Playing Blackjack as a Business: A Proffessional Player's Approach to the Game of "21"

Lyle Stuart, 2000 - 177 páginas
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This is the most talked-about book on the Blackjack scene. This book has sold more copies since it's initial release than any other gaming book.

Prior to this new edition there was no foolproof way to learn how to play Blackjack accurately. This is the only Blackjack book that is easy to understand and completely accurate, written for the beginner or for the expert player.

"Playing Blackjack as a Business" was written by a successful professional Blackjack player. The author has probably spent more time playing Blackjack, more time in the casinos, and more time in research, than have all of the others combined who have written Blackjack books or devised Blackjack systems.

The book features a new Basic Strategy for one deck, the first accurate Strategy to be published for four decks, and four easy-to-learn Count Strategies including the Reverse Point Count Strategy, which is the most accurate and most powerful strategy that has ever been published.

The strategies were devised from computer runs by Julian H. Braun of IBM Corporation, long recognized as the world's most capable man in this field.


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I learned blackjack card counting strategy from Griffith K Owens (aka Lawrence Revere) in the 70's and used his advanced count (4 level) until I met Kenny Uston who devised a very user friendly 3 level count strategy. At the time Revere wrote his strategy with Julian Braun (IBM) card counting strategy was basically unknown to casino's, and single deck games were plentiful, so even without the playing matrix it was very profitable. I still have the book in my library and if for no other reason than nostalgia it is worth having if you are at all serious about the game. The late Kenny Uston's Million Dollar Blackjack is the best I've seen still of all the books on the subject. I wrote with Kenny and five other experts for Gambling Times Publications back in the early 80's and Kenny was probably the most accomplished of the bunch. 


The Rules of the Game
The Strategy of Basic Play
The Revere Five Count Strategy
The Revere PlusMinus Strategy
The Revere Ten Count Strategy
Chapter 10
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