. Shambaugh, note, 569

"The Louisiana Purchase and the Ex-
ploration, Early History and Building
of the West," by R. Hitchcock, note,

"The Middle Ages," by P. V. N. Myers,
note, 372
"Publications of the Mississippi His-

torical Society," Vol. vii, edited by
F. L. Riley, note, 374

"The Expansion of Russia," by F. H. Skrine, review, 391

"South Carolina as a Royal Province,"

by W. R. Smith, note, 376

"Steps in the Expansion of our Terri-
tory," by O. P. Austin, note, 364
"The United States in Our Own Time,"
by E. B. Andrews, review, 378
"History of the United States of Amer-
ica," by H. W. Elson, note, 562
"West Virginia University Documents
Relating to Reconstruction," edited
by W. L. Fleming, note, 564.

History, Economic. "Die Westfaelische Gemeinde Eversberg," by A. Engel, note,

367 Home Rule.

Denver, 395 California, 400 Minnesota, 398 Missouri, 396 Washington, 397

Immigration. "The Alien Immigrant," by W. Evans-Gordon, note, 563

AUSTRALASIAN METHODS OF DEALING WITH IMMIGRATION, 207-220. Convict colonies, 209; colonization by companies, 210; exclusion of Asiatics, 211-215; provisions against low-grade

immigrants in general, 215-218; ineffectiveness of laws, 219–220 DIFFUSION OF IMMIGRATION, 159–165 IMMIGRATION IN ITS RELATION TO PAU

PERISM, 185-205. Foreign-born almshouse paupers, 187; analysis of immigrants during 1903, 188; Italian immigration, 189-193; Slavs, 194-195; Jew, 196-197; conclusions, 199-205 PROBLEMS OF IMMIGRATION, 151-158. Statistics of Nationalities, 1820-1903, 154; character of present immigrants, 155-156; what the United States should do, 156-158 PROPOSALS AFFECTING IMMIGRATION, 221-236. Proposals for consular inspection, 224-225; for educational tests, 225-227; the immigrant and crime, 227-231; and pauperism, 231-234; and the slum, 234-235; relief of congestion, 235-236

SELECTION OF IMMIGRATION, 167-184. Increase of and change in character of immigration, 171-173; restrictive legislation reviewed, 174; present effects of such restrictions, 175; origin of immigrants, 176; their concentration in America, 176-177; effects of this, 176-181; remedies discussed, 181184

"The Slav Invasion and the Mine

Workers," by F. J. Warne, review, 576 Insurance. FIRE INSURANCE, EXPENSES, PROFITS, PROBLEMS, 446-462. Reserve requirements, 446; facility for insuring, 447; expenses and premiums, 448; taxes, 450; preventive measures, 450; rating of properties, 452; charge of excessive profits replied to, 454; New York companies considered in detail, 458-460; general conclusions, 461-462

TRUE BASIS OF FIRE INSURANCE, 463474. Profits of old-line insurance companies, 464-467; expenses growing heavier, 468; fire preventive measures neglected, 469; insurance charges noncompetitive, 471; merits of mutual insurance, 472-474



General principles, 431; laws of Iowa, 432; rapid growth of insurance investments, 433; classes of securities, 434; safety of various securities, 436; earning power, 437; taxation, 439; stocks and bonds compared, 441; profits, 442-445

LIFE INSURANCE BY FRATERNAL ORDERS, 475-488. Insurance system of Manchester Unity, 475-476; Royal Commission of 1870-1875, 477; Ancient order of United Workmen, 477; reports of Massachusetts and New York insurance departments, 478; "uniform rate and reserve, 479-480; accomplishments of fraternal insurance organizations, 481-483; comparison of fraternal and old-line insurance, 484-486; fraternal insurance and social adjustment, 487-488

COMPULSORY STATE INSURANCE OF WORKINGMEN, 331-342. Necessity for insurance, 331-332; success of State insurance, 333; arguments for compulsory State insurance, 334-338; reply to criticisms of compulsory insurance, 339-342

STATE REGULATION OF INSURANCE, 6783. Origin of State regulation, 69–70;

history of, 70-72; abuse of power of,
72-75; benefits and advantage, 75-76;
taxation abuse, 76-78; State regula-
tion of insurance under national super-
vision, 78-81; is insurance commerce,

Indiana. Poor Relief in, 412
PUTES. See Arbitration.

"Die Entwickelung zum Socialismus," by
E. Vandervelde, note, 570


Labor. 'Getting a Living," by G. L. Bolen, review, 379

"Histoire des Bourses du Travail," by F. Pelloutier, note, 373

"Syndicats ouvriers, Federations, Bourses du Travail," by L. de Seilhac, note, 375

WOMAN'S PLACE IN INDUSTRY AND LABOR ORGANIZATIONS. See Woman Liberty. "Evolution of Modern Liberty," by G. L. Scherger, note, 374

Liquor Question. "The History of Liquor Licensing in England," by S. and B. Webb, note, 378

Colorado Springs, 408

Milwaukee, 407
Wisconsin, 407

London. Police System of, 556-559 "Metric Fallacy," by Halsey and Dale, note


"Militarism," by G. Ferrero, review, 380 Milwaukee. Liquor Question, 407

Police Administration, 587 Minnesota. "Home Rule" Charters in, 398 Missouri. Home Rule for Cities, 396 Northern SECURITIES CASE, 123-147. Conception and organization, 125-130; Securities Company in court, 130–135; opinion of court, 135-141; problem of readjustment, 141-145; conclusions, 145-147

Oregon. Report of State conference of Charities and Corrections, 413 Paris. Prostitution, 411 Pennsylvania. Report of Executive Committee of Civil Service Reform Association, 410 Street Railways in, since 1900,



Philanthropy. Charities and Social Problems, 412-423; 593–606

'American Pauperism and the Abolition of Poverty," by I. Ladoff, note, 566 Observations on Free Coffee and Sandwich Distribution in a New York Mission, 602 Philippines. States, 425

Filipino Students in the United

How Yellow Fever may be Introduced into, 426

Trade in, 427

Disposition of Friar Lands, 428

"Official Gazette," 429

Forests and Forest Reserves, 430

Philosophy. "Dissertations on Leading
Philosophical Topics," by A. Bain, note, 560
Physical Deterioration. Report of British
Inter-Department Committee of, 593
Pittsburgh. Police Administration, 585
Police Administration in. Buffalo, 583
Chicago, 581
Cincinnati, 584
Cleveland, 582
Duluth, 591
Grand Rapids, 590

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